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10/10/11 12:40 PM #10    

Patsy Ralls (Price)

Jack and I really enjoyed your 50th Class Reunion!  You all planned a great event!  It does take a lot of work.....believe me I know from experience.  We are busy planning our 50th Class Reunion at the present! 

Pam, what a great job you have done on the website!  I've heard so many compliments from classmates about your site! 

Thanks for letting us attend and enjoy your 50th Class Reunion.

Patsy Ralls Price



10/10/11 01:41 PM #11    

Sherrie Pfullman (Aikman)

It was so good to see so many at the Reunion.  Those that planned and put this together did a great job.  I thank you so much.  It is great that we will have this website to stay in touch.  A special thanks to Pam for such a wonderful job.  Will look forward to the next get together.  

Thanks again,

Sherrie (Pfullman) Aikman 

10/11/11 08:28 AM #12    


Spencer Tomb

Oh darn!  (other expletives deleted) I found the other page of my notes.  I may send them to Pam to post.  I want to thank all who helped with the reunion.  Events like this do not just happen.  Karen and Pam did a wonderful job and it showed.  There were others who pitched in and helped and together they made a great party. 

I would like to thank all of those who sent in the material that I used in my part of the evening.

I really liked the you must be from Victoria if........................  

I was over two hours late getting back to Manhattan, but I was giggling and smiling all of the way home as I thought about growing up in a great hometown.


10/13/11 12:18 PM #13    

Melchor Ortiz

I had a great time.  I loved seeing so many of my high school friends.  The web site is absolutely the best.  I plan to continue to post comments and pix.

10/24/11 11:31 AM #14    

Barbara Parsons (Smith)

Hi guys!  Let's take a trip back in time.  Some of the newer stuff isn't "us" but try the links to the 70s and back.


11/26/11 04:38 PM #15    

Randy Ramseur

Janine and I returned from NY yesterday after having Thanksgiving with our youngest daughter and her husband.  They are expecting their first child in June.  Currently we have five grandchildren. 

Also as far as a four day trip goes, we enjoyed seeing the World Trade Center Memorial, parade, museums, markets, John Voight (movie star) and buildings. 

    Happy Holiday,
    Randy Ramseur

12/10/11 09:14 PM #16    

Bob Otey

Laura and I hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful winter holiday.

We are actually staying home most of the time.

No going to Steamboat Springs this winter.

We are both sort of retired.

Laura and I are just teaching at several universities as adjuncts, mediating and consulting.

Oh well, at least we are trying to slow down.

Peace to all,

Bob Otey

12/12/11 10:22 AM #17    

Sherrie Pfullman (Aikman)

Hi Everyone,

Just want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Sherrie (Pfullman) Aikman

10/09/13 10:14 AM #18    

Douglas Garcia

does any one know how to get in touch with one of our fellow graduates Dorothy Garcia?

12/17/13 06:04 PM #19    

D. James "Jim" Tooke

My thoughts and wishes are with you and him, David.

Be sure to let him know there are a LOT of us who admire him and appreciate what he is doing!


12/17/13 07:32 PM #20    

Pamela Sue Wesley (Holley)

My thoughts and prayers will stay with you both until he is home safely.  Hugs, Pam 

12/17/13 08:49 PM #21    


Darwin Browning

Prayers for you both David, I remember How I cried the night Desert Storm broke out and Our son was over there, Peace be with you


12/18/13 06:24 AM #22    

Bob Otey


Our prayers are with you and your son.


12/18/13 06:25 AM #23    

Bob Otey

How is Garrett doing?

Bob Otey

12/18/13 11:53 AM #24    

Sherrie Pfullman (Aikman)

Hey David,

You, your son and all the military personnel or in our prayers.  I remember how it was when Robert was in Vietnam.  You take care.  Sherrie

12/18/13 09:31 PM #25    

Fred Armstrong

David  --  We wish you and your family all the best during this.  --  Best regards, Fred

10/06/14 08:55 PM #26    

David Chandler

To all my classmates - Go to Lydia Chandler's (My Daughter) facebook page and vote for her for the new "IBUKI" girl.  She would apreciate it.  Dave

10/07/14 03:17 PM #27    


Darwin Browning

Made my vote David.

10/07/14 06:26 PM #28    

Pamela Sue Wesley (Holley)

David, can't figure how to get to you daughters Facebook page ?

10/07/14 06:51 PM #29    


Darwin Browning

Pam, go to your list of friends, go to David's friends, scroll down to Lydia"s name and click on it. Hopes this helps.

10/07/14 07:37 PM #30    

Pamela Sue Wesley (Holley)

Thanks Darwin,  I found it !!!!  Voted !

10/07/14 07:44 PM #31    

Pamela Sue Wesley (Holley)

Classmates !  We need your help please.

Go to David Chandlers Facebook page and click on his "friends", scroll down to

Lydia Chandler and click on her name.  It will take you to the link where you can vote for her in a contest she is in.  There is one or two ahead of her with 90 something votes and she has @67.   Please help her with your vote .  David will be very appreciative !!!!!




10/11/14 06:49 AM #32    

Patricia Hengst (Johns)

Voted for Lydia!  She's beautiful...


07/08/16 11:39 AM #33    


Jackie Tedford

It doesn't look like much gets posted in here. I seen nothing for the past 2 years. :)

07/09/16 10:31 AM #34    


Bill Mc Gavran

Time flies when you are having fun !

Bill McGavran

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