More Reunion Photos

The Reunion Photos page was so full of photos we had to start a second page.  Keep sending your photos to be added.

Hank Barger Photos:

Hank Barger, Gary Simons, David Curtis (husband of Lynn Bryson Curtis), Clark Tucker, Kenny Strawn, and Butch Bratton met for an impromptu golf challenge.

David Curtis (husband of Lynn Bryson Curtis) putts before the watchful eyes of Clark Tucker, standing, and Gary Simons.

Clark Tucker mashes a drive just beyond the tee box.

Clark Tucker whiffs his second shot as Butch Bratton and David Curtis look on with straight faces.  Gary Simons prepares to hit his fourth shot.

Gary Simons tees off and watches his ball sail into the next fairway.  Some guys get more swings for their green fee.

A good time was had by all and these guys seem to still be cordial, even though some small amount of money was alleged to have changed hands afterwards.  Left to right: Hank Barger, Gary Simons, David Curtis (husband of Lynn Bryson Curtis), Clark Tucker, Kenny Strawn, and Butch Bratton.

Tim Phipps Photos:

Musicians Rusty Benson and Rodney Rogers (Class of 1970).  Also, Jim Nichols is out of the picture to the right.

Henry Welsh and his guest Carol Sanders

Tim and Margaret Phipps

David Atkins, Martha Jackson Corbett, and Jeph Heflin

Sharron Young, Jeff Young, and Jeph Heflin

Tim Phipps and Henry Welch

David Cook, Flo Strawn, Kenny Strawn, and Rochelle Simmons Wallace

Beth Beane Kennard, Thomas Kennard, John Nail, and Brad Heberling

Margaret Phippls (wife of Tim Phipps), Thomas Kennard (husband of Beth Beane Kennard), Carol Sanders (guest of Henry Welch), and Henry Welch

Nell Hodges Weant, Henry Welch, and Carol Sanders (guest of Henry Welch)

Scotty Whatley

Brooks Walker, Bubba Worthen, and Anne Worthen

Phil Ruff and Stan Byrd

Clark Tucker, David Clement, Steve Wilson, and Kenny Strawn

Henry Welch and Rusty Benson

Rodney Rogers

Steve Wilson Photos:

Gary Enis, Scotty Whatley, and Steve Wilson

 David Wilson Photos:

Judy Laney Dunaway, David Wilson, and Wanda Harper

Peggy Monts Adderholt, David Wilson, and Patti Monts Pharr

Gary Simons and David Wilson

David Wilson and Ronnie Keith

Peggy Monts Adderholt and Gary Simons

David Wilson and Peggy Monts Adderholt (kissing cousins, they say)