Agent Orange Bill H.B.566

This may apply to USS Fort Snelling LSD-30 sailors as well.
Legislation to help Navy sailors on ships off Vietnam and experiencing Agent Orange problems. The full bill:
Bob Boucher
Plankowner, USS LaSalle LPD-3
USS LaSalle LPD/AGF-3 Association
American Legion Post 187 Wallingford CT
Veterans Coffee Houses Wallingford & Cheshire CT
Now the work begins to call all house members to get them on board as co sponsors. So contact your groups, coffee houses, VSO family and friends, make the call and ask for a follow up. In other words don't give up and keep calling. Follow up on HR 566 to see which members of the house co sponsored this bill. I'll be doing the same. I found out it is better to call the  DC  office in Washington and ask for the Military advisor. Google congressman in your state to get the number. I found the Military advisors are active duty or former military and are eager to help. Gerry Wright