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How To Join & More


Welcome Bothell High School Class of 1961 Classmates!

Steps to Join this Site

Below are the steps to follow for joining this site. After joining you can Log In to view all the pages and register for the reunion.

1. Select Cougar Profiles found on the top left menu bar. This opens up a page with all of the classmates in our class.

2. Find your name in the list of names and then click on your name. (If you cannot find your name on the list of classmates, please select Contact Us on the menu bar and send a message to have your name added.)

3. A page appears asking you to Click Here Now to create your Log In. Click the Click Here Now link.

4. Fill in the information requested on the new page.  The email address and password chosen are used to create your unique Log In identity. (See below for a couple sharing the same email address.)

5. Continue and finish your profile.

When done you are ready to see the Profiles of your classmates and interact with them through Live Chat, Cougar Forums and Profile Subscription.


Couples Sharing the Same Email Address

If you are a couple currently sharing the same email you can do one of the following:

1. Create a different email address for one of you (see below).  If desired, you can receive email at one common address by one of you adding the shared email as an additional email address in Alternate Email(s):

2. Continue to share the same email address and select a different password to distinguish between each user.  This means that the Log In email address is the same for both of you, however, each of you has a different password. This is how the website differentiates you from your partner. Note: If you share the same computer, one of you has to Log Out and then the other Logs In.

Creating Extra Email addresses

To create an extra email address, check with your current provider first. Here are three free email services to choose from: Gmail , Hotmail and Yahoo Mail. The additional email address is for the express purpose of giving couples unique Log In identities and thus the ability to Log In separately. You can continue to receive correspondence at your shared email address by listing your shared email as the Alternate Email(s)

One advantage of using these free webmail providers is that your email address never changes no matter what company provides your Internet service.


FAQs about this Site

Click on the "hotlinks" below for answers to most of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Any place that you see this icon, [TOP] click on it and it will take you back to this location. 

Getting Started with your Profile
After you have created enough information to join the site (see steps above), more detailed information can be added at any time. You can skip questions you do not wish to answer and/or include as much information you wish to share. You don't have to finish your Profile all at once. Come back whenever you want to update your information and/or upload photos. Discover how to do each of these below.


Profile Visibility
If there is not a lock icon by your name (you need to Log Out out to see this) the general public can see your contact information. To restrict access click on Edit Profile, Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see three options. Check the Profile Visibility box. Now only Logged-In classmates can see your profile and the general public cannot see your contact information.

Don't Let Our Emails go into your Junk Folder
Please add (or allow) the following email address to your "Safe Senders" list so that your spam blocker will allow email notifications from this website: noreply@classcreator.net


Forgotten Password
If you forget your password, just click on Forgot Password? under the Log In on the Home page and a link to reset the password will be emailed to you. Please contact us if you no longer have access to your original email address when you registered.


What is Remember Me?
When you click Remember Me, a Log In is not required the next time you go to the website. You can also Log In from computers other than your home computer by entering your email address and password.  Be sure not to click "remember username and password" if the browser asks and you are not at home.


Trouble with Email and Password Log In
When your computer is not retaining cookies, there may be Email and Password issues. A cookie is a small amount of data stored on your hard drive and is used by the site to maintain the Log In system. Although cookie problems are rare, when they do occur you have several options. Any of the following could solve your problem:

  • Make sure you are logged onto the website. 
  • Upgrade your browser to the most recent browser.
  • Switch browsers. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, try Firefox.
  • Clear your Temporary Internet Files (cache) and clear your current cookies so you are starting fresh.
  • Make sure you are doing nothing to block cookies on the website. The Log In system depends on cookies working. If you are blocking cookies in general, you need to at least permit them on this website so you can Log In.
  • Reboot your computer.


Change of Email or Mailing Address
Please change your contact information when you get a new Internet provider or move by selecting Edit Contact Info. We don't want to lose you. We keep our class list current by downloading your contact information from this website.


Using The Website

This is where primary information and announcements are located. Your administrator will email you when there is a new survey or new poll. You are invited to participate.


Keep up to date by "subscribing" to other classmate Profiles and you will receive an email when they update their pages.


Just click on the
Contact Us button and we'll reply whenever possible.


How to upload photos to your profile

  1. You can upload .jpg, .gif, .bmp and .png files, but not .tif.  If you want to edit your pictures but don't have a photo editing program, you can download a free one from IRFANVIEW. You can crop out anything you don't like. You don't need to resize your pictures since they will automatically be resized when you upload them to your webpage.

  2. When you are ready to add your picture to your personal Profile page click on the link: Edit/Upload Photos under MEMBER FUNCTIONS.

  3. The Photos for your Profile page appears and with a box at the top titled Upload New Photo. Click on it and you are taken to the Image Editor.

