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01/16/14 03:25 PM #1    


Carl Denbow

Welcome to the Athens High School Class Of 1962 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/19/22 10:34 AM #2    


Carl Denbow

Thank you so much Joyce Jordan (Antorietto) for your most kind and generous donations to this website.  Your financial help over the last few years has been most helpful and greatly appreciated!  You are our top donor!  

11/22/22 12:44 AM #3    

Joyce Jordan (Antorietto)

You are very welcome. I would imagine that you do most of the work and expense for this site. Since I have not been able to attend most of the get togethers I do enjoy seeing the photos and the notes. Sometimes I am unable to recognize people in the photos which makes me sad. I did get back to Athens with my oldest son for a 3 day weekend. I saw Lynn Graham, and actually stayed overnight with her. I was there visiting Rich and Dettie. It was the weekend of graduation for OU, but would have to get out my calendar journal to know how long ago. It would have to be before 2020, so maybe 5 or so years. I am sorry but I can't remember if you have retired. I love retirement. I do short trips to Texas to see my mom who will be 99 next month. Two of my sons and four of my grandkids are local. My middle son lives here but works in both Hawaii and Japan. I hope you and your family have a happy holiday season. Stay safe, it's dangerous times out there! Joyce

07/12/23 12:14 PM #4    

Joyce Jordan (Antorietto)

Hi Carl, thanks for setting up the donation form. It worked this time. I see Athens is having a warm, and probably humid summer thus far. I live along the coast, and it has been mostly in the upper 60s and now in the upper 70s, and I appreciate that temperature range. I am dog sitting for my daughter-in-law, and she lives in the far eastern part of San Diego, and it's hot, upper 90s. Are you and your wife planning any travels this summer? I hope you have a safe and fun trip wherever you go! Joyce



07/13/23 05:58 PM #5    


Carl Denbow


Thanks again for your donation.  Actually, until that last week or so this has been an unusally cool summer here in the hills of Southeastern Ohio.  Evening temperatures have regularly been down in 40s and 50s.  My wife is a big swimmer, and she reports that only in the last few weeks have the outdoor pools in the area gotten up to their normal temperatures because of the cooler than normal evening temperatures.  Having said that, if this week's weather continues, we are in for a hot summer from here on out! ;-(  

We are having a family vacation in Bethany Beach, Delaware, the second week of August.  Both of our daughters and their families -- one from NYC and other from San Luis Obispo, California -- will be there, as well as our son who still lives with us in Athens.  Also, our youngest daughter's father-in-law, a widower, will be joining us.  This is a location that we've been going to for vacation for a number years, as my aunt (and now her son, my cousin) have a cottage there that they rent to us for a "relative rate."  

I was hoping to get to San Diego for the OHIO-SDSU football game in August.  However, the timing of our Delaware trip is making that next to impossible.  I may have told you that I have some 1st cousins who live in and around San Diego.  Their last name is Burrows.  They are the children of my father's sister, Anne, who passed away about ten years ago now.  Maybe I can make it out there some other time.


07/16/23 12:41 AM #6    

Joyce Jordan (Antorietto)

Hi Carl, well I replied to your message, and then it disappeared. I don't think I had submitted it. I am not sure where to look for it, but that is ok. Your family trip to Delaware sounds like a great event to get together with your family from different parts of the country and catch up on news, events, and journies. My mother and brothers and their families are all in Texas, and my sons and their families are in San Diego area. Everyone works, so don't have the opportunities to meet. I am the go between. I hope if you do come to San Diego you will let me know. It would be nice to talk about friends from Athens High School. I do miss Athens, especially in the fall when the tree leaves change color. Palm trees just don't it for me. Take care, have a safe trip. Joyce

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