Reunion Photos

This page will be used for posting photos from the reunion.  If you brought a camera and shot a few pictures, be sure to send them to John Nail at and I will get them posted to the website.  I think we owe it to our fellow classmates who were not able to attend the reunion to provide them with photographic evidence that we did, in fact, have a reunion, and that it was well-attended by a bunch of young folks in old bodies.


Mimi Towery Nail Photos: 

David Wilson and Yvette Wilson (foreground) and Richard McCarty (background)

Sharon Lamb Pickering and Mimi Towery Nail

 Clark Adams, Linda Adams and Lynn Bryson Curtis

Dennis Shirley and Vicki Fortson Shirley

Stan Byrd and Molly Hurt Johnson

Brad Heberling, David Curtis (husband of Lynn Bryson Curtis), Lon Rains (back), Gary Simons, Dan McNeece (husband of Teri Porter McNeece), and Donna Shepard Linville

Beth Beane Kennard and John Nail

Deborah Webb and Janice Hancock Allen

Bubba Worthen, Anne Worthen, and Phil Ruff

Brad Heberling's fabulous gumbo

Lynn Bryson Curtis, Sharon Lamb Pickering, Jeff Young

Mimi Towery Nail and Michele Raper Rittenhouse

Amy Taylor Phipps and Michele Raper Rittenhouse

Christie Garber Breedlove, John Nail and Anne Patterson

Jane Beasley Clark and Janice Hancock Allen

Bob Giles, Marnelia Main Smith, Dan McNeece and Teri Porter McNeece

Jane Beasley Clark and John Nail

Janice Hancock Allen, Janice Dickerson Woodard, Beth Beane Kennard, and Carolyn Montgomery Moore. (Janice was recovering from knee surgery, but she was a trooper.)

Cake by Rose Anderson McCoy

Eddie Barber (husband of Elna Elliott Barber) up past his bedtime

Bobby Corbett, Martha Jackson Corbett, Molly Harrison Mauney, Sarah Williams, Phil Johnson (guest of Sarah Williams),Tim Mauney, Wanda Harper, Judy Laney Dunaway, and Deborah Webb

Eddie Barber, Jerry Long, Kim Cooper Long, Elna Elliott Barber

Henry Welch, Henry's guest Carol Sanders, Richard McCarty, Karen McCarty

Rochelle Simmons Wallace, Carolyn Montgomery Moore, Ann McCullough Eadie, Martha Nesmith Benjamin

Rochelle Simmons, Martha Nesmith Benjamin and Carolyn Montgomery Moore

Chuck Johnson, Kenny Strawn, and Jerry Long (husband of Kim Cooper Long)

 Brooks Walker, John Nail, Phil Ruff, Molly Hurt Johnson

Carolyn Montgomery Moore, Rochelle Simmons Wallace, and Martha Nesmith Benjamin

Jimmy Couch


Lynn Bryson Curtis, Mimi Towery Nail, and Marnelia Main Smith

Lon Rains, Scott Tallant, and Phil Ruff

John Nail and Bob Giles

Chuck Johnson, Steve Wilson, Susan Johnson, Mimi Towery Nail and Marneilia Main Smith at the Lyric

Mimi Towery Nail, Susan Johnson and Chuck Johnson at the Lyric

Curtis Tate, Steve Wilson, Manelia Main Smith, Tommy Gurley, Stan Byrd, John Nail, Jimmy Couch, Susan Johnson and Chuck Johnson at the Lyric

Waiting for a quorum outside Milam -- Ronnie Clemons (green shirt, son of Joie Williams Clemons) and Joie in the yellow, Tommy Gurley, John Nail, Marnelia Main Smith, and Stan Byrd

Jimmy Couch, Diana Baughman Ezell, John Nail and Curtis Tate at Milam

Randy McMickin, Diane McMickin, Jimmy Couch, Tommy Gurley, Steve Wilson, Marnelia Main Smith, and Curtis Tate at Milam

In the auditorium at Milam

Henry Welch and his guest Carol Sanders at Milam

End of the Milam tour

Classmates checking out the gym at the old high school (now Tupelo Middle School)

Looking down the hall at the old high school

In the hallway at the old high school -- Julie Hines (Director of Operations for Tupelo Public School District), Diana Baughman Ezell (Deputy Superintendent of TPSD and a classmate), Marnelia Main Smith, Tommy Gurley, Stan Byrd, Layne Howard, Joie Williams Clemons' son and daughter and Joie.

