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Awareness -

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Super Savers Guides are top of the line "Impactful Ad Tools" & "Marketing Retail Pointers" distributed within your local market saturation of your business location.

89% of your customers are within 3 miles of your store

Don't keep hoping you will be found by word of mouth or on scattered social media sites or overwhelmed over sold google searches - if they dont know your company name they will go your competiters in your city or buy it online. 

These dynamic engaging full color Super Saver Guides will bring new and life long customers to your business, your website and convenient company location.

The high gloss Dynamic Full color display and effective customer engaging offers capturing customer orders is key to bottom line company profits. 

Our 100% to EVERY HOME and EVERY BUSINESS  disribution is the only way you can get FULL CONTROL of your market and invite customers to your retail location.


Don't be fooled by the false hope of being on the internet It's not working for most businesses. The internet is a huge phone book. If potential customers don't know your name the internet will decide your business and give it to someone else!!

  Your customers are all within 3 - miles of your store location. 


Take control and directly market your company straight to them in a convenient affordable proven method.