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Help Videos

Play VideoEvent Planner Tutorial - Introduction [3:19]

The Event Planner makes complex event planning simple. Easily create events, sell tickets, accept donations, add meal items and products and more. There's simply no better way to plan an event!

Play VideoEvent Planner Tutorial - Manage Payment Preferences [7:01]

Setting up the ability to take online payments for your event is easy! This video will walk you through the steps of getting your payment methods established for your activities.

Play VideoEvent Planner Tutorial - Edit This Page [16:26]

You can set up multiple activities for your event via the Event Planner > Edit This Page section. We will cover everything that you need to know to set up your event page in this video.

Play VideoEvent Planner Tutorial - Funds Page [4:03]

The Funds page is where you can request a transfer of available funds to your bank account and view a running total of all credit card funds received and withdrawls processed.

Play VideoEvent Planner Tutorial - Transactions Page [4:17]

The Transaction page allows you to view individual transaction details as well as manage reconciliation of checks and offline payments or process credit card refunds.

Play VideoEvent Planner Tutorial - Register A Member [4:05]

From time to time, you may have to register a member for the event who may have paid in person. Register A Member allows you to manually register a guest for your event who has not already registered online.

Play VideoEvent Planner Tutorial - Reports Page [5:39]

Once you have numerous transactions and registrations in the system, our Reports page will help you organize and export all of that important data.

Play VideoEvent Planner Tutorial - Setting Up The Product Manger [7:15]

The Product Manager allows you to sell various products that you are providing for your members to purchase. Once added, you can make the products available in your store page as well as your Event Planner page.

Play VideoIntroduction to the "Edit Site Pages" Management System [5:40]

The following video introduces you to the functions of how to add new pages to your site as well as organize your navigation and flyout menus.

Play VideoHow to add a Music Playlist to your Web Site [6:55]

When you add music to your site, you can spur memories from your high school days. You have a few options for adding music to your site and the following video will cover our Playlist Generator as well as one 3rd party option.

Play VideoUsing the Image Editor [9:05]

The following video introduces you to the basics of using the Image Editor for editing images and adding them to your photo galleries.

Play VideoHow to add a Guest Member [4:56]

On occasion, Teachers, Principals, and other School Staff, would like to participate in class sites. Here's how to add Guest Members to your site.

Play VideoHow to set up your User Forums [6:27]

The User Forums are the most popular part of many class web sites. Learn how to set up your User Forums and let the conversations begin.

Play VideoHow to Embed a YouTube Video [3:35]

It's easy to pull a YouTube video onto any page of your site. Learn these simple techniques and add a whole new dimension to your site.

Play VideoHow to add a co-Administrator [8:12]

You can delegate different site responsibilities to one or more members of your site. Learn how to set up co-Administrators so maintaining your site is a team effort.

Play VideoHow to Create and add a Poll [4:07]

A poll can be an interactive and fun feature on your home page. Let your Classmates cast their votes and share the results with all members.

Serif Photo PlusEditing the Advanced Design Templates Using Serif Photo Plus [19:35]

This help video will provide you with the basic skills necessary to edit the provided PSD template for the Advanced Designs using Serif Photo Plus.

Play VideoEditing the Advanced Design Templates Using Adobe Photoshop [15:09]

The following help video will teach you the basic skills necessary to edit the Advanced Designs PSD template using Adobe Photoshop.

Play VideoGet your class web site found on Google [8:06]

Today search engine optimization is simple! Become an "SEO expert" in less than 10 minutes by watching this video, then go give it a whirl on your class web site.

Play VideoHow to make your own icon [10:40]

Customize your Classmate Profile icons, as well as create new ones for your own Profile Generator questions.