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08/02/16 03:58 PM #17    

Rebecca Drolet (Bond) (1977)

Class of 1977 is coordinating two informal gatherings. One 8/19th & 8/20th. Please co sider and RSVP:

05/08/17 06:55 PM #18    

Kathy Fawley (Frankforter) (1971)

 Does anyone from the Class of 1971 know where Nancy Zielke is?   She and I were good friends during our junior year, and I always wondered what happened to her.    Many thanks! 

01/08/18 11:07 AM #19    


Dawn Mockett (Knott) (1967)

The class of '67 is hosting a lady's lunch on Feb 27 at 12 in Costa Mesa. If anyone is interested in joining us, please email me at or contact me through my Facebook page. Thanks,  Dawny Mockett Knott

03/08/20 09:46 PM #20    

Dana Severance (1985)


Have you heard anything about 1985 Class Reunion?  It's been 35 years since I graduate from West High School. 

Dana Severance

08/10/21 02:54 PM #21    

Cynthia Sawyer (Galli) (1976)

Does anyone have any film from the 1975 and 1976 band and drill team performances?  I would love to be able to show them to my kids!

08/11/21 11:11 AM #22    

Mike Hessing (1976)

Hi Cynthia,  I wish I did...I also wish someone had video of the varsity wrestling matches from '72 - '76

I would so very much enjoy seeing them !


10/03/21 06:54 AM #23    

Ed Taylor (1972)

71's 50th Reunion Photos

Greetings classmates...
It was great to see everyone last night and would also be great to see any photos that you may have taken at our reunion last night.
Please send them to

Steve Hassoldt

10/04/21 09:35 AM #24    

Mark Sappington (1981)

     Just a quick message to say how much I enjoyed getting together this weekend for the reunion.  Want to send a special Thank you to Mike, Sharon, and John for the fun stories.  The "Time Machine's" are great to go through, Thanks Mike.

     It was great to see all of you and I look forward to doing it again.  Thanks to those of you who made it as it was a great thing to be a part of.  The informal of the get together at the Homecoming game was perfect.  The dinner at the Marriott was super fun, you all looked so good.  The Bike ride/skate party at the beach was perfect... Still a little sore.

Those of you I missed connecting with I apologize to.  I realize how wonderful it was to be in your class as you are all special and uplifting people.

Blessing and kind wishes to you all.  


Mark Sappington

Class of 81.

10/04/21 09:39 AM #25    

Mark Sappington (1981)

03/10/22 07:33 AM #26    

Dan Lefebvre (1967)

I am wondering if anyone knows the whereabouts of Coach Fred Burch? The last I knew he was living in Redondo in the Esplanade area.

Dan Lefebvre

Onalaska, Wisconsin

03/11/22 08:02 AM #27    

Dan Lefebvre (1967)

West High Fight Song                                                   Music by Mr. Ron Large, Band Director

Fight, Warriors Fight! For victory we'll fight forever.

With spirits high we will win, and we will always stay together.

Beige, Brown,and Gold we will stand and do our best with all our might

We never will give in, right to the end

Fight, Warriors  Fight !!!

I Don't know if this is still played at Pep Rallys, Games, Parades, etc.

The Lyrics, I don't know who wrote them. Mr. Large said that "in 1961 the Student Councl asked him to write a Fight Song for the new school". He did not say if he also wrote the lyrics or if it were in colaboration with a student council member.

03/11/22 08:42 AM #28    

Mike Hessing (1976)

Hi Dan,

The last I'd heard, he was in Washington state.  He recently lost his son, Fred Junior. Sorry I don't have anything more specific. 

03/11/22 11:18 AM #29    

Margie Maas-Day (1969)

This is Margie Maas Day (class of 1969).  Linda Thomas (class of 1967, I believe) has asked me to post the attached picture of her brother, Larry Thomas, from my year.  Apparently he has no interest in attending the upcoming reunion, but she thought people might like to see a current picture of him.  I tried to put this picture in the gallery and it shows on the front icon, but when you click on it you are taken to a bunch of pictures, but the one I submitted doesn't show.  I'm confused.  Trying this as well.


