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09/05/16 08:03 AM #3    


Cathe Mehall (Rumery)

Thank you to Terry Solon and anyone else who paid to keep SHS site going.

09/11/16 07:32 PM #4    

Janie Gochanour

 i want to thank the team that put the 50 year class reunion together did a great job.


09/12/16 12:09 PM #5    

Glenda Garretson (Pecka)

Thanks to all of my classmates who worked so hard to make our 50th class reunion such a great and memorable event.

09/13/16 10:44 AM #6    


Phyllis (Pj) Jordon (Trzeciak)

Thank you to all who worked so diligently to make our 50th such a fun celebration and memorable event! Had a marvelous time!

09/16/16 02:06 PM #7    


Eleise(Lisa) Hoban (Cox)

Thank you to everyone who participated in any way to plan our 50th Reunion.  It was more than I could have imagined, and I thoroughly enjoyed every planned activity that I attended!  Getting to see so many former classmates and friends, after having not attended a reunion in 25 years, was quite an experience in itself...not knowing if I would recognize anyone or they recognize me!!  Luckily, it wasn't as difficult as I thought with  most people, but I must admit, there were some who had me completely stumped.  Wish our time together wouldn't have passed so quickly, though, because I know from looking at photos, that I didn't see or talk to many people, and for that, I am sorry and disappointed.  I had a most enjoyable time and now have many great memories to relive of a fantastic 50th Reunion!!!

Once again....thank you to all committee members for making the 50th our best yet.  We all appreciate the hard work you guys did!

Eleise (Hoban) Cox 

09/17/16 01:44 PM #8    


Michael Kelly

I enjoyed the reunion also. I always learn something that helps me live my life better. It was great to see everyone enjoy themselves. I felt part of a nice group of people. Hope to see you all again. Thanks to everyone! Mike Kellyyou

09/17/16 09:33 PM #9    


Craig Barnhart

The reunion was far more enjoyable than I even anticipated.  It was so nice to see all of you and reminisce about  all the good times we shared during high school.  The entertainment was fantastic.  The whole ice breaker and reunion events made it abundantly clear that much planning and effort went into each event.  THANKS, again, to all who  formed and served on all the committees and made an unforgettable memory for all of us.

09/19/16 09:25 AM #10    


Jim Jordon 111

A Great BIG Thank You to all who helped put the 50 year class reunion together.  It was fun and amazing. Seeing and interacting with so many classmates and friends was absolutely wonderful.  I'm already wishing my life away by hoping the next 5 years pass by quickly so we can have a repeat performance.  Hopefully while waiting, some of you will want to vacation in Florida and if so, our doors are open to any who want to come. God has blessed us and we would like to bless others so give us a call, the numbers in the booklet.  

Again, Thank you all for the recent memories.


09/20/16 11:11 AM #11    


Kathy Bellott

I was so disappointed that I missed our 50th class reunion.  I had been looking through old yearbooks, wondering if I would recognize anyone, and anticipating seeing people I haven't seen in 50 years? Even had my hotel reservation and a new outfit to wear! However, my health is not good, so at the last minute I came to the realization that I wasn't able to attend the reunion.  I fought the cancer battle twice and now I have heart/lung issues.    If I'd been there, I would have told you that I'm retired after 38 years of teaching students in Streator, Wenona, Bloomington and Peoria.  With certification in K-12, I taught it all over the years.  If I'd been there, I might have told you about my 15 minutes of fame.  A few years ago, I had a chance to be an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger for a day!.  It was awesome!  We traveled through Peoria, Bloomington/Normal, Wenona and Aurora sharing miles of smiles and handing out more than 500 wiener whistles that day!  I'd probably have shown you a picture of my daughter Dee and her husband Xan and my grandson JJ.  We would have remembered the good old days at SHS.  That's my story--what's yours?  I would love to hear from you, so take a minute to tell me what you've been doing for the last 50 years.  I'm on Facebook, my email is, or I'd love to see you if you get to Bloomington/Normal. BTY, I loved seeing all the reunion pictures.  And how about that yearbook that Rich put together for us--it's a keeper!  Congratulations to the entire reunion committee on a wonderful weekend! Life is Good!






09/20/16 11:53 AM #12    


Sherry Mascal

I love that many of you are using this message forum, and we paid for the continuation of this website through "our" donations, it will be available thru the end of 2021 !!

I have been thinking, sort of dangerous, don't you agree, and we have more than enough time to just put $1.00 dollar aside each day to give each of us enough money to go someplace low cost but fun, rent an entire village of condo's or entire hotel and plan our 55th Class reunion,  and anytime of the year, because, yes, we are old folks, but still enjoy fun.

