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What's New By Date

This page lists the additions, edits and deletions of content at BothellHigh61.com.

The most recent items at the top of the list. 

Clicking on links on this page will open the linked item.  

01-19-2018 - Covers about a year :) Changes to make it work better on FB and Mobile devices. Next change will make mobile devices eve easier to view the pages on. Left menu will be condensed to a small choice on the upper left corner so the page viewed will be much larger. Still a little more testing and code changes to work on.

03-05-2014 - Change Weather reference to one that works on FB (Class Connection).

03-01-2014 - Added Right Sidebar for a more balanced look. Except for a few pages where it interferes with stock code right now.

02-24-2014 - Moved Login to the right so there's more space for content

01-06-2014 - Profiles now have three more picture areas in your unique profile. Edit your profile to see where they can be placed.

12-31-2013 - Profiles are now nicer looking with new options for posting and sharing messages

11-11-2013 - Pictures of 2012 BBQ at Fred Konker's house added

10-10-2013 - Pictures of 70th Birthday Party added

07-11-2013 - Pictures of 50th Reunion Events added

02-24-2013 - Fortune of Day on Home Page - over 1,000 random fortunes

02-23-2013 - Home Page zoom fixed for new styles and the rest of the pages

02-22-2013 - Variable background of class that shifts randomly

02-18-2013 - Finally got zoom to work with new styles, new background (Kate/Dion Woods Idea). Some more fixes for new stuff to be done.

02-06-2013 - Left side images added, background light gray on all pages

02-05-2013 - Image space added above left menu for various pictures

02-04-2013 - More style changes, home page a little wider, left side menu cougar

02-02-2013 - New Format with menus also on top

02-01-2013 - New Logo

01-29-2013 - Top Image variations, menu looks, committee new assignments

01-29-2013 - Converted to new system that allows better menu organization

01-26-2013 - Added more games and made existing ones larger in Arcades

01-12-2013 - Changes for 70th Birthday Party at Nardone's

01-14-2012 - Modified links so we can rearrange sequence, plus remove Reunion Attendees to a linked page

08-29-2011 - MemoryBk/Scholarship Scholarship donation now works

08-23-2011 - MemoryBk/Scholarship for Sale added (scholarship not quite working yet, please use home page)

08-22-2011 - Change countdown clock to elapsed (more to come)

08-12-2011 - Past Reunions Year of "Rettig 6" photo identified

07-29-1011 - List of classmate names attending updated on home page

07-25-2011 - Bothell Weather added

07-23-2011 - Guest photos added of Louise Dodge Lowry, Al Haynes, Alan Strand, Don Zech and Bob Stewart

07-20-2011 - List of classmate names & pictures attending added to home page

07-15-2011 - Payment deadline date extended from July 15 to August 3

07-13-2011 -1961 History - Added Freedom Rider details, actual image of 1961 MJB Coffee can found by Ron Green.

07-05-2011 - Background beach painting by Dion - Kate Woods (Dispasquale) - thanks for letting it brighten our pages

06-25-2011 - BHS History Page 3 added information about 1910 "Bloomer Girls" basketball

06-25-2011 - How To Join & More Technical format change for IE

06-19-2011 - BHS History Page 3 added details about Pop Keeney

06-19-2011 - Past Reunions Several changes. Default pictures now change automatically. first 2 of Sharon's pictures split so text is a separate image (making it easier to read).

06-19-2011 - Our Childhood Years Updated with 2 new pictures from Randy Fielder. Mrs Grady's 1st grade and Randy's 1961 graduation.

06-19-2011 - Home Page Updated with Freezer Drive In 1959, 1960, 1961 and current look - autochanges

06-17-2011 - Past Reunions Updated with replacement highres ones + a new one, all from Jim Rettig

06-16-2011 - Home Page Updated with Freezer Drive In 1959. Will add 1960, 1961 views in a bit.

06-16-2011 - Home Page Added  July 15 deadline scoller for Dave Haining. Be there.

06-13-2011 - Past Reunions Updated with picture from Jim Rettig replacing original. More to come.