In the auditorium at the old high school

In the lobby of the auditorium of the old high school

Front: Joie Williams, Tommy Gurley, Chuck Johnson, Mimi Towery Nail, John Nail, Layne Howard, Jimmy Couch; Back: Marnelia Main Smith, Stan Byrd, David Clement, Deborah Webb, Steve Wilson, and Diana Baughman Ezell

Saturday night event: Joann Keith, Sharon Lamb Pickering, and Deborah Webb

Everette Newcomb, Carol Collier Newcomb, Cathy Stalnaker Hartzog, and Denis Hartzog

Alice Bishop Rogers and Ann McCullough Eadie

Randy McMickin, Diane McMickin, Margaret Farrar Robinson, Mike Robinson

Donna Shepard Linville, Beth Bourland Jolly, Elna Elliott Barber

Nell Hodges Weant, Jane Beasley Clark, Mimi Towery Nail, Molly Hurt Johnson, and Caye Cook

Phil Ruff, Steve Wilson, Stan Byrd, Hank Barger, and Jean Barger

 Linda Adams, Clark Adams, and Jeff Young

Jane Beasley Clark, Molly Hurt Johnson, Randy McMickin, and Caye Cook

Rose Anderson McCoy and Tommy McCoy

Diane McMickin (wife of Randy McMickin), Margaret Farrow Robinson, and Rose Anderson McCoy

Peggy Monts Adderholt, Joann Keith, and Lynn Bryson Curtis

David Cook and Judy Laney Dunaway and Susan Rankin Ling (background)

Molly Hurt Johnson, Jenny Smothers, Caye Cook, and David Smothers

Jane Beasley Clark, Molly Hurt Johnson, Kay Howell Tucker

Everett Newcomb, Curtis Tate and Carol Collier Newcomb

Marnelia Main Smith, Les Smith and Layne Howard

Carolyn Montgomery Moore and Gloria Temple Holland

Mimi Towery Nail and Gloria Temple Holland

Sonya Keith, Ronnie Keith, and Gloria Temple Holland

Curtis Tate and Nellie Tate

Gloria Temple Holland, Rodney Rogers, Peggy Monts Adderholt, Mimi Towery Nail, Sarah Williams

Rodney Rogers, Peggy Monts Adderholt, Gloria Temple Holland, Mimi Towery Nail, and Sarah Williams

Molly Hurt Johnson, Stan Byrd, and Caye Cook

Lon Rains, Jeph Heflin, Rick McCarty, and Bob Giles

Al Wallace and Rochelle Simmons Wallace


Beth Beane Kennard Photos:


 Brad Heberling, Tommy Wilson, Butch Bratton

Martha Jackson Corbett and Sue Gilliam Frye

Jeph Heflin and Phyllis Tallant (wife of Scott Tallant)

Lon Rains and Bob Giles

Bob Giles, Beth Beane Kennard, and Scott Tallant

Lon Rains, Bob Giles, Beth Beane Kennard, and Scott Tallant

Kim Cooper Long, Jansen Giles (wife of Bob Giles), and Martha Nesmith Benjamin

Gary Enis and Rob Reedy

John Naill and Gary Simons

Donna Shepard Linville an Teri Porter McNeece

Donna Shepard Linville, Teri Porter McNeece, Ann McCullough Eadie, and Beth Beane Kennard

David Clement and Kenny Keith

Whole lotta huggin' -- Phil Ruff, Martha Nesmith Benjamin and Clark Tucker

David Cook and Elna Elliott Barber

Wanda Harper and Judy Laney Dunaway

Butch Bratton, Rochelle Simmons Wallace, and Scotty Whatley

Miimi Towery Nail, Michele Raper Rittenhouse, and Norma Whitenton Smith

Martha Jackson Corbett and Norma Whitenton Smith

Kim Cooper Long and Anne Patterson

David Cook and Steve Holland (husband of Gloria Temple Holland)

Kim Cooper Long, Rob Reedy, and Martha Nesmith Benjamin

Butch Bratton, Tim Gardner, Scotty Whatley, and Rob Reedy

Kim Cooper Long and Jerry Long

Mimi Towery Nail, David Atkins, Les Smith (husband of Marnelia Main Smith), Christy Garber Breedlove, Anne Patterson

