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Guest Members

David (Goebel)
Joel (McCurry)
Joy Aldridge    
Jack Anderson
Sheryl Andrus
Kay Arbuthnot (Hurst)
Robert Barnes
Ricky Beringer
Cole Black
Ronnie Bourque
Loraine Buhler (Hurst)
Beverly Canezaro (Wales)
Fran Carrico (Griffin)    
Bob Combs     
Walter Creel
Doug Cushman
John E Dedon
Bob Downing
Jerry Evans
Charles A. Goss   
Dana Goza Burns
Kathleen Hadden   
Harold Henderson
Howard Henderson
Don Howard (1968)   
Billie Humphries (Nugent)
Tommy Ilgenfritz
Eugenie Kirby (McCurry)  
Jimmy Kirby
Judy Kirby (Sanders)
Kim Kirby
Dirk Lockard
Shannon Mills
Mathilda Samuel
Suzanne Samuel
Martha Schilling
Olivia Stelly (Burns)
Charlie Stroud
Mark Tate
Burney Taylor
Sherie Lou Trahan Linzy (Linzy)   
Ken Wicker
Penny Wicker (Mawell) (1968)   
Butch Wilcutt
Jeff Zerangue