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*All prices listed in U.S. funds

Rates shown above are for Single-Year sites.

Single Year or Multi-Year?

Single year sites are very popular on Class Creator, and the best choice if you wish to run a web site exclusively for your class year. The multi year configuration is also extremely popular, and is perfect for those wishing to run a class web site spanning multiple class years, or an entire high school. It is also the ideal setup for alumni associations.

If you build a multi-year site you become the "Super Administrator" over all class years. You can assign responsibilities to co-administrators, and/or choose Root Administrators for one or more of your individual class years. Easily divvy up responsibilities for maintaining the web site, planning reunions, and much more. If you wish to run a multi-year web site select "Multi-Year" during the site build process.

Free (ads), Premium or Platinum?

Following is a brief summary of Class Creator's subscription packages. For a list of features included in all 3 packages see the Features page and click the All Features tab.

FREE (ads) - Ads are displayed on web pages through our partnership with Google, and in Notify Me emails through our partnership with Live Intent. The Free (ads) package is a great way to get started and test the waters. Be assured no personal data is ever shared with advertisers - your information is strictly confidential here. All of the features included in the Premium package are included in the Free (with ads) package -- your Classmates will have the same quality experience without missing out on any features. If you begin as a Free Member you can upgrade to Premium or Platinum plan at any time. Premium and Platinum memberships will automatically return to the Free (ads) plan at the end of the subscription term unless you choose to renew.

PREMIUM - For most classes we recommend you begin with the Premium package. This package offers a terrific classmate experience and is 100% free of advertising. The Premium package includes personal Help Desk support from Class Creator support staff and allows access to the Class Administrator forums. The cost for the Premium package is usually paid by the Class Administrator, Reunion Committee, or Alumni Association.

PLATINUM - Platinum Membership offers Four Benefits not included in the Premium Plan:


    Live Chat

  1. Live Chat with other Classmates including webcam, YouTube video, and Photo sharing capabilities. Also start private group chats using the Live Chat system.

  2. 2.

    Instant Messaging

  3. Chat one-on-one privately with other members while you browse around the site. It's a great way to say hello to your Classmates instantly any time.

    Note: Instant Messaging can be enabled or disabled by each individual member.

  4. 3.

    Storage Space

  5. The Platinum Plan comes with 1 gigabyte of storage space, five times more than the 200 megs offered with the Premium Plan. If you plan to upload numerous files, photos or videos to your web site the Premium Plan is an ideal solution.

  6. 4.

    Email Boxes

  7. The Platinum Plan includes 10 email boxes that match your domain name. All emails sent to your Classmates and all system notices emailed to your Classmates will come from a custom address of your choosing (instead of coming from the Class Creator system's default email address This creates two distinct advantages for you: One, your own email address on all outgoing communications is more likely to be recognized by your Classmate members and therefore opened and read. Two, emails generated from your own domain name are less likely to be treated as spam by some online email providers and as a result your overall email deliverability rate may be slightly higher.

If you choose to become a Platinum Member no worries, you don't need to be an email guru. The Class Creator system will walk you through setting up your Platinum email configuration in a friendly and simple-to-understand fashion. If you have any questions or need assistance of any kind our Customer Support Representatives are available daily to assist you. You'll be up and running in no time.


Class Creator provides two methods of offsetting the cost of a Premium or Platinum subscription if desired:


    Donations Module:

  1. Enter your PayPal email address, and with 1 click you can accept donations from Classmates to help support your web site or other class activities. When you need funds turn on the donations module, and when the funds have been collected turn it off. We've made it easy to raise funds with a single click.

  2. 2.

    Refer A Friend Program:

  3. After creating a site, you will have access to our Refer A Friend program. Receive $50 when you refer a friend to Class Creator and the subscribe to the Premium or Platinum plan. Just three referrals per year pays for a Premium Membership.

These two tools can not only offset 100% of the cost of running a class web site, they will often produce a surplus which can be applied toward class reunions and other class outings.

Payment Options

Credit Card: Log into your own class web site, and click the Subscription link to subscribe.

Checks And Money Orders: Choose an amount according to one of the packages above. Make check or money order payable to "Class Creator" and include the name of your school and graduating year in the memo field. Mail to:

Class Creator
7879 Jackson Road
Suite A2
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Your Premium or Platinum (no ads) subscription will be activated the same day we receive your payment.