Kay Howell Tucker and Sherry Baker Pearce

Carolyn Montgomery Moore and Clark Tucker

Sarah Williams

Sue Gilliam Frye and Wanda Harper

Bryan Hawkins

Margaret Farrar Robinson and Carolyn Montgomery Moore

Linda Adams, Donna Shepard Linville, and Clark Adams

Bryan Hawkins, Rochelle Simmons Wallace, Bill Hefferman (guest of Anne Patterson), Anne Patterson, Richard McCarty, and Al Wallace 

Les Smith (husband of Marnelia Main Smith), Tim Gardner, and David Curtis (husband of Lynn Bryson Curtis)

Tommy Wilson, Scotty Whatley, _________, and __________

Bob Giles, Richard McCarty, Jansen Giles, Clark Tucker, and Hank Barger

Nellie Tate and Curtis Tate

Bob Giles and Richard McCarty


Gloria Temple Holland Photos:


 Debbie Walker (wife of Brooks Walker) and Amy Taylor Phipps

Janice Dickerson Woodard, Henry Welch, Lynn Bryson Curtis, Phyliss Tallant (wife of Scott Tallant), and back of David Atkins head, talking to Scott Tallant

Sarah Williams and Rob Reedy

Bubba Worthen, Ann Worthen, Jeff Young, and Margaret Phipps (wife of Tim Phipps)

Plenty to eat

Margaret Phipps and Tim Phipps

Beth Beane Kennard and Gary Enis

Jeff Young and Janice Hancock Allen

Ronnie Keith and Gloria Temple Holland

Beth Beane Kennard and Ronnie Keith

Mimi Towery Nail

Rose Anderson McCoy's cake.

David Curtis (husband of Lynn Bryson Curtis), Tim Gardner, and Butch Bratton

Elna Elliott Barber, Rochelle Simmons Wallace, and Martha Nesmith Benjamin

Memorial Table for the 28 classmates who are no longer with us

John Nail getting everyone's attention for welcome and invocation by David Cook

Curtis Tate and Nellie Tate

Chaotic registration, greeting and hugging

Centerpiece by Rochelle 

Christy Garber Breedlove, Janice Dickerson Woodard, and Kay Howell Tucker

Sharron Young (wife of Jeff Young) at table with Yvette Wilson and David Wilson

Background: Kim Cooper Long and Scotty Whatley; Forground: Michele Raper Rittenhouse and Marnelia Main Smith

Lon Rains, Bob Giles, and Scott Tallant

Margaret Farrar Robinson, Carolyn Montgomery Moore, Patti Monts Pharr, Gloria Temple Holland, and Peggy Monts Adderholt

Deborah Webb and Martha Nesmith Benjamin

 Donna Shepard Linville, David Atkins, Jo Ann Keith

Gloria Temple Holland and Lon Rains

Gloria Temple Holland and Gary Simons

Tommy McCoy, Gloria Temple Holland, and Rose Anderson McCoy

Diane McMickin and Randy McMickin

Kay Howell Tucker and Nell Hodges Weant

Ann McCullough Eadie, Clark Adams, Rodney Rogers and Linda Adams

Rodney Rogers and Gloria Temple Holland

Hank Barger, Phil Ruff, and Stan Byrd

Clark Adams, Gloria Temple Holland, and Charlie Hankins

Mimi Towery Nail and Gloria Temple Holland

Sonya Keith, Ronnie Keith, and Gloria Temple Holland

Rusty Benson, Rodney Rogers, and Jim Nichols

Cathy Stalnaker Hartzog, Allison Romito McCoy, and Tim Gardner

Tommy McCoy, Rose Anderson McCoy, Patsy Enis, and Gary Enis

Everette Newcomb and Carol Collier Newcomb

Randy McMickin and Molly Hurt Johnson

Gloria Temple Holland, Rodney Rogers, Peggy Monts Adderholt, and Mimi Towery Nail

Rose Anderson McCoy, Lynn Bryson Curtis, Margaret Farrar Robinson, Charlie Hankins, and Sharon Lamb Pickering

Jerry Long and Kim Cooper Long