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Image-Xref documentation

Image-Xref is a program made for Class Creator sites to make it easier to see which images in the file vaults are used by your site. In addition, it gives the overall time and speed in kb/sec retrieving all the links.

Image-Xref finds all the links on the page where it starts, then searches each linked page for <img> tags. You can then click on the cihoices to get a a list of images that are either in the image or file vault. Images that are not in either of those are ignored.

You need to be logged into the website to access all protected pages.

Certain links are ignored. For example, all the member only links and the admin only links.

Links inside a linked page will not be found, however, you can add any additional pages to scan using the optional array var extralinks  All links added here will also be searched.

Each page has 10 seconds to load. If it takes longer than that, page is skipped and an error message displays.

Example showing all the code you need to put on a page in source mode. Recommend a NEW page. Page does not need to be active to work. This is the code for this page. It will not get the 'locked' pages but good enough for just a demo. You'll find your own results more interesting.

Below is the Source code pasted in your page :

<div id="Image-Xref">Image-Xref appears here</div>

// array of OPTIONAL extra links to search in addition to the ones on this page.
// Notice you can use the full URL  or just the last part of the link.

var extralinks=["class_gallery.cfm?gallery_id=11800",
"http://www.bothellhigh61.com/class_gallery.cfm?gallery_id=11789"   // no comma on last one

<script src="https://www.classcreator.com/000/7/7/0/13077/userfiles/file/html/Image-Xref.js"></script>

The minimum needed if you have no hidden links is

<div id="Image-Xref">Image-Xref appears here</div>

<script src="https://www.classcreator.com/000/7/7/0/13077/userfiles/file/html/Image-Xref.js"></script>

What the buttons do (although I hope it's obvious)

   Click to start analyze

   Displays images found in /image/

   Displays images found in /file/

   Sorted text list

   Sorted text list

   List of links that will be searched