Frequently Asked Questions

50-Year Reunion

  1. Are there pictures of the reunion available?
    Yes. Lots of people took them and some are posting theirs to share. Here are some sources (let us know about others):
  2. How about videos?
    Yes. Raines Video created a DVD of the Saturday night event for interested classmates. It includes interviews, the program, and some of the music events. (Everyone with a working postal address has been sent ordering instructions. You can also contact the company directly to place an order.)
  3. Can I download the photos?
    Yes. They will need to be saved individually by right-clicking on a displayed image and selecting "Save image as..." or "Save Picture as." On the flickr.com site, each picture has its own page with an Actions button above the photo; under Actions, select "View all sizes", pick the photo size you want, and press the Download link.
  4. I have some reunion photos to share. How can I get them on the web?
    There are several ways. If you are computer comfortable, try logging in and:
    • Select "Edit/Upload Photos" on the navigation bar to the left of this page to get to your personal photo set. Then press "Upload new photo" and select the image file to be uploaded. These files appear on your personal profile page.
    • Also: go to the Photo Galleries page, select the Reunions gallery, then "Add/Edit Photos" to begin uploading your photo files to your set in that gallery.
    • Note: We have a storage limit for photos. Uploading pictures to your personal profile does not count against our total, but pictures added to the galleries do.
    • If you are not computer savvy or have a large number of photos, please put your pictures on a disk and mail to Dick Barr for uploading. (See his profile for address and contact information.) If you only have printed photos, you can send those for scanning and they will be returned.
  5. Can I get a copy of the reunion program?
    Yes. Downloading instructions appear on the home page after logging in to the site. 

Web Site

  1. Going forward, what is going to happen with the web site?
    Our web site has been renewed for five more years, so we should be good until the next reunion.
  2. How can I share my old school photos, memoribilia, newspaper articles, McCallum event programs, and other scrapbook items with my McCallum friends?
    This would be great and there are lots of classmates that would be interested in seeing your old school treasures. There are lots of ways to digitize and post images on the web for others to enjoy. Consider these:
    • Take a picture of the item with a digital camera and upload to this web site
    • Use a scanner (built in to many printers these days) to create a digital image of your paper documents and upload here.
    • If you would rather have someone else handle the technical details, either take the items to a photo shop for digitizing (sometimes expensive) or send to Dick Barr (see above), who will scan the items, upload to our flickr.com site, and return them to you.

 Next Reunion

  • Will there be another reunion?
    If there are enough of us that want to get together in five years, there is a good possibility of having another. It might be fun to meet jointly with another class, say 1960 or 1962. The attendees for the 50-year reunion had such a good time that a follow-on would make a lot of sense. We will keep the web site going and use it to stay in touch. If you are interested in another reunion, please let the recent event organizers know.