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09/02/08 09:26 PM #1    


Deborah Bernhardt (Hurlburt)

Welcome to the Eisenhower Senior High School Class Of 1979 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

09/24/08 01:20 PM #2    

Greg Eastman

Many thanks to Deb for getting this site up and working. Also thanks to all the other committee members for helping to organize the reunion, the past two have been much better than others I have been to.

10/07/08 05:19 PM #3    

Sheri Caldwell (Nelson)

What a great site !!! It has been a lot of fun going through and checking in on those who have posted their life stories. I am really looking forward to the reunion.

10/12/08 08:22 PM #4    

Starla Jones (Stone)

It was great to see you this past summer at the YARD Sale. I'm looking forward to lots of fun and friends at the reunion. Thanks for all your hard work in getting this site up and running. It's a super idea, and I'm enjoying chatting with old friends, and making new ones. SMILES!

10/29/08 11:50 AM #5    

Andy Paschen

It is nice to see updates on a lot of the folks I remember well. Keep up the good work here. I hope more join.

12/17/08 12:35 PM #6    


Kathy Nessler

Thanks Deb for this great website. I am especially enjoying getting in touch with people who I didn't have a chance to get to know in high school.

Keep up the good work!

I enjoyed the group photo...Go Reunion Committee!

12/21/08 01:14 PM #7    

Ray Pankey

Thanks Deb looking forward to the reunion this summer already looked up everybody you have on. look forward to seing everybody this summer.

01/05/09 07:48 PM #8    

Tom Hinman

Thanks Deb and the rest of the committee for all your hard work. The site is a great and look forward to using it more.

01/07/09 11:03 PM #9    

Larry Baumiller

Yeah--this Internet thing is amazing! A repetitive thanx to all the founders, formers, and framers! I'll fill in my profile soon, as will all the other surfers like me, I'm sure! We're all just lousy procrastinators. But anytime in January fulfills that New Year's resolution, y'all!!
Oops! It's Feb already. Not the only resolution I didn't keep. Coming soon! I promise!
It's June now! I did it! I did it! See you in August!

01/29/09 08:34 AM #10    

Stephanie Caldwell

Debbie ~ thank you for creating this website, this is awesome! It's been great fun to scroll through the names and remember everyone. We all appreciate this!

~ Stephanie

04/04/09 08:04 PM #11    

Scott McLean

Wow. I love the website. As I look through it all I see are a bunch of kids who did the best they could {read into that whatever you want}. Funny, none of the anxieties of teenage angst comes back, it's just feelings of warmth and connection even though I didn't havea connection with all of them.

I have been dead set against attending any reunions... I am now reconsidering.

06/28/09 12:29 PM #12    

Marie Gomez (Palachuk)

Deb - thanks for the reminder about registration! I had registered months ago, but had forgotten to get on line to PayPal. Now its done! ... see you 8/7 :)


07/08/09 07:32 PM #13    

Larry Baumiller

What!? They're wrecking IKE!! Tearing down the whole building? Where will the kids learn their Ps & Qs? (that was Kuykendall's logic class) Where will they learn to differentiate? (that was Calculus--what was his name? The guy with the cardigans and golf pants that never repeated the entire year?) Where will they Play? (That was Baisinger's Theatre!! Don't tear that down!! Kyle McL performed there!!)
Oh, the humanity!!

07/30/09 11:43 PM #14    

Sally Shockley (Thaxton)

Anyone who was in Lancers, please send either Gina Lucey Milliron or myself, Sally Shockley Thaxton a message on our profile pages please. We have an important message for you regarding Gary Basinger. Thanks.

08/04/09 12:51 PM #15    

Cheryl Nehring (Weaver)

Hi everyone, Unfortunately I am not going to be at the reunion. I was looking forward to seeing everyone. I am going to be out state. Thanks Deb for doing a great job on the web site its a great one. Hopefully great pictures will get posted. I am also on facebook so you can message me there. Wishing you all a great time. Hoping a reunion again happens soon. Cheryl Nehring Weaver

08/09/09 06:40 AM #16    

Denise Dickinsen

Hello everyone!
I hope the reunion was a HUGE success and that those of you who attended enjoyed reconnecting after all these years.

Thanks to Deb and the rest of the reunion committee for their diligent efforts to pull everyone together either in person or through our great IKE79 website.

Even though I could not attend, I feel like I've had a bit of a reunion through reconnecting via the website and facebook.

Looking forward to reading more stories and seeing the pictures and maybe even a video posted. Thanks to Greg Eastman who got the jump on posting pics already!

08/10/09 09:19 PM #17    

David Thiesfeld


I haven't had that much fun in years...

Somebody better pinch me and bring me back to reality...

I would like to thank all the reunion committee members for all their hard work putting this thing together, and especially Deb.

A couple of committee members and I were talking about the next reunion, and they thought that a one day affair/BBQ on a Saturday would work for a 35 year reunion. I'd like to second that idea, it sounds great to me.

Anyway, thanks to all for a job well done....

08/11/09 06:20 PM #18    

Sally Shockley (Thaxton)

For those on Facebook, I have finished downloading 391, yep, 391 pics of the reunion. If you can help tag, that would be awesome as I don't know everyone's name, (particularly spouses....I'm sorry).

It was a great time wasn't it. Thank you reunion committee members for including me, for all your hard work, great fun & support! Like Larry said, let's do it again next weekend, we have the resources...lmao

Take care everyone. See you here!

Sally Shockley-Thaxton

08/12/09 03:25 AM #19    

Sally Shockley (Thaxton)

I posted several pics on my profile here...maybe able to add more soon.

10/11/11 11:23 PM #20    


Dyann Bush (Murphy)

Thanks Sally for up-loading all those pictures!!!!

03/17/24 10:37 PM #21    


Dyann Bush (Murphy)

Hi, Are we having a 45th reunion this year?

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