60th reunion dinner survey

Hi everyone!

It seems helpful to take a little survey to see what everyone thinks about our reunion dinner last Saturday.  This will help us to think more realistically about any future reunions.  Hope you will take the time to look at the survey and answer the questions we've posed.


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1)   * Did you come to the 60th reunion on October 13th?

Yes No
2)   * Was cost a factor if you chose not to come?

Yes No
3)   * Why did you choose not to attend this year?

4)   * If you came, did you have a good time?

Yes No
5)   * How would you rate Georgio's?

6)   * Do you think the cost was a good value?

7)   * What was the best part of the reunion dinner this year?

8)   * Was there anything you disliked about the reunion? What was it?

9)   * Would you like to continue having reunions?

Yes No
10)   * How often should we have a reunion? Every five years? Every other year? Every year?

11)   * What do you thnk is the best time of year to have a reunion in Toledo? Summer? Fall? Spring?

12)   * For those in the Toledo area, would you be interested in a monthly lunch gathering?