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08/06/09 06:29 AM #829    

Terri Duncan (McDonald)

I hope everyone has a great time this year at the reunion. I am so sadden that I won't be able to attend this time. Was really looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. Hopefully, I'll be able to make the next reunion.

08/07/09 08:45 AM #830    

Lori Hill

Hi guys! Have had rough summer w/death in family and wasn't sure I cd make it. Looks Like i may be able to. Do u want me to just bring the $99 with me?

Sorry....long story....let's just say, it's been a rough time.

Lori Hill

08/09/09 08:08 PM #831    

Alan Gummo

Kudos to the Reunion Commitee! And thanks too all who attended especially those that traveled so far. I had a great time seeing everyone.

08/10/09 01:25 PM #832    

James Richardson

Hey All!

Great time at the Reunion! If you missed it, You missed a great weekend! Hope you can make it next time! Big thanks to Lori Ann for all of her hard work too!

08/10/09 01:27 PM #833    


Jay Jackson

It was a great time! We are all really sorry that those of you who could not make it couldn't. This was the best reunion yet. I think that the committee did a fantastic job and this site and the message forum went a long way toward getting all of the ice breaking out of the way early. it wasg reat to see everyone. thanks Lori Ann, Cindy, Louie, Dave, and Patty. If I am missing anyone, I am going only on memory and I am sorry, it's just not what it used to be.

08/10/09 03:16 PM #834    


Gina Valentine (Stevens)

Very sad that I couldn't be part of it. I was planning on attending but $$ got in the way. I look forward to seeing the pictures when posted.

08/11/09 09:35 AM #835    


Lori Ann Ritchie

Thanks to everyone that made the reunion a success!!!!! It was wonderful seeing everyone again. I only wish I could have talked to everyone more. We missed all of you that were not able to attend. I talked to Jeff last night and he said the Picture turned out great! We are not sure how they will be sent out but we will let everyone know. Those of you that did not attend the reunion and want a Picture, just contact one of the reunion committee members.

08/14/09 10:42 AM #836    

Wanda Holland (Chamberlain)

Hey everyone,

Sorry I missed the reunion I became a grandmother for the third time on aug 7th at 12:39 am . I am glad everyone had a great time I wish I could have been apart of it ,but I had to be there to great Nathan Thomas into this world . I look forward to seeing the pics.

12/27/09 10:10 AM #837    

Karen Siceloff (Duffy)


Please accept my sincere sympathy for the loss of your husband, Rick. God Bless.

Karen Siceloff Duffy

03/28/10 04:27 AM #838    


Shelly Baltgalvis

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03/28/10 10:26 PM #839    


Shelly Baltgalvis

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04/13/10 05:16 PM #840    

Karen Siceloff (Duffy)

I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to the Kubesh family at such a sad and painful time.

I would also like to offer my condolences to Mark Church and his family for the loss of his father.

My prayers are with you both.

Karen Siceloff Duffy

04/14/10 04:21 AM #841    

Terri Duncan (McDonald)

I was deeply saddened by the news of Tom's death. My heart goes out to the Kubesh family, they have had their share of heartache over the past couple of years.

04/15/10 06:35 PM #842    

Tommy Lindsay

Tom will be deepest sympathies to the Kubesh family. Been along time since Windy Point.....

04/16/10 07:37 AM #843    

Karen Hunt (Jones)

It's strange. Tom and I were never good friends but I need to be there tonight. It feels more like a family thing because I've known him since grade school. My sympathies to all of you who did know Tom well and who are hurting right now. May God soothe the pain and remind you of all the wonderful memories you share with Tom.

04/18/10 01:06 AM #844    

Christina Waldron (Fillerup)

I am so grateful to all of you who faithfully post to the Tabb High School web site.  If it weren't for you I wouldn't have received the message of Tom's passing. 

I would like to express my sympathiies to the family and to tell Pete, John, Cindy and Alice how much I appreciated Tom.  We had been in occasional communication up until a few months before the reunion, and I had no idea that he had cancer.  I had spoken to him on the phone maybe four months before the reunion and was hoping to see him there. 

Tom was a fun loving person who everyone loved being around.  He made everyone laugh, and I have MANY great memories of times spent with him.  He will be truly missed. 

If anyone has a phone number where I can reach Pete or John I would love to visit with them. 


Christina Waldron Fillerup

05/16/10 04:25 PM #845    

Lori Hill

So sorry to hear about Tom!  So young!  I am praying for the Kubesh family.

Christina, I remember Tom as the fun loving guy, too.  Please let me know if you will be back for the reunion of 1980 this summer.  Sorry I missed you and everybody else last summer! 

Blessings to all.....

Lori Hill (Lincoln)

11/12/10 01:47 PM #846    


Gene Laughery

Happy VETS DAY!!!!!

12/28/10 11:12 AM #847    


Gina Valentine (Stevens)

Happy New Year !!!

09/19/11 04:08 PM #848    

Billy Brown

Don't know if anyone looks at this anymore but I was just told that Martin Gettman died last week in Atlanta.


09/22/11 09:04 AM #849    

Karen Perry (Burnett)

I saw that on Facebook.  Such a shame.  Do you know what happened?

09/24/11 01:53 PM #850    


John Faison

No details, but Martin died two days before his 50th birthday on 9/15/11.  Service info and obituary can be found at the link below:


09/25/11 02:41 PM #851    

Karen Perry (Burnett)

Thanks John.


08/21/14 07:03 PM #852    

Tommy Lindsay

How did ya'll communicate the reunion?


Damn sad I missed it....


I've had the same email address for over 15 yrs....


Please keep me in mind for the future.



08/22/14 01:47 PM #853    


Tina Hale

I was hoping for a 35th reunion....guess we will have to wait for the 40th....LOL!

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