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06/27/14 12:32 AM #84    

Richard Welsh

My last reunion was the 10 year one in 1989. Looking forward to this one.

06/27/14 04:11 PM #85    


Stephen Kaplan

Count me in!!

06/27/14 04:47 PM #86    

Clive Johnston

Hi Richard, it will be great to see you there!


06/27/14 04:51 PM #87    

Clive Johnston

Stephen looking forward to a few magic tricks at the reunion!  Great to see you will be attending.

06/27/14 05:02 PM #88    

Clive Johnston

Hi Donna,  it will be great to catch up at the reunion.  See you there.

06/29/14 01:42 AM #89    

Rebecca Nessim

Well, I've never been to a reunion yet.  I missed the 30th by a couple of days!  Looking forward to it. Is anyone coming from Abbotsford?  




07/02/14 09:35 PM #90    

Carol Montagnon (Andow)

I wish I could attend the reunion but I will be in Edmonton attending my nephews wedding.

07/03/14 07:27 PM #91    

Teresa Roche (Moase)

Yeah baby!! The 30th was so much fun. Can't wait to see everyone at the 35th. Looks like  a good crowd. Cheers!!!

07/04/14 03:16 PM #92    


Karen Bier

I would love to see Najeet Dhillon! Has anyone been in touch? Anyone know where Mike House is?

07/11/14 12:06 PM #93    

Mike Bigio

Aw Crap!

Can't make it - life got in the way.

Will miss you all this time around.

Look me up if you make it to Portland.

Stay healthy.

07/12/14 11:00 AM #94    


Dianna Molnar (Miller)

Hi Everyone!!!

Have a great time tonight.....wishing I was there instead of stuck at a Trade Show all day!!!!!

07/14/14 01:55 AM #95    


Karen Bier

Many many thanks for a great evening!
Special note to grads who have not attended a reunion yet--
PLEASE COME next time--it will be worth it.

Don't let those awkward teenage blues or grudges keep you away. Time really does heal old wounds. Be proud of yourself! We've all come a long way. I promise you will be sincerely greeted by people happy to see you.
I'm looking forward to seeing some new faces in ....ugh....2019! Best regards, everyone!

07/14/14 04:13 PM #96    

Nicole Soong (Chang)

If anyone took photos please go to the website to upload them. We'd love to see them. 


07/14/14 05:13 PM #97    

Clive Johnston

Outstanding photos Celeste and  Nicole.  The "We want you at the 40th Reunion"  photo sums up how everyone at the 35th felt about those that couldn't attend.   Stephen's magic is magic! A great guy that freely gives and shares his magic with us.

Time heals. A lot of time has gone by (its been 40 years since grade 8 --yikes!).  The red carpet is rolled out for any grad member who, in the past, might not have felt any love from their high school experience and had decided not to attend any of the reunions.

The EH79 grads want YOU at the 40th.  See you then!

07/14/14 11:45 PM #98    

Lynne Robertson (Kirk)

Thank you Nicole, Heide and Clive ( and anyone else who helped) for putting this reunion together.  This was the first reunion I had attended and I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the chance to reconnect with so many after 35 years.  

07/15/14 01:48 PM #99    

Saul Berson

Thanks to the organizing committee (y'all know who you are) for your time and efforts in putting the fun evening together. Great to see everybody.

07/15/14 10:28 PM #100    

Carol Mar (Murray)

Thank you Nicole, Heidi, Celeste and Clive for organizing another great reunion!

Fun was had by all:)

07/15/14 11:39 PM #101    

Ken Krause

Sorry I missed the party , we were on vacation , hopefully I'll be at the next one . Really wanted to see Steves show , maybe he could've made 20 pounds or so disappear off of my rear end . lol.

