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02/01/09 09:30 PM #30    

Kevin Piper

I think this is great. I totally found it by accident while messing around on the computer. I hope the class of 1986 does this. It is soooooo much better than Anyway, Kevin has added some information and hopes to hear from some old friends.
But I had to let you know how much I like it.
Take care everyone, Mica (Halterman) Piper

02/14/09 09:39 AM #31    

Margaret Bowman (Printz)

Hi guys,
I was wondering if it's possible to have the reason or cause of death posted for each of our memorialized classmates. I saw that was done for Melissa Kipple and I think it is very considerate.
For those of us who have been out of the area for so long it helps us get back in touch with what's been happening with our class. It is a shock to see the names there, especially the ones I didn't already know about, but I feel lost not knowing what happened to them.

02/15/09 03:50 AM #32    

Chris Walker


I was checking out the Record Herald and saw a post in the "Where Are They Now" section about this site. I think it's great. Kudos to all who keep it going and I'm looking forward to the reunion.

Take Care.

02/20/09 08:47 AM #33    

Melissa Smith (Sewell)

I agree with Margaret... and I think their class picture should be added as well. There are actually some names on the Memorial list I didn't know about.

02/20/09 08:50 AM #34    

Melissa Smith (Sewell)

Oh on another note....


Why don't you have people send in pics from High School or from some of the Reunions to put in the Photo Gallery???? I think it's a great idea. :)

02/22/09 03:04 PM #35    


Brad Kohler

On the home page one of the first announcements was to send me pics so that I can get them on here. So if anyone has pics they would like to see on here, let me know & we can make arrangements to get them on here.

I will look into getting the pics on the "In Memory page"! That is a great idea. We are also looking for the reasons for deaths if anyone can helps us out with that.


02/23/09 03:12 PM #36    

Eric Patterson

Well now, I guess that bit of arm~twisting worked for Eric McKendrick, lol (although I'll bet his wife signed him up).

02/28/09 12:04 AM #37    

Roxanne Baker (Guzic)

Hey all!!!!

Thanks to Janie Carbaugh I am now a proud member of the class of 85 website. I think back to all the great memories I had while going to (or not going to school) with all my buddys from Waynesboro and that was probably one of the best times of my life. I hope everyone is doing well.

03/03/09 09:20 AM #38    


Brad Kohler

Hello again! I just added a new poll in regards to the the reunion. Also, I added a donations option on the site as well. Right now, we have around $500 in our account which is great to get started, but will go away quickly as the reunion gets closer. The other thing is that the owners of the site, Class Creator, has made changes and they are looking to charge any classes that join going forward & have already or will be adding soon, more features that are great but will cost us money. Instant messaging is one of the new features that will be added.
As of today, this site is free & will remain that way for us as long as we need to. But without geting any new features. The cost is like $550 for 10 years. The only other cost for the site is own domain name, $85 for 5 years. That came out of the pocket of a committee member as a donation. But this is something that we have to keep in mind as we continue to build our site & continue to meet. Maybe even in the furture we can meet more often as well.
Take Care & Let me know what you think. It has been great seeing the site expand as more classmates join. Don't forget to keep spreading the word. Keep pestering, I know it has worked for a few of you. Sorry!


03/03/09 09:26 PM #39    


Brad Kohler

We reached 100!!!!! CONGRATS to Jackie Henderson for being our 100th classmate! You get a drink on me!!!

Also, I guess the harrassment on Facebook has worked, Jackie & Mark are both victims of my messaging!!!


03/05/09 09:29 AM #40    

Eric Patterson

Well Brad, I guess I'll have to send a drink to your table for all the hard work. This is really coming together and it's great to see how everyone's life has unfolded. I guess we need to revise the file extension behind your name . . .


Keep up the great work and thanks to all of our committee members for everyone that you do!

03/05/09 02:58 PM #41    


Julie Nunemaker (Nunemaker)


You out did yourself all the time. Keep up the good work. I just love this site because I can keep in touch with everyone.

03/07/09 09:38 AM #42    

Chris Walker

Hey Brad!

Here is an idea......25 years out of high school and lots of memories from just high school. But what if classmates were to send in pictures from childhood through high school? I have some pretty good picture of the young Kohler twins and J.D. Monn and John Deross in Cub Scout uniforms and marching in parades etc. Some of us realy grew up together. It could be like a collage of sorts to be shown at the reunion. I remember staying at John Deross' house and watching the movie Stripes like 20 times. Those were the days!

03/07/09 09:51 PM #43    


Brad Kohler

If you scan them in & then email them to me, I can put them in a photo album to put on the site! Maybe even the old class pictures would be great too!

SO, if anyone has them & wanted to scan & email them to me, we can add a little history to the site! I know tha JIm & I have all 7 years of elementary class pics!

03/25/09 10:03 PM #44    

Suzi Stahley (Delarnoux)

we could do a powerpoint too at the reunion with all the pics sent in :) great stuff brad--you are doing a great job at managing this site :)

04/04/09 04:18 PM #45    

Chris Walker

Totally sad that you would have to put the cyberbullying disclaimer on the site. You would think after 25 years people would know better.

But hey on a good note, I have made contact with Sarah (Demer)Savage and told her about the site. Hopefully she will be checking it out soon.

04/05/09 01:23 PM #46    


Brad Kohler

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to let you know that if you do find that another class wants to set up a website from class creator, have them click on the Class Creator Ad on our home page. This will get us $50 for the class!!!

Keep spreading the word about the site to our classmates & anyone else! Don't forget to check out the new Indian Forum 85!

04/06/09 01:13 PM #47    

Chris Walker

Not Sure if anyone checks these messages.. but here it goes.

My senior year yearbook was destroyed several years ago. I was wondering if anyone had an extra that they would be willing to part with? I would be willing to purchase it. And If there isn't one available through a classmate, would anyone know how I could go about ordering one?


04/11/09 11:05 AM #48    


Brad Kohler

I looked on Ebay but couldn't find a 1985 yearbook.

03/30/10 10:55 AM #49    


Kenny Nunn

Wishing everyone a happy Easter and hope all is doing well !

04/11/10 08:59 PM #50    


Julie Nunemaker (Nunemaker)

I was wondering what site do you register for the reunion is it this Website: WASHS Alumni Site if not please tell me what the correct website is so I can register. thanks

07/15/10 03:16 PM #51    

Cheryl Daulbaugh (Kreger)

Hello! It is nice to have the reunions to see everyone, all though I have only been to 1 of them. I will be at this one for sure. I have talked to a few class mates since then. I hope everyone is doing well. Keep up the good work.

07/02/11 06:34 PM #52    

Tina Welsh



07/03/11 06:53 PM #53    

Sarah Demer

Hi guys!  Sorry I haven't made any of the reuions.  I will make sure I get to the next!  I just  heard about John Miller.  I'm so sorry! Our moms were friends when I was a kid. Not much info in the paper. Does anyone know more? I hope everyone is having a great summer!

01/09/15 03:11 PM #54    


George Staib

So excited! I have August 8th on the calendar and am really looking forward to reconnecting with everyone! Happy New Year!


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