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Feb 11, 2018 at 12:33 PM


Danny lived on our block and was a wonderful friend.  It was the kind of street where everyone looked out for each other.  Our parents were friends as we were and we played together all of the time.  While I have many great memories, one stands out all these years later.

One afternoon, I put on a pair of my Mother’s backless high heels and went out to play.  As often was the case, a game of running bases was underway in the street.  Being a fearless girl, I went to join the game.  While everyone balked and told me to change my shoes if I wanted to play, Danny came my rescue.  He put the ball down, put up his fist and dared anyone to stop me.  Danny was my champion!

Years later, there was a reunion of friends in New York that I was unable to attend. While the party was going on, I was on Skpe and a Danny was one of the people who connected.  Unbeknownst to me, Danny kept and brought along a Valentine’s Day card that I gave him so many, many  years ago which he shared.  Danny touched my heart that day as he had so many years ago.

Danny Vairo, Jr., an amazing example of strength, conviction, and heart.  I always will remember!