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03/06/11 01:22 AM #1    


Bryan Wells

 1978 Roger Johnson's Sophomore English.  Typical for a W, I'm in the last row, closest to the windows, second, maybe third seat.  As I remember it, Hilda was behind me, Sherri Snowden was across the row, Jill Meskimen was just past her, and then there was Rick Howard.  Rick and I were not yet buds and frankly, he was kind of invisible, positioned as he was.  

Roger is in about the fourth week of torturing us with early American literature; we've moved from the least titillating adultery ever to witchcraft and Salem etc..  Towards the end of class the topic turns to certain rituals, and I'm 15 and I can't figure out how they could have these rituals without somebody questioning why people are disappearing, but I'm not sharing my ignorance. 

Just then, from somewhere past the M's, comes the question, "So, what?  You mean they're killing a virgin every time they have one of these?"  And, I'm sitting there, nodding my head in solidarity thinking 'great question, dude.'  "Uhhhh, no," says Roger, sheepishly.  

Rick, undeterred, "So where do they get the blood?"  


03/09/11 03:41 PM #2    

Danny Limes

Some things you never forget.........

I believe the year was 1980, Juniors in High School.....  Mr. Henderson's 4th Hour World History Class, we were participating in the infamous History Bowl, Henderson's answer to a test review, and the question was presented to then a young Mark Matthews, now known as Marcos Matheos.

Henderson asks "Matthews....  What was the Phoenicians greatest conrtibution to modern civilization?"  Mark, as only he could do, searches deep within his vast knowledge of History, scratches his head looks up anxiously and confidently states his answer...  "The Phoenician Blinds!"

John Cooper was laughing so hard and out of control it made Henderson break up and call Matthews the now politically incorrect "Retard!" 

Result.... We had another one of our infamous 1.5 hour lunches at Shotguns Sams Pizza!

03/15/11 11:20 PM #3    

Derek Cheek

Speaking of Mark Matthews...I think it was our sophomore year.  I sat next to Mark on "veggie" row in Coach Eddie's (sp?) class.  This was the front row reserved for students who scored poorly on the previous test.  Coach would ask the class a question but always expected the "veggies" to answer.  When we didn't answer, Coach would start hitting our legs with a stick that was used to pull the map down.

This one particular day, Coach taunted all of us on "veggie" row by hitting our legs with the stick more than usual.  He honed in on Mark because I think Mark gave him a sarcastic answer.  So Coach hit his legs & Mark kicked back.  This went back and forth until tensions escalated.  Mark stood up quickly lunging toward Coach and Coach immediately slapped punched him in the face so hard the force knocked Mark back on his butt a couple of rows back.

I never sat on "veggie" row again!

03/30/11 11:42 AM #4    

Mike Robinson

 Mr. Fred Smith's English Class- His class was formed for the trouble makers. I was one of them along with Scott Herzfeld, Andy Groesner, Joe Anthothy, Lee Corbett,and others who might not want to be mentioned. I will let them include themselves.

We always wondered if he was sipping whiskey in his morning coffee cup. Funny funny teacher, calling us knuckle heads, who told us, we would not amount to nuttin in life.I appreciate his unique ways of motivating.

Then, Mrs. Gordon's class - Home Economics, (i think that was the name) She was awesome. I still see her around the town. Looks the same !  Those times in the 80's were great times. 

04/02/11 08:22 PM #5    


Tara Hansard (Parks)

so funny....I remember Fred chewing up aspirins in that class, probably due to a hangover....but he would take points off our grade for chewing gum.

07/11/11 11:14 AM #6    


Bryan Wells


This is a big thank you to all the people who worked to make the reunion a success!!  Sarah and I had a great time seeing everybody.  While we see a fair number of folks on a regular basis, there is something special about having everybody together at the same time.  For those of you who don't know, the committee was comprised of Danny Limes, Caryl Danzi Driscoll, May Chang Sheehan, Bart Glass, Lisa Cline Lenihan, Laura Daniels Freeny, Debbie White Warman, Marilyn Morton, Lori Hughes Bennett, Scott Coulson and Mike Knox. Kevin Dukes, Mitch Surrett, Steve Terrell and Rick Howard also pitched in with setup at the Cain’s.   With this website, we have a good jump on organizing any future event, so maybe 10 years is too long to wait for the next one.

07/11/11 03:04 PM #7    

Michael Young

Looks like everybody that attended had a great time, wish we could have been there, but a weird coincidence, if my family does not relocate, my boys will graduate as Chargers as well, but as Concord, NC Cox Mill High School Chargers, and my youngest will graduate in 2021, our 40th Reunion.......pretty cool, huh..............

07/19/11 10:22 AM #8    


Pamela Perdue (Musgrove)

Hi All,

Got back from Colorado and finally got my pics posted.  For some reason, it doesn't look like any are there, but they are.  If you click on my box they pop up.

Wow, I had so much fun!  Truly enjoyed seeing everyone.  We really had a great class.  Many good times, although I can't remember any of them.  I don't know how you guys can remember exact moments of things that happened in class????   Makes me wonder if I was there.  Hmm 

Thanks to the committee.  I was wondering when we were going to find out who you were.  You did an awesome job!

Love you all,

Let's do it again soon!



11/28/12 04:07 PM #9    


Steven Hoog

I will forever remember Scott Herzfeld for his police chase on his motorcycle after wrestling practice at Byrd across the field out back; from what I remember he got away.

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