Marlene Hibbard

Profile Updated: April 21, 2021
Class Year: 1962
Residing In: Madison Heights, VA USA
Spouse/Partner: Robert A Hibbard
Occupation: freelance Writer, professional nanny
Children: Lyle , born 1967, Todd, born 1969, Nathan, born 1972, Robb, born 1979, Nancy -Joy, born 1980, Zachary, More…born 1981, Trevor, 1985.
Yes! Attending Reunion

Currently publishing my just written manuscript on Kindle, and updating my website. I'm on facebook as Marlene A Hibbard. Soon to launch a coaching program for healthy eating. SO thankful to God I ever began to study about taking care of my health in more natural ways than before. Love the years at Wilby, miss my friends from those days. Kept in touch with only a few.
Great memories of teachers who made me what I am today, good or bad. I've got a resume of office work thanks to Mr. Stankus, but majored on working with children in clubs, churches, schools both public and private, and still working as a professional nanny. Spent a summer in Eastern PA. with Child Evangelism Fellowship clubs for children in grade school back in 1964.

School Story:

School story? Well, I wish I knew where some of these friends are, Joyce Andrade (maiden names of course), Jennette Deprey (sp?), Joe Manetti (SP?). Jack and Joe who's last names I can't recall, who were in my session room with "Sarge" who's real name I can't remember (the teacher). What laughs!
Wish I had really tried to learn bookkeeping. That would have been handy in life. I thought of a school story, or something like a story. There were over 500 in our class and as unusual as the name Marlene was, there were 3 Marlene's in our class. Marlene Magone, Marlene Davis, and myself, I was Marlene Wagner at school. But legally had to use my birth name (Aubin) for diploma and school records, rather than my step-father's name (Wagner).

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To the family of Carol Cipriano,

My deepest sympathy for you for the loss of your dear loved-one on Christmas day. I'll pray for you and for God's comfort. I graduated with Carol in 1962 from Wilby. 

Marlene A Hibbard (Wagner, Aubin)

Jan 08, 2019 at 11:25 AM

Happy Birthday, Janet! If you recall we not only graduated from Wilby together but attended Barnard Grammar School. My last name in grade school was Marlene Wagner, but i had it changed to my bio father's name in high school, so all my records were changed to Aubin. It was great to have my legal name back. hee hee. How are you?

Aug 11, 2018 at 12:32 PM

I hope you have a happy birthday, Joseph Mollica, I don't know if you even remember me, we were in the same session room, (what year? I don't know), I think we called our teacher the Colonel. Shoot what was his name really? Anyhow, I'm so sorry about your wife passing. Keep looking up. Wish I could be at the big celebration for Wilby's 100th year in existance but won't make it. Marlene Wagner (Aubin) Hibbard

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Jacquelyn, we went to Barnard together, I don't think I realized you went to Wilby as well. I was MArlene Wagner in school, changed my name back to my legal name (Aubin) after high school because I learned my step-father had never adopted me so I shouldn't have had his name (Wagner). Remember David Leggie? from Barnard.

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