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If you are new to this website, please read this entire page, as it should answer all of your questions on how to create your profile and password, update your personal information, and how to use this website.

This website is maintained and hosted by your fellow classmates (Brad Kohler, Suzi Stahley Delarnoux, Tracey Stephey Stockslager, Dan Gossard, K.C. Helman & Jim Kohler) and is completely FREE to all alumni who are listed as a classmate. You will never be asked to pay for creating your profile or accessing other alumni profiles. This website considers a "classmate" or “alumni” to be anyone who was a member of the Waynesboro Area Senior High School Class of 1985.  I have also included our Advisors, Mrs. Hawkins & Mr. Eberly!

When viewing the classmate Profile page, you may find any of the following:

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If there is nothing next to your name, that means that you either have not signed up yet or you have not updated your profile within the past 6 months.

Before you can update your personal information and access password protected pages, you must create your profile and password. Please click on Classmate Profiles, find your name and click on it.  Follow the prompts to create your profile and password. The password you enter during this process will be used as your login password. If you cannot find your name on the Classmate Profiles page, please use the Contact Us button to have your name added. 

You have the option to password protect your personal profile, which blocks the general public and search engines from accessing your profile details. Once you have created your password and updated your profile, you may choose to keep your personal information private, such as your street address and phone number. When others click on your name, they will see your city and state, and any other contact information that you choose to put on your profile.  However, if you send a message to a classmate through his or her profile, that classmate will obtain your email address so communication back and fourth may occur. 

Be sure to check back on the Home page to stay up-to-date with the latest Class of 1985 updates and view new announcements as they are posted.  We need your help to keep this running.

To ensure you don't have any problems using the e-mail capabilities of this site, please make sure your own e-mail set-up allows mail from  and that it isn't classed as Spam by any Spam blocker you are using. Any problems you might experience using the site could also relate to your Internet security settings, your Firewall or an Anti-Virus program. Take a look at these first, especially if it coincides with changes you've made to your system. Occasionally, the site might be down when you try to access but it's usually up and running again very quickly.

Classmate list disclaimer: The class lists were compiled using our 1985 Yearbook.  If there is a classmate that is missing that should be added to site please let us know, by using the Contact Us button. No one has intentionally been left off or forgotten. We are only human and unintentional errors will happen.  Also, if we have missed any classmembers that have passed, please let us know as well.      

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to click on the Contact Us button.

Enjoy the website!


-The Class of 1985 Reunion Team

Brad, Suzi, Tracey, Dan, K.C. & Jim