October Birthday Party 2019

Tomorrow the 31st is the last day for sign up for the preregistration for the Birthday Party. You are still welcome to come, your name will not be in the drawing though. Thank you to all of you who have preregistered. Makes my life so much easier. Leigh Ann

Classmates registered to attend our 75th Birthday Party at Quincey's

Thank you to all of those who have signed up early, it makes my life so much easier. It takes a lot of time to find items for the baskets. I do so apprieciate your help!

If you plan on donating to the baskets we need to have those items as soon as possible. Items must be new, if we don’t use them we will return them.

We are already working on the next annual Birthday Party. There will be something for everyone this time in the drawing. That is, if you have pre-registered. We must know how many will be attending. This pertains only to the class of 1962. Must be present to win. The reason for the pre-registering is so we know how many baskets and favors to do. The dates are the 4th, 5th and 6th of October. The 4th is on Friday will be at Quincey's Bar and Grill 4 p.m. till whenever.  The drawing will be at Quincey's. The 5th will be at the Pumphouse at noon. The 6th will be at the Anchor at 11:00 a. m.  Contact me at lakoksal@cox.net 

Jeanne Conner Blase

Henry Blase

Tom & Pat Whitney all 3 events

Leigh Ann Hughbanks Koksal all 3 events

Charles and Carol Maddox all 3 events

Larry Masters

Bonnie Yoder Medina

Lisa and Larry Thompson Quincey's

Connie Profaizer & John

David Riches all 3 events

Nola Walker Martin all 3 events

Frank Martin all 3 events

Harold Huff 

Marvin & Dana Albertson

Lyn Smith Friday & Saturday

Kate Sweney Baker & Bruce Baker all 3 events

Judith Streeter

Joan Bilhartz Olmstead & Tom  all 3 events

Charles Wheeler Quincey's

Gail Marlow (Meek) & husband

Mary Ann Wolf Khoury

Bernadette Clark Sanders

Brent Forney and Gail 

Jacquelyn Keimig

Judy Messenger Raaf and Clarence Raaf

Sheila Parker Ratzlaff and Jim Ratzlaff

Carole (McClure) Campbell

Cecily Bowers Holliday + 1

Frances (McMillen) Wilson 

Carol Wampler-Blumenshine and Dick Blumenshine

John Sage & wife Barbara
Pat Millins