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Crossland High School
Class Of 1972

Welcome to the Crossland High Class Of 1972 web site.

Welcome Home!!! This is a protected site where we can meet up once again, keep up with reunion events and other planned meetings of classmates, see what everybody has been up to, and just have fun.


The 50th Reunion of the Crossland High School Class of 1972 was held the weekend of September 8-11 In the Annapolis, MD area.  Events included a happy hour mixer, dinner/dance, outdoor picnic, and Sunday brunch.  Please see the "50th Reunion Recap/Info" and "50th Reunion Photos" pages for all the details.


3/22/2024:  Sadly we have approached the 100 mark of classmate deaths. Back in November of 2023, I had 3 close calls with death and was only given a 15% chance of surviving the life threatening surgery that saved my life. Now I treasure each and everyday as it could be my last. It is funny that Kathy Vassallo lived where I worked for 35 years and never even knew it. It is a small world. All I can say is life is getting shorter for us and if we still were interested in seeing each other, I would suggest maybe a mixer type get together instead of a full blown reunion. If anyone else agrees or has any other suggestions let me know. Please.

Randy Gann

Our 5 year subscription to the Class Creator website service expired on May 9th, 2023.  We will continue with this service but will try their ad-supported free version to see how it suits us.  I know other classes have gone this route with no issues.  We can always revert back to the paid version later.  We'd rather save the funds to subsidize/pay for a 70th birthday celebration next year!!!

Updated 9/19: Greetings...our 50th Reunion Event has come and gone.  By all accounts, it was a very successful and enjoyable weekend for all who attended.  You can now find photos from the main 3 events by clicking on the "50th Reunion Photos" link on the main left navigation bar of our website home page.

The photos were loaded in a completely random order and now contain captions, Also, when you go to the Friday dinner/dance photo page you will also see links to 2 YouTube videos of John Guinn and Ron Thomasson performing a couple of classic oldies songs.  

Additionally, there is now a narrative recap of the weekend under the "50th Reunion Recap/Info" link on our home page.


Fellow Cavaliers

Just wanted to take a moment to thank the Reunion Committee for the awesome work to make this past weekend happen. From advance planning and location selection, to menu selection and decoration, to cleanup, everything went smoothly and attendees had a wonderful time.

Even more importantly, they enabled us to get together, talk about the good (and, sometimes, not so good) time in the past and to update each other on significant events in our lives. It was sad but comforting to recall classmates no longer with us and reminisce about the impact they had on us.

It was wonderful to catch up with good friends with whom I lost touch and to talk to classmates that I did not know as well. I hope to have more reunions, possibly with other years such as '71 and '73.

Safe travels to those from away and stay safe to those who are in the area.

Penny Young

Now that we are all inching towards 65, how about a look back at the past?   We have recently scanned in the memory book from our 20th Reunion held in 1992.  It can be found under the "Old Photos" link on the left or click here to go directly to it.  Enjoy being 38 again!!!

9/29/2017:  The 45th Reunion Weekend is in the history books.  Thanks to all who participated.  It was a great weekend.  A Recap and photos are posted on the "45th Reunion Photos" menu link on the left side.  Or, you can click here to go directly to the page.

If you are in contact with any fellow classmates who are on the "Missing" page, please send them the link to this site or send their contact info to

9/29/2014: Here's a special treat, courtesy of Scott Casto, class of '71.  His Dad took this video of the '71 Homecoming game from November, 1970.  Scott had it converted to digital to preserve it for the ages.  How many faces and jersey numbers do you recognize?   We were lowly juniors that year, but, no doubt, many of us were on the field, in the stands, in the band, or doing cheers and pom poms.  Click here to go to Picasa website to view the video.

Check out this cool You Tube video with a nostalgic tour through Hyattsville and upper PG County in the 60s.  Great background music and sound from WPGC AM 1580.  Brings back lots of memories!!!    Enjoy...






CHS Alumni attend 6/17/2013 Golf Tournament Benefit at Twin Shields Country Club, Dunkirk MD.  Go to the Misc Photos link for the full photo and caption with last names of most participants.


3/13/13: Check out "Old Photos" link for Princeton Elementary School, Grades 1-6 class photos.  Can be found in pre-Crossland years photo gallery as photos 6-12.

Thanks to Sharon Jenkins (Mills) for sending them in.  Princeton Elementary was off of Auth Road.  How many faces do you recognize???