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06/25/13 08:43 AM #1    


Glenys Galloway

A note from a reluctant participant who became an enthusiast re the reunion

A BIG THANKS to the reunion planning committee for alllllll they did to make the reunion such a success. As well as the big plans, there were all the details that I enjoyed- the name tags, the movie with photos from our elementary classes, the prizes (thank you for mine and for the acknowledgement), the ease with which we all got to and from Bowen, the care with and quality of the food, and on....

It was wonderful to meet people I knew hardly at all and to share good memories with those whom I once knew. Great to experience  the maturity, ease and comfort they enjoyed in their own skin - their graciousness and welcome to a classmate whom they hadn't seen for more than  51 years.

How auspicious, I thought,  that the sun came out so that we could enjoy its warmth on Saturday evening.  The evening garden party was just right!!!  It was lovely to be in Karen and Don's home and share in their generous hospitality.

After just a few hours, it was obvious that we couldn't stop the late night chatter and catch up - so many to greet, so little time. Certainly going somewhere and doing something more together was a MUST after making all those connections. What we really needed was more time to eat, mosey, and reminisce.

Hence it was a pleasure to go to the beautiful gardens and home of John and Cathy. And the occasional raindrop!? Not a problem for the class of '63 - the wet coast would neither dampen nor daunt their spirit.

Again the food was delicious - several someones on the committee even found the time to bring homemade salads. I appreciated the great burgers. Such a feast!!

Several thoughts will stay with me:
Russ's idea about the significance of the Vietnam War - that for us, as well as for Americans, it marked an abrupt and shattering end to our youthful idealism and exuberance. It reminded me, the teacher of 20th century history,  of allllll the half century of momentous events that formed the backdrop to our personal stories.

Someone's comment that at our 20 anniversary, so many were eager to tell about their successes - in their family, career, or business. At our 50th, however, many seemed to have put 'striving' aside, to accept what life had delivered - to celebrate their health and enjoyment of grand kids and life's more simple pleasures.

Someone else's comment on how fortunate we all were to be born where and when we were- in a rich country, in a economic boom period, and as predecessors to the actual post war boomers.

Heart- felt gratitude and pleasure in reestablishing connections with the good people of the Class of 63.

To The Reunion Committee - Karen, Val, Katherine, Don, Bruce & Rita:-  Thank you so much for providing the opportunity.


06/28/13 07:44 AM #2    

Judy Randall (Low)

Judy Randall

Hi to you all. I was so disappointed to miss the reunion.  I have been looking at the pictures and talking to a few of you and hear it was a fantastic success!!  Thank you to our hard working grad committee!  

I've been unwell (virus) for about 3 weeks and having nursed for years, I am definitely better and more patient when I'm looking after someone else!  So, I was very surprised and touched that Rita, on behalf of the class, dropped off an absolutely beautiful white orchid yesterday.  Thank you all very much,  just looking at it makes me smile.  

I'm planning to attend the 100th next year and hopefully will see some of you there.  Good health and happiness to you all.  



06/28/13 09:52 PM #3    


Audrey Leeworthy (Legge)

Hi everyone !  This is Audrey Leeworthy (Legge) - wanting to give my heartfelt thanks to the crew of organizers for the reunion !  WOW !  What a ride !  

I attended only the Saturday evening occasion, and arrived with a high anxiety level - how ON EARTH was I going to recognize anyone, after 50 years ???

Thankfully, our annual pictures were on our nametags - I suspect we would have been in deep trouble without them...

Mingling wasn't the awkward issue it could have been, either.  And I actually DID recognize some people, and some people DID actually recognize me !  I was pleased to speak to everyone, whether I had known them at Magee or not... The people who were familiar to me - I had hoped to remember just how we were associated in high school - no such luck, however...some of those leetle grey cells have obviously withered and croaked...

It was amazing to me how we could summarize 50 years of living in just a few minutes - I second a previous commenter that people seem to be "more comfortable in their skin" now and not so much into "doing" at this stage of life...I learned a lot by sharing others' life journeys - thank you, everyone !

It was a pleasure to see how many people had come from afar for this occasion !

Saturday evening the weather cooperated beautifully, we were so blessed !  Karen and Don have a truly lovely home, and we all thank them for sharing it for the evening !!!

It was a stroke of genius to have the food catered, and magnificent food it was, too...!!!  Kudos to all involved in this part of things...I would love to know the name of the caterer, in case I ever have a similar need...

The video was delightful, many thanks to Don !  Cal asked me to ask on the site about having a T shirt made, but I'm not sure where to ask, so I'll start right here.  The T shirts are magnificent, and this is one I would wear with a great deal of pride...

It sounds like the Sunday outing to Bowen was similarly enjoyed - sorry I missed it !

To the team of organizers, who worked so hard to make these events a success - MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY, MANY    THANKS !!!

Wishing you all much joy in your living of life, and contemplation on same, and hoping we will be blessed enough to meet again along this journey...Take good care of all aspects of yourselves...remember you are loved and appreciated by many...

Audrey Leeworthy














07/09/13 06:45 PM #4    

Sydney Caydzien (MacPherson)

I would like to thank the committee for a wonderful Saturday night.  It was so nice seeing everybody.

Many thanks to Don and Karen for inviting us into their beautiful home.  I want to thank you all for

letting me come as I was at Eric Hamber for my grad year.  Sunday was also a lovely day.  Very well

organized  and a pleasure to go where some of us don't do often enough.   Katherine and John

welcomed us to their piece of paradise .  Again so nice to see everyone and with their partners,

especially the ones who came from so far away.

Hope to see some of you next year.  Have a healthy one, Sydney

10/07/13 08:41 AM #5    


Alan Berry

Had a great time that I have reflected on many times since last June. It was one of the top 100 days of my life. Sure wish I could have spoken to more people. I noticed the people that I had gone to school with for the entire 12 years (in my case Kerrisdale, Point Grey, and Magee) were the ones I really enjoyed seeing again and talking to. It was kind of like seeing a long lost brother or sister after not seeing them for 50 years.

I was talking to Darrell Saba about our milkman, Jack when we were little kids. He was famous for inviting kids to ride in his Frasee Farms milk truck for part of his route and he was the nicest kindest man on the face of the earth. Imagine that even being dreamed of happening with our grandkids in 2013! We grew up in a wonderful time and place.

Hope to see some of you next summer. Thanks to those who worked so hard to make the reunion an overwhelming success.


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