Group pictures

Please enjoy adding your own phtotos from our 50th reunion.  We will be producing a memory book on CD and sending it at no additional cost to all who attended the reunion.  For those of you who were not there, please send an email to Marcia Kramer Deddens (  We will see that you are sent the CD at a nominal cost.  For those of you who donated to the reunion but were unable to attend, the CD will be sent to you at no cost.

Marcia Kramer Deddens
3 Photos  10/21/11
Jeri Ward Portnoy
8 Photos  11/4/11
Mary Geis Howe
6 Photos  11/5/11
Bonnie Gillespie Goldner
5 Photos  12/3/11
Ted Payne
9 Photos  12/3/11
Sally Spears Talty
14 Photos  12/7/11