Dayton Remembered

For all of us images of Dayton in the 1940's through the 1960's hold special interest.  Whether it is a picture of a friend as a youngster dressed in Roy Rogers cowboy garb or a building that no longer shines, each brings back a sense of our youth and all the dreams we had for our lives.  Spend a little time back then.  Just as now, we had a great time being connected through common places and experiences.

How many times did you walk through these doors?  Nothing but grass there now.

Or did you take the bus downtown for something special?

Maybe it was for a special movie date or

Even a venture to the BIG public library with a certain amount of concern.  Some of us may recall being told it was haunted.  That happened to me in 1955 when I first moved to Dayton.  Coming from an entirely new post WWII community south of Chicago, Dayton's older buildings (this library and Brown School) actually scared me.

By 1955 Alpine Way off Hillcrest and dead-ending on Cherry Drive became our new home.  Eventually there were 5 kids, mom and dad in a three bedroom "box" with one small bathroom and one car.  This is Alpine under construction in 1946, a photo discovered by a CWHS grad who still lives in the house next door. 

You know there are some of these gems in your own family collection.  Help us add to our story with yours.  Digitize and send when you can.  And if you would like, mail us the orginals or copies and we will see that they reach the website and are returned to you safe and sound.