Missing Classmates


Help us "track down" these "missing" classmates.  In some cases, we know where they are, but we don't know how to contact them.  Maybe they have cell phone and no land line, so they won't be listed in the telephone directory.  Or maybe they've married and have a different last name now.  In any event, you may know how to get in touch with them, but we don't.

Help us by getting that information to me through the Message Center on this website or at jpnail@comcast.net or give me a call at 662-322-3255.  Or better yet, contact them yourself and invite them to join us at www.tupelo70.com.  We may have contacted them, but they have not yet joined us.  Your invitation might be just what they need to jump in.

If we have failed to list any of our deceased classmates in our "In Memory" section, let us know that as well.

Narda Alexander (O'Neal)
Stephen Alexander
Bob Ballard
Beverly Barnes (Brooks)
Margaret Blaylock
Judy Boatner (Morse)
Joanne Britt
Ray Burge
John Butler
Paul Creely
Paul Crider
Denise Crone (Carnathan)
Constance Dalee (Hershfelt)
Wayne Davis
Becky Felton (Jolly)
Alan Fikes
Ronald Gibson
Patti Harrison (Griffin)
Peggy Holley
Karen Holly
Pam Jackson (Floyd)
Paul Jackson
Abby Johnson
Don Jones
Anita Jordan
Jeanette Jordan
Raymond Kiser
Ester Lewis
Judy Lewis
Anderson Linton
Barry Malone
Marilyn Marquis
Mike McMurry
Beverly Miller (Smith)
Garry Miller
Jerrianne Monts (Long)
Larry Paine
Cynthia Peach (Stout)
Larry Pechal
Sam Prestridge
Susan Rankin (Ling)
Karen Ray
Randy Riley
William Riley
Carolyn Roe
Patty Sanford
Charlotte Scott (Riley)
Dwayne Sewell
Terry Sides
Marion Stegall
Jonell Summers (Hill)
Mel Thompson
Becky Tiller (Luecht)
Barry Tucker
Roxanne Veltri
Donna Wilemon (Sullivan)
Melissa Windham (Campisano)

Guest Members

Bill Moore
Vicky Oaks (Brett)