06-10-2011 - 1961 History/Videos IBM Selectric features explained

06-02-2011 - 1961 History/Videos Pictures added

05-31-2011- Our Childhood Years Added two new higher res scans of Mrs Hilby and Mr Perry classes, Images now zoom to screen size. Any high res scans welcome. Contact Us

05-29-2011 - BHS History Added Bothell current redevelopment details

05-27-2011 - BHS History Removed password so anyone can access

05-26-2011 - BHS History Excellent new photos of "Pop" Keeney from Jill Keeney, scanned by Jim Rettig

05-16-2011 - Our Childhood Years Added new 6th grade picture from Randy Fielder

04-26-2011 - Yearbook Photos Faculty 1961 pictures added

04-23-2011 - Part 3 of redesign, new zoom cursors all pages, new dynamic zoom on all 50th Reunion & BHS History pages

04-20-2011 - 50th Reunion Cleanup empty gallery thumbnails

04-17-2011 - Revised 50th Reunion, Nardo's & BHS Tour new custom viewer, removed old gallery images, Home page switched to new image slider.

04-17-2011 - Our Childhood Years combined into our own slideshow

04-16-2011 - Past Reunions part 2 of redesign, our own slideshow for your photos, sliding view should work for all

04-15-2011 - Yearbook Photos part 1 of redesign and new pictures (was Where Are You?)

04-15-2011 - Past Reunions part 1 of redesign, new pictures and beta conveyer belt preview

04-07-2011 - Home Page New Slideshow

04-05-2011 - Reunion RV accommodations added - see Reservations Link

04-03-2011 - BHS History Changed Image zooming to a popout effect

03-25-2011 - BHS History Bothell, School and Sammamish History divided into 7 pages + new pictures

03-22-2011 - BHS History page 1 Bothell History + more details

03-18-2011 - BHS History page 1 bit more expansion, all inner links now yellow buttons

03-16-2011 - BHS History page 1 expanded history and pics, page 3 new article "The Citizen; link colors changed - todo Reunion

03-13-2011 - BHS History page 1, expanded introduction and added early pictures

03-10-2011 - BHS History page 1, new zooming for each picture

03-08-2011 - All Maps to Reunion Events redone to a clearer interactive format.

03-08-2011 - How To Join & More (was First Time Visitors) restructured and simplified, term change: Log On now is Log In

03-07-2011 - This Day In History added using a reliable  and accurate source

02-25-2011 - BHS History Bothell Cougar Newspaper variable magnification of paper

02-22-2011 - BHS History added copy of Nov. 4, 1960 Bothell Cougar Newspaper

02-21-2011 - BHS History added pic of Model UN in Ellensburg

02-15-2011 - Background no longer scrolls when not logged in

02-14-2011 - BHS History updated

02-12-2011 - 1961 History/Videos Stats & Facts images added

02-12-2011 - Music & Cars mp3 music now plays on iPad, iPhone and iTouch

02-11-2011 - Music & Cars videos now play on iPad, iPhone and iTouch

02-10-2011 - Modified videos  1961 History/Videos to play on iPad, iPhone, iTouch

02-10-2011 - Song added for Jim Rettig in Music & Cars

02-10-2011 - Fixed page width in Music & Cars, video made wider

02-09-2011 - Fixed some format errors in 1961 History

02-03-2011 - Added Cougar Forums for feedback and just fun

02-03-2011 - Moved Arcades to Music & Cars

02-01-2011 - Bad links in Music Player replaced

01-27-2011 - Front Entrance was mirror image - flipped to show correct orientation

01-21-2011 - Fixes to Hover Buttons not working  on BHS History and missing button on Signup page

01-16-2011 - Changed Page styles, color(s) and layout

01-18-2011 - Override empty space formatting

01-15-2011 - Changed page links to animated Buttons

01-13-2011 - Found sharper Cougar Logo for top of page (upper left)

01-12-2011 - Added: What's New to home page

01-11-2011 - Added/Revised BHS History & Pix

01-10-2011 - Revised: 1961 History/Videos

01-01-2011 - Added: Popup Music Player

11-01-2010 - 12-31-2010 - Revisions and addition to ALL the pages. 

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