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Every Business is looking to get more customers and bigger profits... the question is how?

Check out some of the Restaurant & Services Guides created by

our Expert Design Team for other city's and our clients.


If you have a physical restaurant or retail & or service location ...

89% of all business customers comes

from "within 3 Miles" of that location...

...if you want to succeed today in business you MUST market your business directly to the local customers in your business location area.

Forbes Magazine - 2016

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Our creative Impact Design Team will “Create and Brand” anything you want to reflect your company image and brand and most importantly… access your to your location.


 We design potent images to point to your Business and its presence to your customers in their surrounding area.


We design potent "Easy to Read" images and offers to point to your Business and it's local presence and access to your customers in their surrounding residence and/or where they work area.


 Guide Back Side 

with Full Color ads or Coupons Full

Directory with your Business Name, Address, phone number and


Plus a detailed description of your services



Remember 95% of all business customers comes from within 3 Miles of that location.


How do we get them to find you ???


100% Saturation Direct Delivery to

Every home and Business of the 3 miles surrrounding your business

We distribute the Restaurant and Service Retail Locators to the potent customer base within those 3 miles that will build your business and be lifetime customers WHO MAKE GREAT referral makers.

There are 3 Ways Consumers access

Business Today


Displaying Your Company

Store Address


 Store Phone Number