03/14/22 12:14 PM #30    

Dave Mayer (1971)

I think Coach Burch is living in Banning I had his address but cant find it.  it was posted when his son passed away.


03/15/22 08:01 AM #31    

Dan Lefebvre (1967)

Thanks to all of you for your response concerning Coach Burch. I am saddened to learn of Fred Jrs. passing.I recieved several leads, and a phone number to call. Both coach Burch, and Coach Parton were important people to me during my years at West, as were other teachers, and classmates. 

Dan Lefebvre

03/15/22 11:24 AM #32    

Richard Campbell (1969)

I did a search and Coach Burch may be at 6211 Pebble Beach Dr., Banning, CA 92220


03/18/22 10:35 AM #33    

Kathy Fawley (Frankforter) (1971)

RE: Coach Burch

Fred Jr. died from Covid.   Coach Burch was on Twitter however it appears he has not posted since Fred Jr. passed away.  

I also looked up his address and it is in Banning.   

Hope this helps

Kathy Fawley-Frankforter  71'

03/25/22 06:36 AM #34    

Dan Lefebvre (1967)

Thanks again to all of you for the updates on Coach Burch. We were able to talk on the phone last week, and had a very nice 10 min conversation. As I may have said earlier; both he and Coach Parton were some of the important people in my life as a (not all that great) student at West. It was good to talk to him.


03/26/22 07:57 AM #35    

Michael Bird (1981)

Fred Burch phone number 9513814961...he says call any time and GO Warriors!

03/26/22 10:14 PM #36    

Gregory Gamble (1976)

Anyone remember coach Vincent Kioza (sp)

Football coach around 1973-74

03/27/22 11:56 AM #37    

Matthew Goodwin (1975)

Hey Greg!


Yes, Coach Kiazo (?sp) was pretty badass, and I will never forget him.  The last time I saw him was in the Fall of 1975 when I was attending UCLA.  I spoke to him briefly, I really admired him and thanked him for coaching me in Freshman football.  I would love to hear where he is now and what he's doing.


Matt Goodwin Class of 1975


04/10/22 11:52 AM #38    

Renae Russell (Thorpe) (1970)

Hello Classmates:

Once again, we are reaching out to those classmates that we haven’t heard from yet.  We’re sending this reminder requesting your attendance to the Classes of ’69 and ’70 reunion being held on July 23, 2022 at the Cheesecake Factory in Redondo Beach.  Remember, prices go up on May 1, 2022 from $75 to $100.  This is only 20 days away.

After the last couple of years we’ve had, it’s time we get together with our friends and compare notes.  We may have missed our 50th but let’s make it up this year by celebrating our 52nd and 53rd class reunion.  It’s coming sooner than later and now is the time to buy your tickets before the price goes up.  Not only will you be saving money but this will help meet our people count and deposit obligations with the venue.  Please do not delay any further, go directly to our website now at  Here you’ll find all the information required to RSVP, buy your tickets (send in a check or pay by credit card online (will be additional processing fees)).

‚ÄčThe reunion committee is looking forward to seeing you all there!

12/27/23 10:41 AM #39    

Steve Hassoldt (1971)

It's with  a sad heart that I post the passing of my sister, Nancy (Nikki LeBrun) Hassoldt. Born on 7-11 she passed peacefully on 11-7, 2 years after the passing of her husband, Skip LeBrun. 

Nikki was a beloved sister, aunt, and friend, and will be missed. There will be a Celebration of Life service at Torrance First Baptist Church on Jan. 20th, 2023 at 11 am. 

04/12/24 06:54 PM #40    


Randy Dawson (Dawson) (1967)

Randy passed away March 28,2024.

04/13/24 07:58 AM #41    

Manny Vasquez Jr

Mark was a 1993 graduate of West and played Varsity baseball for two years.



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