Let's all just give it some thought and a lot of discussion, and pick a person (Bob Hotkevich) that is wonderful in organizing, planning and the carry through to have a really great party for en entire week, that way, we are certain to find/see people we now see in photo's but didn't see last week end....

I, like Jim Jordon, cannot wait for the next one !!!!!!!   and again,  I love "everyone" in our class, might not like nor be liked by everyone, who who's counting ???????

it was a great, great week end, one of the best in my life !!


09/20/16 07:51 PM #13    


Tony Cutright

Let your conscious beliefs be so vivid and emphatic that they make an impression upon your unconscious strong enough to cope with the impressions made by the formative experiences of early youth , and that my friends are my High School reunion memories.

So it is no surprise that we all went back to see old friends, to be reminded of old fun memories, as it was for me, but as important were the connections to high school acquaintances I barely knew but wish I would have been better friends with. 

Let me be perhaps the 352nd person who would have said what a great job the committee did and echo others who might have said: "no idea I had would have made it better."  But our job is to benchmark our success and make the next one even better so here you go:  

1.  A better microphone for speakers or better ears. (ears probably won't happen)

2.  More time to make sure we touched base with all those we wanted to see and those we wanted to see but did not know it, or more time to fight our too lazy to get up and do it.

That's it, I am darned sad I missed so many people I wanted to say hi to and while the young me would have blamed them, I blame the old me.

10/03/16 11:34 AM #14    


Allan Davis

Is it possible to buy a class ring of 1966?  I lost mine the first year I was in College.  I would like to have it again.

10/04/16 07:21 AM #15    

Gregg Dekker


Don't know if this will help, but I lost my ring in the 70s. My mother contacted SHS and they gave her the name of the company where they ordered the rings and I got a new ring.  Gergg D

10/04/16 08:24 AM #16    

Jean Higgins (Calkins)

Yes, Allan, you can replace your class ring.  I did about 10 years ago, found the company on line, think it was "Justin", but not sure about that. There are several companies that offer reporductions.  Exact dupliate of what I had, was very pleased with the workmanship and quality of the ring.  Well worth it!

10/04/16 10:11 AM #17    


Sherry Mascal

the name of the company is "Jostens",  and they use to be a half a block from my house, here in Princeton,  but left town many years ago,  Good Luck, Allan !!

now, I just read Tony's post,  and this is just the place to make suggestions for the "next" reunion, 

in retrospect, I wish i would have had the foresight to begin a paper at the AmericanInn, at least with my name and room number,  I know there were several of us staying there but once in our rooms no one knew we werer there,  so, I'm beginniing my suggestion with someone volunteering to be the keeper of the info of where we are staying  address,  room number and a list of cell phones so we could indeed, "talk" to one another...We active people, with computers and such should begin a dialogue of what month is best and how to keep in better touch when we are near one another....

11/09/16 07:37 PM #18    

Roger Halligan

Thanks to all my classmates who wished me a Happy Birthday.

Greatly appreciated.


12/12/16 03:21 AM #19    

Barbara Lloyd (Hale)

I was so pleased to get all the birthday wishes!  Thank you to everyone. 

04/29/17 02:09 PM #20    


Allan Davis

Does anyone have a 1964 Hardscrabble they want to sell?  I have my 63, 65, and 66, but lost my 64. 

Hope you are all doing well.  I really had fun at our last class reunion.



04/30/17 08:12 AM #21    

Kathy Francis (Rife)

Streator Historical Society occasionally has yearbooks for sale. Good luck!

11/12/17 08:15 AM #22    


Terry Bakalar

Does anyone have info on how or where you can get a copy of a yearbook  I have a friend in Az. that is looking for a 1958 class yearbook as they lost theirs in a house fire.

12/22/17 08:42 AM #23    

Kathleen Taylor (Meredith)

Happy birthday wished to PJ. You will always be Phyllis to me. I still recall all the great conversations we had while traipsing back and forth to PE on thise early morning classes. Have a great day!

09/24/18 12:04 PM #24    

Charlene Richoz (Samek)

Tom, sorry I missed your birthday. I hope it was a great day!

12/22/18 07:23 AM #25    

Kathleen Taylor (Meredith)

Cathe Mehall lost her brother Mark yesterday following an extended illness. Olease take time to offer prayer and condolences.

01/24/19 09:25 PM #26    


Allan Davis

Terry, I found one on Ebay and got another from a kind classmate of ours!

04/24/19 02:16 AM #27    

Tom Missel

I would like to find David Van Grevenhof and Gregg Mustered anyone know where they are? I am Tom Missel 2920 Daniell Circle Bellevue Nebraska 68123.

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