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08/04/09 09:48 PM #67    

Terry Good

That was to funny. 5 mins. my butt that is like forever in todays world. they don't even have to watch T.V. commercials with Tivo around. i would give them 30 seconds and they would Tap Out.

08/24/09 04:05 PM #68    


Cam Morris

One that ties a couple of them together was when the President spoke on national TV. You were screwed. 4,6,10 all had him on. No movie channels or cartoon networks to watch instead. No DVR or InDemand choices either. Either watch it and suffer or hit the bed early that night. :/

08/31/09 03:09 PM #69    


Cam Morris

Okay gang, little over a month until our 20 year reunion. If you know of anyone who has either registered on the site or not but might know their address/contact info to pass it along to one of us on the committee to make sure everyone gets a chance to attend the reunion. This is really going to a be a nice/fun weekend with something for everyone.

See everyone in October!


09/09/09 03:22 PM #70    

Jeff L. Davis

Atari was awesome. It was quite a step up from PONG. But then came middle school and the apple computer. Yeah Lemonade Stand. Then in high school it was the Commodore 64. Just stopped using the monitor about 3 years ago. Those were the good ole' days.

09/20/09 06:01 AM #71    

Sheba Montaudo (Boucher)

Hello all. I was going to Ohio for my father's side family reunion. I saw this was taking place so I decided to come and crash your party. I will be getting a taxi to and from the Comfort Inn hotel (where I am staying) to the Dock on Friday night. If anyone is interested in hopping a ride with me you are more then welcome. I will pay for the cab. This will allow us to drink and not have to drive :) Please message me if you are interested.

09/29/09 05:25 PM #72    


Cam Morris

Looks like me and Jeff Davis are heading to the game Friday night. If anyone is interested in riding along let me know. Probably be leaving around 6pm.


09/30/09 01:19 PM #73    

Jeff L. Davis

Looking forward to this weekend. Sounds like we still need some more people to fill up Cam's vehicle for the football game.

10/01/09 02:29 PM #74    

Jeff L. Davis

I have to know. How many people have Guitar Hero?

10/01/09 05:50 PM #75    


Cam Morris

We do for the PS2. Love it!

10/02/09 03:03 PM #76    

Jeff L. Davis

You must really love it. You posted it twice.

10/03/09 09:06 AM #77    

Katrina Graves

Wow...last night at the Dock was great. I feel like crap this morning though. I hope everyone has a great time at the Conference Center tonight. It's my daughters homecoming tonight so I can not attend. It was really nice to see everyone. have done a wonderful job and everyone else that has put this whole thing together.

10/03/09 05:46 PM #78    


Cam Morris

Had a great time at the picnic today. Weather was great, a little breezy, but still a great day. Getting ready to head out to the diner at the Christopher Conference Center and hope to have an even better time than was had last night at the Dock. See you all there!!

Hope to have some pics up tomorrow sometime after I roll out of bed. DEFINITELY sleeping in tomorrow. :-)

10/04/09 12:36 PM #79    

Shelly Vest

The reunion last night went really well ! It was so nice to see you all again. Thank you to those who made it. The ones who didn't , I hope you make it to the next one.

I was amazed at how you all grew up and acting like adults. But you are are still the same people, even better now.

Some are way too skinny ! Eat a sandwich for crying out loud ! LOL!

Thanks to those who worked hard in finding people and for putting this together ! You are awesome! Thanks again everyone!

Love ya!

10/04/09 09:15 PM #80    

Donna Schinkle

To the reunion committee and all who attended:

What an incredibly great weekend!! It was soooo much fun to see everyone and to catch up!!
Thanks so much to the group who worked soooo hard in putting the wonderful weekend is greatly appreciated!!
The class of '89 is still the best as far as I am concerned!!
Everyone stay in touch and be well!!!

P.S. For those of you who want the next reunion in Honolulu, I am all up for it, just let me know:)
And for anyone who just wants to come visit, you are all welcome anytime!!!

10/04/09 10:02 PM #81    

Terry Good

would like to thank everyone for a great nite it was really good to see everybody and a special thanks to the crew who put so much time and effort to make it a great time for everyone.

thanks again Terry

10/05/09 12:18 PM #82    

Jeff L. Davis

What a great time this weekend. It was good seeing everybody. Thanks to everybody who helped put it together. The silent auction was nice. I will be enjoying my OHIO STATE items, SORRY CAM!!

Hope MR. FLEENOR's wife is feeling better. Sorry that was MR. FLEENOR, MR. FLEENOR.

Hope everyone that stuck it out late and enjoyed the Steak and Shake are feeling good.

10/05/09 12:30 PM #83    

Terenna Valentine (Cox)

Two thumbs up to the reunion committee! You guys did a great job!

I loved seeing everyone again. Everyone looked great! Hope we have an even bigger turn out at the next one.

My vote, Tya is our best dancer!

Take care and keep in touch!
Love ya all!

10/06/09 07:23 PM #84    

Bobby Lytle

Enjoyed seeing everyone. I had a great time. I think I might come back more often just to hang-out and hopefully fun into some of you guys and gals

10/07/09 05:56 PM #85    


Cam Morris

Just wanted to say thank you to all who attended the festivities this weekend. It was great seeing old friends, seeing who had changed and who hadn't, and to making new friends with other classmates spouses. It was an honor to be part of the committee and I am already looking forward to the next reunion Inow that I got caught up on my sleep!!!)

10/08/09 10:58 AM #86    

Jeff L. Davis

Thanks Cam for posting that PIC of me at the DOCK. I was saying something that cannot be repeated in print.

I see I was not the only one feeling the "LOVE" Charlie was putting out there.

As for the weed, Who's idea was it to give it to the cop?

Oates, i wonder if our name badges are still up at Roosters?

10/09/09 06:12 PM #87    


Cam Morris

That pic is on my phone now so it pops whenever you call!!!! LOL

11/27/09 04:18 PM #88    


Cam Morris

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday! :-D

12/14/09 09:16 AM #89    


Cam Morris

If anyone hasn't seen the Gazette this morning, congratulations goes out to Craig Brown for being inducted into the Ohio Dominican University Sports Hall of Fame!
Way to go Craig!

04/09/10 10:43 PM #90    

Johnnie Johnson (Johnson)

i am sad to say that i heard today, we lost another classmate. mike hiles had passed away several months ago. i have no other info. does anyone know anything?

11/10/13 05:22 PM #91    


Cam Morris

If anyone still checks out the site, we are planning our 25th reunion and have a poll up on the class FB page and have gthree times we are looking at; end of June, mid July and mid October..  If you, or know of other classmates who aren't on FB, want to "vote" here please reply with your choice for the time of the year to have the reunion.  Thanks and hope to see everyone next year!!

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