Mini Reunions

I had a wonderful time (and I think everyone attending did, too). Interesting to see how folks have changed (or not), where their lives are today, memories of days gone by and hopes and dreams for things to come. Oh, yeah, and jokes and laughs galore. Thankful I didn't blow any of my food out my nostrils from laughing.

Some folks who wanted to come couldn't be there due to health issues, either their own or someone else who needed their assistance. And some folks showed up who we hadn't expected - a lovely surprise in every case.

I think the group size (small) made this a perfect event. Hopefully, we can keep attendance under 20 people next year - 15 would be ideal, but all are welcome, of course.

Richard Small put together his usual professional photo essay, documenting and explaining the goings-on as only he can. What a guy!

So, listen - if you couldn't make it this year, but you'd like to visit with some old friends from PVHS, block off some time around the end of March, 2024. I think we'll have a couple of group outings then, too. You'll be glad you did.

Til' then.
George Moore '64

Click on this link to see Ricardo Small's photo essay of the 2nd Annual PVHS Mini Reunion.