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09/03/16 08:38 PM #10    

Flannigan Whitfield

Sorry to hear about Janice I know you and her were frinds , may R I P hope your doing ok

09/05/16 09:25 AM #11    


Murlene Wheeler (Gillum)

So sorry to hear of Janice passing. May God bless her family and see them through this difficult time.

Murlene W. Gillum

09/06/16 09:11 AM #12    


Charlyne Cooper

May Janice rest in peace.  

09/20/16 10:50 AM #13    


Bill Davis

Want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes and will see you all at our reunion

10/03/16 12:24 PM #14    


Glenn Kleinert

Thank you to all who extended Birthday Wishes!  It was a great day and am looking forward to a bunch more.

08/28/17 10:19 PM #15    

Marilyn Arnott

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. 
Watching the weather news from here in Philadelphia, and my heart breaks. I hope you are all safe and well. 

11/27/17 07:21 PM #16    

Flannigan Whitfield

Thanks to all who sent me birthday wishes and i hope all have a Merry Christmas 

12/27/17 08:00 AM #17    


Sharon Scheumack (Batte)

It is with great sadness to inform you of the passing of Hulen (Butch) Akers on 12/26/17. I have no other details at this time.  Please pray for the family.

07/17/19 10:38 AM #18    

Mike Metschan

Curtis Diddey passed away about a year ago in 2018.

Mike Metschan

08/11/19 08:51 PM #19    


Richard (Dick) Barr

At the end of a Yosemite National Park family vacation last weekend, we were in Reno, Nevada, for the flight back to Texas. It turns out that a huge vintage car show was being held and we came across a parade of classic cars. I could not help but think of the automobiles that we so admired during our McCallum days and took a few photos available here:   Hope that you enjoy the memories of days when you could actually work on a car yourself and glasspacks were considered cool.

08/12/19 04:02 PM #20    

Pat Ross (O'Brien)


Thank you for sharing this parade of amazing cars!  Some really good memories, for sure!

Pat (Ross) O’Brien

08/13/19 11:16 AM #21    

Gary Lindahl

Thanks Dick, 

Your parade of classic cars was great to watch.  My personal favorites were the 57 Bellaire Chevys  


08/14/19 05:32 PM #22    


Cynthia (Cindy) Fanning

I was disappointed that I didin't see a '58 Ford Skyliner but the others were beautiful. Thanks. Cindy

08/16/19 06:58 PM #23    

Flannigan Whitfield

Thanks Dick for the Car Paradei ejoyed all the Cars but i did miss seeing the 57 Ford

08/16/19 07:00 PM #24    

Flannigan Whitfield

Cindy how are you doing i hope all is well

08/16/19 07:32 PM #25    


Richard (Dick) Barr

Glad you all liked the vintage car photos. I later came across a short video I shot of the parade in action and added it to the photo album and here:

Now those were REAL cars!

08/16/19 08:03 PM #26    

Flannigan Whitfield

Nice Video Thanks

10/07/19 07:02 PM #27    

Rosemary White (Hefley)

I know where there is a 1961 yearbook available.  It belonged to Durwood Green. If anyone wants this yearbook, let me know and I can get it. They are selling it for $10.

Rosemary White Hefley.  512-785-4135

10/14/19 08:59 PM #28    

Pat Ross (O'Brien)

So sorry to hear that two more of our classmates ha passed away!  Prayers for both Rosemary’s and Guest’s families.  May they take comfort in the many memories that are left behind🙏🙏!!

10/25/19 03:51 PM #29    


Richard (Dick) Barr

Diane Randle writes on 10/22/19: 
"I didn’t know if many people in our class would remember Coach Munson but thought I would let you know that he passed away today.  Glenn remembers him as his favorite coach at McCallum."

Coach Munson's obituary can be found here.

10/26/19 02:29 PM #30    

Gary Lindahl

Thanks for letting us know. I do remember Coach from our McCallum days. I'm proud he had such a wonderful career. Glad he is in God's hands. 

07/09/20 01:08 PM #31    

Carolyn Oertli (Morse Jacobs)


I do not have all information... I am sure that Pat Ross Obrien does... but her ex-husband Lamont Freeman does earlier this year... no details known.   I was not sure how to post this on his profile.  And a personal thanks for keeping our class in contact... esp difficult as years pass... and so many changes!!


07/30/20 12:30 PM #32    


Barbara Kelley (Sullivan)


Thank you all for the kind words after Leslie passed.  He had a long struggle, but is now peaceful.   He is missed and always loved.




05/05/21 03:55 PM #33    

Joyce Schlueder (Sprinkles)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes

10/02/23 11:48 AM #34    


Glenn Kleinert

Thanks to those who sent Birthday Wishes and hope everyone out there is having a Fantastic Day!

I have been blessed with an exciting, long and healthy life, a loving family and many friends. What more can we ask? Hope everyone enjoys many more Birthdays!

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