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10/13/14 02:34 PM #7    


Cecilia Ford

Hey now...hope everyone is still blessed and all. I had a natural ball at our 45th Class Reunion. Thank you commmittee members for an absolute fantabulous affair.  I posted pics I took (in the form of a Photo Show) on Facebook (my page on Facebook is Cecilia Ford) but couldn't figure out how to post them on this web site. so you can click on this link to view them. Hopefully one of the web managers can post it to this web site for y'all. See you at the "Still Alive at 65" celebration and the 50th Reunion...God Willing.     

I hope I copied it right...enjoy

10/14/14 01:50 PM #8    

Myra Chin (Hines)

I enjoyed seeing all. We are some good looking seniors! Can someone post information regarding an alumni function that happens on the Thanksgiving weekend? I work with someone who graduated in 1974 and wanted to get in touch with her classmates.

10/15/14 05:02 PM #9    


Cecilia Ford

Myra have them get in touch with Cassandra Allen at 202-635-2702 for info & tickets to the All Class Reunion Thanksgiving wkend. And the link for pics I took: If that's not right check my face book pg. Good to have seen you, you look marvelous!

10/15/14 05:19 PM #10    


Cecilia Ford

The 45th Reunion Photoshow link is posted on the bottom of the Home page of this Web site under Announcements.

10/25/14 10:39 PM #11    


Reginald (Regie) Russell

i am the only one of us known to live in north carolina?????   that can't be correct, can it?       cool


10/26/14 01:28 PM #12    

Wanda Venson (Venson-Bondurant)

Wanda Venson-Bondurant 

Regie, I believe Darryl Smith lives in Wilson North Carolina.

10/27/14 09:21 PM #13    


Reginald (Regie) Russell

ms. wanda,

thanx. I remember smitty, we were teammates when we won the inter-high east football title in 69. do you know anyone in touch with him?

10/30/14 12:27 AM #14    

Zachary Taylor

Hey Regie, sorry you couldn't make it to the reunion. Darryl is one of my Facebook friends. We have some contact info, but if you are on fb, search on his or my name and view my friends. Also, I can send him a fb message letting him know you are interested in getting in touch with him. Let me know something.

10/31/14 02:46 PM #15    


Reginald (Regie) Russell

brother zacvh,

how are you?  hope all is well with you and yours.  i don't do fb so would you please let smitty know that

i would like to talk with him and to see where in nc he lives?


the last of the quincy place "block - mothers" passed tuesday night.  mrs. macy thomlinson, 51 quincy

place, ne, was the mother of eric (bernard) and leonard.  leonard was the younger brother.  he passed

earlier this year (or last year?).  eric (bernard or "snake") played football and leonard played basketball.

we solicit your prayers for the family. 



10/31/14 02:49 PM #16    


Reginald (Regie) Russell


sorry about the mispelling of your name.  my hands still shake sometimes and i forgot to proof before "submit."

11/02/14 06:22 PM #17    

Zachary Taylor

Regie, I sent Darryl a fb message mentioning that you want to get in touch with him. I noticed that he does not get on fb very often. So I'm not sure when we will hear back from him. As was mentioned before, he does live in Wilson, NC. I will let you know when I hear from him. I pray you're doing better.

11/04/14 10:17 PM #18    


Reginald (Regie) Russell

thank, Zachary.  I appreciate you reachig out to smitty.  we are doing great.  I'm in dc for a funeral tomorrow.  will be here till Thursday.  I'll try to holla @ cassandra after the service.

01/24/15 03:29 PM #19    


Cecilia Ford

01/24/15 03:30 PM #20    


Cecilia Ford

RIP Dr Rhodes

01/26/15 07:39 AM #21    

Beverly Williams (Taylorclark)

Awww so sorry to here, thank you for keeping me informed...


Beverly Williams

01/26/15 07:44 AM #22    

Beverly Williams (Taylorclark)

Good morning,

I have just recently been added to the "class of 1969" - sorry I missed so many events - please keep me updated on what's going on ~



Beverly Williams

02/04/16 12:56 PM #23    


Theresa Mims (Davis)

Hello - Theresa Mims Davis here, although I attended the class of 69 reunion,  in 2014-2015,  I was amazed at how many woman there acted like they did not know me and that they did not know who I was.  It was really  funny that  all the guys immediately knew who I was.  I personally don't think that I have changed that much, just gained a couple of pounds but nothing odd looking. That was really crazy. . cheeky Theresa Mims Davis (in the  front in the white), Joanne, (in the blue) Jennifer Smith (with the grey skirt) Donna Ellsworth (with the white pant suit on the far left). The other ladies are friends  of mine that did not go to McKinley.

06/11/18 08:32 AM #24    


Theresa Mims (Davis)

Hello Shirley - can you please add my name to the list of birthdays in June.  My birthday is June 24th. Thanks

Theresa Mims Davis !!!  Also, the word is  Mr. Tatum is stilll going to have Kevin's annual "Father's Day Cookout".  I hope all the McKinley crew can make it to show Mr. Tatum our support.

06/11/18 12:35 PM #25    


Theresa Mims (Davis)

We need to add some  new updated info to the board. Theresa ,Varnetta and Karen  6/12/2018 --Oh this was at the McKinley Dinner !information    . 

06/11/18 12:47 PM #26    


Theresa Mims (Davis)

Theresa Mims Davis, my cousin Glo and Jennifer Smith.. Love to PARTY !!!!  6/2018

06/11/18 12:57 PM #27    


Theresa Mims (Davis)

Theresa Mims Davis and my cousin Glo at the Carter Barron annual cook-out !!!

06/11/18 01:08 PM #28    


Theresa Mims (Davis)

This is Theresa Mims Davis in the cafeteria at the Library of Congress where I work.  I will be retiring at the end of the year January 3, 2019.....yeaaaah !!!

11/13/19 03:03 PM #29    


Cecilia Ford

A rough draft photo show of the 50th Reunion dinner dance link is posted here. The final dvd of the reunion with video and photos will be announced once it's completed. 

11/15/19 10:57 AM #30    

Linda Cacanindin (Trimble)

Hello Fellow Techites!  Wish I could have joined all the fun at the 50 year reunion.  Cecilia, as always, the video is awesome!  Much thanks to the committee and everything you do.  Hope to catch up with you soon.  Everyone enjoy your holidays.  Wish you peace and happiness always.  Linda  

02/06/20 04:02 AM #31    


Cecilia Ford

50th Reunion DVD's are ready. Info to obtain yours send me an email at or text me at (202)997-3918. You won't regret reviewing all the fun we had. Stay safe.

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