Dae Lantz

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Dae Lantz
Residing In: Tehachapi, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: A rich divorcee or widow would do nicely........or even a poor one
Occupation: Wind Energy / Instructor
Children: Aaron is 36, married to Liberty with a 5 year old son named Carter. He lives in Tehachapi but is considering More…a move to Texas.

Dae IV is 25, married to Bonnie and has completed one and a half months of marital bliss. They live in Arlington, Or and he works on wind turbines just like his daddy.

Katie is 22, not married and has moved back to my house in Oak Knolls. She manages a wine tasting room at one of the new vineyards in Cummings Valley. Mmmmm good stuff.
Yes! Attending Reunion
Attending Reunion



My job takes me to six different states and seven different wind projects. I focus on the Gamesa wind turbine and present PowerPoint presentations on different aspects of the wind turbine operations.

The wind industry is booming and you can see them in many states accross the country. Many grant dollars are available for new development and the public is about 50-50 on whether they like them or not.

School Story:

Went three semesters at BC then got into the trades. Built L-1011s, made methane out of municipal solild waste and then in 1983 joined the wind industry in Tehachapi. It's all been a wonderful lesson.

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