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•   Glenda Steelman (Lewis)  11/9
•   Elaine Spellman (Brister)  3/7
•   Mary Ursua (Ursua)  8/7
•   Glenda Killingsworth (Ursua)  9/9
•   Rick Grounds  8/8
•   Lois Barrios  2/24
•   Yolanda Vasquez (Gum)  8/14
•   Russ Ary  7/21
•   Peggy Melton (Selby)  6/12
•   Roger Longcrier  6/2
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1 lives in Arizona
1 lives in Arkansas
37 live in California
1 lives in Louisiana
1 lives in Missouri
1 lives in Montana
1 lives in Nevada
1 lives in North Carolina
2 live in Washington
33 location unknown
30 are deceased


•   Larry Morphis  7/27
•   Patricia McCain (Crawford)  8/8
•   Steve Helms  8/11
•   Paul Moore  8/11
•   Tom Thompson  8/14


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THS Class of 1970

50th Class Reunion

Due to COVID-19 the 50th class reunion has been postponed.









FYI - If you see that other people are on line, you can all click Live Chat and have a chat session with each other.  Click on the white area to the left of send, start typing then click send.  Everyone in Live Chat will have their name displayed under "Member in Live Chat".  It's a great way to keep in touch while checking out the website.


THS Class of 1970.....         by, John Davies

     OK, so we all graduated from Tehachapi High,

Class of '70; somehow 40 years have slipped by.

We may have lost a step or two in our hop,

Maybe thicker in the middle, shinier on top!

     We talk about the times from years gone by,

As if we are old, which we ALL know is a lie!!

We are still young and beautiful - yeah, that's right!

Wearing that Warrior baseball cap, not a gray hair in sight.

      We are just as good as we always were,

And wish those people would stop calling us ma'am and sir.

These kids nowadays, they don't know beans.

They know nothing of the Captain or Mister Greenjeans!

      Elementary school lunches were thirty-five cents,

Buck and a half for a weekly ticket made a lot of sense.

Chili beans and cornbread were the mid-week meal,

Fishsticks on Friday, that was the deal.

      You know, we were sometimes bad, but in a respectable way.

We hopped on our bikes every Saturday and were gone all day.

How we survived without a cell phone, computer or a video game,

Is a mystery for today's kids, but it's our claim to fame.

      We learned life's lessons and learned them well.

Our Mom's and Dad's prepared us, it's easy to tell.

We looked out for each other, no matter what they say,

We got the most of every minute, every hour, every day.

      Lest we not forget our friends of yesteryear,

Who have passed on, leaving in our eyes a tear.

Barbara, Jean, Faith Ann, Shelly, Vivian, Terry, Jok, and Lee,

Rosie, Cecilia, Frank, Paul, Diane, Donna, Kenny, Sharon, Willie, and Dee.

      We have been most fortunate, that is very clear.

Our friends and families grow bigger each year.

Looking forward to our next time together of stories and fun,

When we reach our forever age of one!!

       Thanks to the class of ''re all the best......