30-Year Reunion



Click below on the link for the type of document you can read. These are documents to help you register yourself on the site (you can also download)

MSWord Doc  or Adobe PDF


If you still need help signing up drop us a line and we will send you these instructions

"Send Me Instructions, Please"

Very Important:

Please read carefully

When trying to access some of the  pages you will be required to be logged in and the ClassmatesProfiles requires a password. These controls are to protect not only the site but also to protect your information

So here are some password hints:

  1. The password is a man who was a former marine
  2. Wore a mustache,
  3. Dark hair
  4. Everyone knew him

And just because we really want to hear from you: One more hint:

     5. He was one of our vice principals  


The password is only three letters long and  all lowercase and no 'dot' in his name... if you are still not sure you can click here and a password will be sent to you.

Please take the time to enter your information and take the survey so we can contact you in the future with information about the upcoming reunion

In the future as plans are made and finalized we will have a sign up form... for now please add your information in the calssmates profiles...


Reunion Committee