07/16/14 07:34 PM #102    

Rebecca Nessim

I'd like to join all those who have thanked Heidi, Celeste, Clive and anyone else involved in organizing this wonderful evening.  You did a great job, and made it all possible. I haven't seen anyone besides Lynn since graduation and had a fantastic time catching up and trying to figure out who was who :-) 

Karen Bier and Clive are absolutely right - all those who haven't been to a reunion, please plan on coming next time.  I think we had a fabulous class.  Wish I'd appreciated that back in the day.  And now that we've gotten back in touch, I hope we can keep the fire stoked. Five years seems an awfully long time to wait....

If anyone finds themselves in Israel sometime, whether on business or pleasure, be sure to let me know!  We live just 40 minutes southeast of Tel Aviv and 45 minutes from Jerusalem.


07/17/14 11:54 AM #103    

Mike Bigio

.......and I was worried about making the trek from Portland!

Sorry to have missed you all this time around

07/18/14 11:09 AM #104    


Stephen Kaplan

I apologize for not getting this posted sooner, but it was a crazy week since the reunion. What an amazing night that was and to me it was the best one yet. It truly was a room filled with joy and everyone's happiness at the reunion was infectious!! A huge amount of thanks to  Heidi, Celeste, Nicole and Clive for the outstanding work they did in making it all come together. Clive thank you for rounding everyone up to watch the show and of course thank you EVERYONE for your incredibly warm and happy response to the wee bit o magic you allowed me to share with you!!

I look forward to the 40th (well not too forward, no need to rush there really...) and I fully agree with previous comments that these reunions in no way hold any of the childish teenage clique system, there is no judgemental attitudes, there was merely the continous sharing of where our lives went and how our individual journeys have been. 

High School was indeed a transitional time in our lives and our maturity had not yet begun to take hold (not sure if mine really has yet.. but I digress) and some people may have had a less than stellar experience. 

But any negativity from the past should be let go of. That is not what shoud define us, what should is what we have become. 

From our 35th reunion I can easily attest to the fact that our graduating class of 1979 is filled with genuinely kind, warm hearted, thoughtful and caring people. All of whom I am truly grateful and honored to have been able to share this milestone in life with. 

Looking forward to crossing paths with all of you during the next leg of our journey towards the 40th!!!


07/18/14 03:30 PM #105    

Jackie Andrews (Krystal)

I want to add my thank you to the organizing committe. It was great to reconnect with former friends and also to make new friends. Our grad class was so big I didn't know everyone in the class of '79. It was fun to see Rob Seppala. I have been friends with his sister for years and didn't even know he and I went to high school together. I found out Donna Babuik is friends with one of my brothers because their kids play baseball together. It is a small world!  It was also great to reconnect with Heather Hardwick and Charles Potter. We were part of the handfull of people that went to Shaughnessy Elementary before going to Hamber. Perhaps I'll run into some of you who are stll in Vancouver or else I look forward to seeing you at the 40th.

07/04/15 03:35 AM #106    

Brad Wainwright

Hi guys, sorry I missed the 2014 reunion; life, as Mike Bigio so elequently put it, definitely got in the way.  I will most certainly make it to the 2019 reunion, the 40th, and I look forward to seeing you all again.  In the meantime, if any of you are making the cross-Canada trek and find themselves in the Medicine Hat area, please give me a shout.  I'm always open for a house guest and there is always a chair at my table and a place to lay your head.  I'm in Canada 411. 

Brad Wainwright

07/12/21 04:53 PM #107    


Gary d'Haese

Happy Birthday Vincent Choy! Thanks for joining the rest of us 60 year olds!

08/10/23 06:17 PM #108    

Manuel DE Los Reyes

Clive Johnston Memorial Service
August 26th, 2023 Saturday 1:30-5pm. Elim VIllage, 9025 160 St, Surrey, BC. 
Service will be held in the Oasis Building kitty corner from parking lot. There is large signage indicating the Oasis building. 
Both Service and Reception will take place in Oasis building.
Please inform all of his friends.
God Bless, Manuel

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