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01/31/09 04:37 PM #106    

Jody Dagg

Hello all. For my first post I just wanted to drop in and say hiya. I read back through the December posts, it is great to read what people are up to. My husband Jack and I live in Akron. I work at Playhouse Square in Cleveland as a Stage Manager. I really don't know what else to say (I am a talker as some may remember, not a writer) so that's it for now. Hope everyone is doing well.

02/04/09 11:15 AM #107    

Peter Cwalina

It's nice to hear from you Jody. I am glad that you are doing well.


02/11/09 08:13 AM #108    

Christie Merhar (Cendrowski)

Hi Everyone, Just stopped in to say Hi and hope everyone is well. Stop by and see me if your on myspace.

Talk to you later, Christie

02/25/09 05:55 AM #109    

Denise Starr (Starr-Brastine)

Jody,Gloria and Christie so glad to see you here!! Great to see more and more people here,slowly we are getting a "class" response. Pete hope the wife feels betterand all keep the "joe Heather" saga going ( Joe don't worry too much @ a lay off)Tracy keep us informed and Barb keep the recipes going.Hope all is well with everyone and TA TA for now! Always,Dee

03/03/09 07:44 AM #110    

Christie Merhar (Cendrowski)

Hi Tracy, I was looking at the Willoughby South website and I don't see anything on there pertaining to the tickets or what they are for/about. What is included in the tickets, do you happen to know? I am trying to decide if I want to go. Thanks and take care,Christie

03/10/09 09:18 AM #111    

Tracy Polzer (Giles)

If you go to South High Alumni, then click events, you will see the info. I have been working hard to make this party a success, so I hope you are able to make it. Spread the word!!! Thank you!

03/13/09 08:34 AM #112    

Christie Merhar (Cendrowski)

Thanks Tracy! I found it!

04/06/09 02:44 PM #113    


Barb Moses (Panesky)

Hey everybody, Sorry it has been so long. I have been on facebook more. I will try to keep up with both. Cant wait to see everyone that is going to the South Alumni event. Take care...

05/15/09 10:21 PM #114    

Tracy Polzer (Giles)

Hey Barb!
Thank you so much for attending the anniversary party. I hope you had a good time! I figured you would get a kick out of Dan!!! Keep me posted on any upcoming events!

05/31/09 10:37 PM #115    


Heather Hardy

i wish we could have made it to the event but the joys of financial woes put a damper on that. we hope someone and who knows maybe us lol will plan a picnic this summer. miss you all!

06/30/09 01:03 PM #116    

Joseph Greer

As many of you know, Heather Hardy and I are getting married on July 11th of this year. We have an event page on my facebook site with more information. We would love to share our special day with all of our friends. If any of you would like to attend the wedding or meet at our home that evening please email me @ for directions. All are welcome to come. the wedding is at 1pm and the reception is at our home in Parma Heights, starting at 6pm. Some food will be provided but no formal dinner and 1 keg will be bought so you may want to BYOB to help party continue longer.

07/09/09 05:44 PM #117    

Denise Starr (Starr-Brastine)

Okay I have been out of computer touch for too long now and get on to find out all too late. Heather and Joe congrats. Dan and Summer are at Sea Cadets that weekend and I don't drive, yes Dan does the "driving Mrs. Daisy thing. I see all these great people on here and applaud you all for showing that you do "give a damn!!", keep Dan and I in the loop and maybe we can make it to on the "get togethers" soon. Always Dee

07/20/09 12:17 PM #118    


Barb Moses (Panesky)

I am so sorry Tracy that I have not got back to you. Yes I had a blast with Dan. Katye and I had tons of fun that nite. She was feeling pretty fun that nite. I had to drive home. I will have to get more pics from her camera and send them to you. How is my little strawberry picking boy doing? give him squeezeies.... love ya!

07/11/10 03:08 AM #119    

Janene Mallett (Wheaton)

We had a great time at the 40th B-day party....thank you to everyone who was involved in the planning.  If we have sooooo much fun at these things why don't we all get together more often?  It was great to talk to all of you, and see that you are all doing well.  I look forward to the next event and hope that more people show up.  Thank you again, I had a blast.

07/12/10 01:51 PM #120    

Jackie Childers (Kordes)

so nice to see everyone again.  Glad i finally made it out for one of the events seeing as I have missed the last two.  Kudos girls for the guys are awesome!!!

10/16/10 04:52 AM #121    


Barb Moses (Panesky)

Yes, the 40th was a blast you guys.  I always forget to post here, seeing how we all talk on facebook.  But I thought I would post some pics for those who dont go on facebook.  TRACY????


LOL  Anyways hope everyone enjoys.  Take care....

06/14/11 03:17 PM #122    


Heather Hardy

How about a class of 88 get together this summer? July 9th or July 23rd? we can celebrate just being us or just because! I think time is short and we never know if tomorrow will come, so why not keep up with those we love and have fun! :) just a thought.... luv ya all!


07/08/11 10:04 PM #123    


Barb Moses (Panesky)

James A. Garfield
Elementary School
1928 – 2008

Were you ever a student at the James A. Garfield Elementary School in Willoughby Township (now Willoughby Hills)? A group of your former schoolmates are planning a picnic / get together on:
Sunday August 21st 2011
1:00 p.m. until ????

At Twin Ponds Picnic Shelter –
Lake County Metro Park
Chapin Reservation,
Kirtland, Ohio

for more Information contact Barb Moses Panesky!

02/24/12 10:10 PM #124    

Tracy Polzer (Giles)

Hi Everyone!

I am thinking of having that PARTY at my house this summer; it's time!  I miss everyone!  What do you think? Please respond!


09/06/12 03:41 AM #125    


Barb Moses (Panesky)

Hey Tracy, it was good to see you at that Baptismal.  Hope all is well.  I so wanna help if you want a picnic/pool party whatchama doing at your house.  keep me informed,  you need a fake name just for facebook, just sayin girl.... luv ya anywho! muwha! :)

03/13/13 03:43 PM #126    


Barb Moses (Panesky)

Hey everyone,

We need your help.  We need baskets to auction.  Or you can donate $$$$ every little bit helps our class.  I know there are many talented classmates out there.  We want your creations.  contact me Barb Panesky at or catch me on here or Facebook.  I cant wait to see what you all come up with...


06/01/13 09:22 PM #127    

Christie Merhar (Cendrowski)

Diann,    Just wanted to let you know I past on the reunion info to Sherry Landsman,Kelly Slone*,Heather Sipple-Dzieciatkowski,Tricia Parker-Galvin*,Rob Kerr*, Laura Keller*,Tammy Stillasano-Victor*, Rob Sirol*, Andy Gardner, Dan Difranco.
*Indicates FB friends              Hope that helps, Christie <3

06/05/13 12:12 PM #128    


Barb Moses (Panesky)

thnx christie, your a peach!

01/04/14 01:12 PM #129    


Barb Moses (Panesky)

We lost another Dear classmate: Kelly Slone! May she rest in peace. Please everyone say a prayer to give her family the strength that they need...R.I.P

07/31/15 03:41 PM #130    


Barb Moses (Panesky)

Just wondering how everyone has been doing....missing ya!  <3

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