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July 18, 20016 - Just Sayin’

It’s summer and my time is spent more on golfing (poorly I might add) and outdoor things so I am not as quick with my updates.  Sorry about that.  But this update has all kinds of news bits, and I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Changes to our Beloved Senior High

For those of us who left Dubuque and haven’t kept up with local news, Senior is undergoing a massive renovation and addition.  It is the largest since the new addition we enjoyed in 1967.  Here is the website below outlining the changes and showing some of the drawings showing the proposed changes courtesy of Telegraph Herald Online.

and a video (courtesy of KCRG TV, Cedar Rapids)

As with all changes you have to give up something old for something new.  And so it is with this renovation.  Sadly, the courtyard with be turned into a cafeteria, with a new library on the second floor.

To say “good-by” to the courtyard, the student government and the Alumni Association (more on this later) invited all alumni to return to say farewell in May.  I had planned on attending but had family staying with Diane & me.  So I missed it.  But Pam Breiner (Schumacher with husband Frank), Cindy McCord (Bailey), Larry Gearhart, and Mike Pusateri made it and here’s a photo for your enjoyment.


Senior Alumni Page

Through the miracle of the Internet (and Facebook) I have been contacted by Linda Culbertson (Class of 1965) about the Dubuque Senior Alumni Association.  She and Terry Mozena (brother of Dan, class of 67) have.  However, due to privacy issues, I am unwilling to supply them with all email addresses I have collected both privately and publicly over the years.  So as a compromise I told them I would list there Facebook page address and any other info pertinent to the Alumni Association.  They are currently trying to raise $70,000 to create a bronze statue of a Ram to grace the new entrance.  I have posted their Facebook page below.  Feel free to explore and subscribe if you are a Facebook member.  I will post information in the future about the Alumni Association activity so you can keep up to date.

Nan Fuerste (Smith) – Iowa Entrepreneur

Over the years, Nan and I have become good friends.  And many of you who have attended the last three reunions have been benefactors of her planning and kindness.

As many of you know, Nan and her husband, Bob Smith, moved back from Colorado, and established a business known as Stone Cliff Winery.  It is located in the old Dubuque Star Brewery and they have also built a substantial vineyard, just north of Dubuque near Durango.  It has not gone unnoticed.

Iowa PBS recently did a story about Nan and Bob about how they have become the largest vineyard in Iowa.  What an honor for our former classmate.  Here’s to you Nan (and you didn’t even tell me…  I know how to find out things…)  Here’s the video.

Website Updates

Things evolve and change, as does this website.  Here is a summary of some of the changes on this site.

1 – Before I had to save everything as a .jpg file so it could be viewed.  After working with the website provider, I have found a way to display everything in a .pdf format.  Most every computer has an Adobe .pdf viewer which will assist you in viewing these documents more clearly than in the .jpg format.  Hope this helps.

2 – New Pages: I am doing some reorganization of the site and I have added some pages and will be deleting/combining some pages.

New Pages:

Through the Years – This is where I will store information about our class as time has passed.  Enjoy!

 On the Web / In the News – If you or your business has a website, let me know.  This is where you will find information about our classmates who are published on the web.

Classmate Chronicles – Interesting stories about our classmates and friends from interviews / and other information.

And Finally – Reunion #50

Yes, as scary as it may seem, we are approaching 50 years since graduation.  But we really need one last hurrah.  In the early years we had large planning committees which handled the planning.  But in recent years the committee has dwindled down to a few of us, and mainly Nan Feurste (Smith) and I for the last one or two.  Thanks for all of you who have contributed to the success of the last reunions.  Now Nan & I will be reaching out to all of you for help in making the 50th a super success.  In my next post I will be asking for various areas of assistance, so we can make this one a rousing success.  And we will be contacting those of you who we know can help us.  Please welcome our requests for assistance.

Well that’s all for now.  Stay well, love you all.