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•   Dan Clark  11/1
•   Patrick Bush  5/26
•   Debra Howland (Baker)  11/9
•   Scott Little (Class Of 1976)  3/27
•   Michael Garvin  1/9
•   David Burlew  12/27
•   Rick Haxton  7/30
•   Kari Rost (French)  6/2
•   Bonnie Henderson (Edwards)  5/26
•   Patricia Morrow (Sheley)  3/30
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Highland Park High School

Topeka, KS


Welcome to our website for the Class of 1975 from Highland Park High School! 


If you attended Highland Park as member of the Class of '75, please click on the Classmate Profiles link on the left of the top menu.  Once at the list of classmates, click on your name and complete the sign up process to update your profile.  Once you have joined our site, you will have access to all updated classmate profiles as well as the other pages of our site!  If you are thinking of attending our upcoming reunion, this will be the place you'll find the information you need to know.  Even if you don't plan to attend the reunion, you'll be able to reconnect virtually with friends from your past!  If your name should be listed as a classmate but is missing, please use the "Contact Us" link to let us know! 


If you are a friend of our class (such as a sibling of a classmate, teacher, parent, or a HP graduate from another 1970's class), and would like to have a guest membership to our website, please click HERE to answer a few questions and request access to the site. 

Beyond the 40th – You can continue to connect!

If you are interested in staying in touch throughout the coming years rather than waiting for another landmark reunion, please share your plans in the Scot Talk forum. This will allow everyone to join the conversation and join the gatherings when possible. 

The Continue to Connect forum has been started with some information that was sent from KC Metro classmates. Subscribe to this discussion to be notified of any planned get-togethers to see if you can join the group. Please take advantage of the site to help stay in touch! 

Also, please post your 40th reunion photos in the Photo Gallery to allow us all to enjoy the moments you captured in October. As a start, the gallery will soon include photos provided by Becky and Danny Downs from the entire weekend. Please consider sharing your photos with the rest of the class as well! 

Our 40th Reunion

has arrived!

Please join us this weekend,

October 3-4, 2015

Here are the events and times:


8 a.m.: Breakfast at the Ramada Inn Downtown

10 a.m.: Tour of Highland Park High School

Noon - 3 p.m.: Small group tours

5:30 - 10:30 p.m.: The Main Event


10 a.m. - 3:30 p.m: Pot-luck picnic at Shelterhouse #3, Lake Shawnee


Find details about the events at

40th Reunion News



 The weekend's schedule has plenty of choices of activities sure to help you reconnect with friends of old. 


Welcome to the Highland Park High School

Class Of 1975 web site!

40th Reunion



35th Reunion




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