The Slades

The Slades --- a McCallum High vocal group --- appeared in the 1950s, recorded for Dominos Records, and in 1958 was No. 42 on the Billboard charts with their hit You Cheated.

The story of The Slades song "You Cheated" is one of those rare times during the early years of R&B (Doo-wop) music that a white Group was robbed of a hit song by A black group (It was usually the other way around though that would certainly change as time went by). The Slades recording of "You Cheated" peaked at number 42 on the charts in 1958 but was greatly outsold and became more popular when it was recorded by a black "studio" group called "The Shields" lead by Jessie Belvin. The Slades were from Austin Texas. Although their version of the song was outsold by The Shields they did manage to earn an appearance on American Bandstand.

 ----  Bopper Bob Hennessey  (hat tip to Wayne Clawson for this link)


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