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Band reunion activities:

  • Band practice (tentative): Saturday 1:00-3:00 at Minco (the usual place), 1803 Rutherford Lane (organized by Beth Beasley Kohler.)
  • Memorabilia from Dr. Phillips on display in Lawrence and Beth Kohner's suite at the Crown Plaza Hotel
  • Check out Gregg Wallace's McCallum High School Band Roster 1961, with current information on many of the band members:  PDF  Word   (also see band roster listing below)

Old Photos, etc.:

About The Band:

The 1960-61 A. N. McCallum High School Band is comprised of 111 instrumentalists, under the direction of Dr. Frank S. Phillips. This group of performers is a product of the fast-growing number of youthful musicians who are being developed in the public schools of America.

When the A. N. McCallum High School opened its doors in 1952, the first band was organized with an initial membership of 56 players. This first band did mach to establish many of the traditions and customs that are associated with the band of 1960-61, Traditions from Scotland, including such terms as “Serfs” for the first year members and “Knights” for the student body, are prevalent today.

From the beginning, the McCallum High School Band has received many honors and performed many services for the community. This band performs annually at football games, parades, civic activities, concerts, and other varied types of performances. In recent years this group has appeared on national television, and performed at parades for state, national, and international dignitaries.

The 1960-61 Knight Concert Band is comprised of 40 sophomores, 37 juniors, and 34 seniors. The high scholastic rating of the members of this organization is reflected in that many of them are on the honor roll each semester. In addition to their strenuous efforts as participants in the band, many of its members are active in other areas such as the sciences, Y-Teens, Junior Red Cross, Scouting, National Honor Society, “Who's Who” of McCallum and speech activities.

McCallum High School Band Roster 1961
From the 1961 Spring Concert Program
(By Instrument, from Gregg Wallace)

Randy Pharies
Martha Cunningham
Margaret Smith

Mary Landolt
Randy Pharies
Gayle Patterson
Jacqueline Purcell
Nancy Carrington
La Jean Chaffin
Wilda Lowden
Lyn Reeder
Claire Moore
Margaret Smith
La Nalle Hyltin
Martha Cunningham
Jeanne Mayo
Diane Raines
Pat Winston

Anne Patten
Kay Wallace
Jimmy O’Neal
Betty Sue Hoch
Ann Walters
Priscilla Bean
Darlene Hohertz
Emma Lee King
Skippy Kennedy
Judith Schiller
Bonnie Coleman
Herbert Adey
Bruce Stewart
Donna Joy Hartung
Sandra Boardman
Steve Lippmann
Richard Ryans
Linda Mason
Terry Leifeste
Robert Johnson
Mary Maciejewski
Gwen Luday
Natalie Hall

Carl Dial
Rosemary White

Galt Graydon
Donna Smoot
Judy Hale

Pam Raymond
Jimmy Hagood
Jerry Stackard
Susie Rashen

Richard Haschke

Paul McKinney

Larry Kennedy
Judy Madden
Fred Pinkney
Carolyn Harborth
Leslie Sullivan
Janie Gee
Patsy Lancaster
Sharyn McKean

Gary Lindahl
Mavis McFarland
Patti Roach

Gerald Vasterling
Jimmy Cowan

Donnie Howard
Jimmy Funderburgh
Bobby Scott
Rodney Lewis
Gary Thompson
Craig Roberts
Kenneth Bozarth
Marvin Tuner
Ronnie Crumbley

John Alvis
Buster Shelton
David Klingman
Jerry Bennett

Dayle Roper
Robin Matthews
Joe Loughry
Margaret Lamb
Paul Guy
Barry Knight
Ron Watts
Jack Lamb
Warren Friedrich
Kenneth Gage
Patsy Dugger

Gregg Wallace
Billy Watford
Kenneth Muennick
Dennis Johnson
Larry Keister
Steve Rash
Billy Collier
Reagan Hammitt

Bill Cobb
Tommy Cowan
Melvin Guentzel
Dickie Rea
Clayton Mabry
Charles Zlatkovich

Tony Kallus
Edward Wade
Charles Hodde
John Rash
Meade Lott
Phillip Oakley
Bill Martin

Patsy Dougherty

Gail Stockman
Beth Beasley
Cherry Larson
Molly Lacy