  4. Click on the box Add Files. A dialog box with a list of folders on your computer will appear. Locate (browse to) the folder that contains the photo you want to add. For most classmates this will be the My Pictures folder located in the My Documents folder. Change the folder view (view button at the top) to show large icons. This makes it easier to find the specific picture you want to upload.

  5. Click the Upload button to add the photo to your list. You will now be back at your Photos page. The next step is to sort your photos and add a caption.

  6. Sort: The sort number controls the order in which photos display on your page. There are 99,999 sort numbers. If you assign sort numbers 7, 45, 99,999, 1, 300, your pictures will show in this order: 1, 7, 45, 300 and 99,999.

  7. Add a Caption:  A caption is the description of your picture.

  8. You can choose one of your pictures to be your Master Photo. Click in the Master Photo circle for that picture. Your Master Photo will appear in your emails and forum posts.

  9. Click the Save Changes button.

  10. Now go to your Profile page (click on Cougar Profiles in the menu bar) and look for your photo and caption.

  11. Normally photos are just the right size in your Profile after being uploaded and the following is not required. If for some reason you would like them to be smaller, it’s easy to do. Go back to Edit/Upload Photos. Scroll down to the photo you want to resize. Click on the Resize button under the photo. A box will appear. There will be a slider bar at the top of the box. Drag it to the left to make your photo smaller. When it’s the size you want, click Save. Return to Classmate Profiles and select your Profile page. If the photo isn’t smaller, click the Reload button on your browser (the button that looks like an arrow or arrows going in a circle) and it should reload in a smaller size.


How to delete a photo from your profile  

  1. Choose Edit/Upload Photos under Member Functions on the menu bar. All the photos on your Profile page will be displayed.
  2. Click in the Delete box above the photo(s) you wish to eliminate.
  3. Choose Save All Changes. A pop-up box will ask, Do you really want to delete this 1 photo?.
  4. Click OK and the photo(s) will be removed from your Profile page.
  5. If you are still having problems, please click on Contact Us on the menu bar.


Member Functions

On the left side of the web site are links to the things you can do when you Log In. An explanation of each follows:

Check Messages
Here all the emails you have received (In Box) are listed, as well as those you have sent (Out Box) through this website. Your messages will remain in their respective boxes until you delete them.

A KEY at the top of both the In Box and Out Box shows symbols representing the status of an email. You will find one of these symbols to the left of each email listed.

Each listed email shows: (1) a box to check; (2) its status; (3) either who sent it to you (In Box) or who you sent it to (Out Box); (4) subject and date of email; and (5) a red "X."

In both the In Box and Out Box settings, clicking on the sender's name makes visible that person's Profile page and by clicking on the subject brings up the actual email.

Clicking inside the box on the far left or on the red "X" on the far right will turn the background red. This means that the email can be deleted by choosing the tab at the bottom of the page that says Delete Checked Thread. 


Edit Contact Info
Here you view and update all of the contact information you entered into your contact information page. You can change your contact information any time it is necessary.

Be sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page when you have finished.  


Edit Profile
Select this to view and update the information that is visible on your Profile page. Be sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page when you have finished.

Edit/Upload Photo
To add photos to your Profile you must be able to locate exactly where the photo is on your computer. Most of the time, it will be in the folder titled My Pictures. Follow the directions above for adding, deleting and editing photos.



Profile Subscriptions
Profile Subscriptions sends you an email any time a classmate adds new or changes information on his or her Profile page. This is an easy way to remain informed about classmates. Here's how to do this:

Click on Profile Subscriptions on the menu bar and a list of all classmates and guests will appear. Next to each name is a box.
  1. Click on the box(es) of those to whom you wish to subscribe. Their name(s) will appear in the area to the right of the original list.
  2. There is no need to save anything. Go to another page by clicking another topic.
Change Password
If you wish to change your password, click on Change Password. A page with three sections where you change the following appears:
  1. Type in your present password.

  2. Type in your new password.

  3. Type in your new password a second time.

  4. Click on Save button.

If you forget your password, click on the Forgot Password below your Log In email name and a link to reset the password will be emailed to you. Please contact us if you no longer have access to your original email address when you registered.


Log Out
You are "Logged In" until you click the Log Out link.

When you do not Log Out you can bypass the Log In when you come back to the site. If you Log Out, the next time you come back to the website you again Log In by entering your email address and password. Also, if you access the site from a different computer (a friend's laptop, for example) and Log Out from that Computer, you also are asked to re-enter your email address and password the next time you use your primary computer.


Contact Us
If you have any questions after exploring this tutorial, feel free to Contact Us. 


All contact information (address, phone number, email address) entered into this website will be kept confidential. It will not be shared or distributed. When someone clicks on your name, the only contact information they will see is your city, state and other information about yourself you choose to enter. In order to ensure the level of privacy you desire, be sure to click on the visibility/privacy buttons on the bottom of your Profile page.