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•   Richard Butler  4/13
•   Jim Cissell  4/12
•   Thomas Woods  3/16
•   Sherrie Despain (Hatch)  2/16
•   Perry Eaton  1/14
•   Polly Kaiser (Heinselman)  10/31
•   Darrell Dowd  8/25
•   Lawrence Wilson  2/1
•   Mike Mitchell  12/14
•   Frankie Thurrott (Elder)  9/17
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Mount Rainier Senior High School
Class Of 1964


February 19, 2024

So far, 15 classmates have registered and paid for our 60th Reunion to be held at the DoubleTree Inn at Southcenter August 2 through 4, 2024--Doug & Marcy Sanford, Sherri and Arnie Hatch, Garth & Norma Cooper, Scott & Kalen Wales, Polly Kaiser Heinselman, Diane & Jim Boyd, Perry & Ardene Eaton, and Linda and me. Please, register now by clicking 60th Reunion in the left column and follow the prompts. The $80 discounted rate has been extended through May 1st. This includes two afternoon/evening functions and Sunday brunch. Reserve your room now! At last count, the Doubletree had just three (of 10) rooms left at our $159 discounted rate. Rooms will be $300+ once these are gone.  or call 206-575-8220 and ask for the Sales department.

Jim Cissell and the Reunion Committee

P.S. It was brought to my attention that I forgot to thank all of the Committee Members for help with our last meeting in July. Sorry, Sue Kinney Weaver. Thanks for all your help.

November 21, 2023: Paula Hankins Ralph passed from complications of Parkinsons. Memorial service is December 30th in Bellevue. See In Memoriam.

June 2023: Paul Kaiser passed in hospice care April 10, 2023 after chemo and radiation treatment for lip cancer. He is survived by his wife, Cindy and his two sons. His twin sister, Polly, has had her hands full taking care of Paul, as well as her Mom and husband, Roy, also now deceased.

July 22, 2023: 21 of your classmates (mostly the reunion committee) attended a mini-reunion at Leslie Harris's clubhouse in Federal Way. In addition to the two afternoon/evening functions and Sunday brunch at the DoubleTree, we looked into a boat cruise but they are WAY too expensive. Some classmates talked about a picnic at a local park. How many would like to do that? What park(s)? Any other activities you would like to include? We also discussed using some of our surplus to raffle off some cool door prizes. Thoughts?

On August 25th there was a Reunion for Classes 1962 through 1964 at Coulon Park in Renton. Rod Claus was going to attend. I'll try and get a report from him.

June 2023: Sue Kinney Weaver reports that Mical Erickson Holcomb passed recently from ketoacidosis. She is survived by her husband, Leroy, 4 children, and 6 grandchildren.

September 2021: Our last full Reunion Committee meeting was September 21, 2021. We canceled our meeting November 18, 2022, due to Vicki Langbehn's illness. Vicki passed on December 14th from a massive brain bleed after several strokes. Nickey Derry passed on November 22nd. Sue Bonn's husband, Sam, passed November 14, 2022. Teacher and Coach Gerald Ramey passed in May, 2022. Jim Arkills passed in April, 2022. Larry Martini passed on February 22, 2022. Here's his tribute service If you know of any others, or have any other Classmate news, please email Jim Cissell

George Breeden's wife Barbara fell back in November and landed on her face. There were no broken bones, but the ER missed a brain bleed. She was released, but a month later felt weak in her left arm and leg. She was rushed to the hospital where they sucessfully removed a brain clot and bleeding. She returned home from acute care January 12th and is now doing well at home with the use of a walker or cane. Pam Niel had a fall, broke several bones, and was in rehab for several months.

Please, keep your Classmates Profile complete and current. If you have problems or questions, email Polly at

Our 55th Reunion was held August 2-4, 2019 at the DoubleTree Inn, Southcenter. 107 of your classmates/spouses/friends attended. The snowballs were a big hit! Thanks, Leslie.

Thanks to all who came and made it a big success! Here's the List of those Classmates alphabetically by Last/Maiden name:

Friday 91 and Saturday 87: Alquist, Toni--Blais, Larry--Breeden, George--Carroll, Sherilyn--Cissell, Jim--Cooper, Garth--Cox, Linda--Davis, Alan--Despain, Sherrie--DeZutter, Tom--Dreyer, Marcy--Eaton, Perry--Funk, Steve--Harris, Leslie--Henning, Don--Hoffman, Steve--Hooten, Dawn--Iverson, Lurene--Jackson, William "Ed"--Jacobus, Dean--Kaiser, Paul--Kaiser, Polly--Kinney, Sue--Langbehn, Vicki--Linder, Liana--Martinson, Craig--Miller, Donna--Mitchell, Mike--Morgan, Donna--Mousley, Anita--Myrhe, Karl--Noson, Dennis--Reuland, John--Richardson, Joe--Ridge, Diane--Saari, Alice--Salvatore, Jayne--Sanford, Doug--Schubert, Connie--Sloan, Jim--Sloper, Randy--Smith, Patricia--Sousa, Frank--Thompson, Laurie--Thurrott, Frankie--Tonseth, Dean--Wales, Scott--Whiteman, Gary--Wyandt, Yon.

Friday only-19: Alire, Patricia--Boynton, Dick--Claus, Rodney--Cohn, Victoria--Collins, Mike--Eichler, Carolyn--Hennen, Thomas--Hunziker, Keith--LeBlanc, Steve--Martini, Larry--Meek, Rick--Schlecht, Rich--Williams, Janet--Williams, Ken.

Saturday only-9: Albrecht, Hugh teacher--Cox, Georgianne--Hoeh, Mary--Ryerse, Rick--Williams, Mike.

Click on 55th Reunion Photos in the left column to see more fun pictures.

Karl Myhre and Tom DeZutter host the TV jingle contest.

Thanks to Diana Wadell and the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton in Southcenter for the awesome venue, fabulous service, and wonderful food! Thanks to Perry Eaton for picking up the hard liquor tab on Saturday!

John Reuland and Perry Eaton.

Thanks to Liana Linder, Polly Kaiser, and Mary Hoeh for all the great photos--and to Polly who went through and identified every single person!

And thanks to all your Committee members  who provided almost all the food Friday and made the whole thing possible--Polly Kaiser Heinselman, Craig and Shannon Martinson, Diane Ridge-Boyd, Donna Morgan, Karl & Sherilyn (Carroll) Myhre, Doug and Marcy (Dreyer) Sanford, Jayne Salvatore Schlosser, Linda Cox Diaz, Patricia (Smith) and Bob Wilson, Leslie Harris Walters, Vicki Langbehn Mattson, Phyllis Skau Savini, Scott and Kalen Wales, and Larry Blais! Thanks to their efforts and the great rates negotiated by former DoubleTree manager and classmate Tom DeZutter, we ended up with almost $9000 in the bank!

Warning! Do not give this man a microphone.

Doug and Marcy Dreyer Sanford

See you at our 60th!

Jim Cissell

Our 50th Reunion--August, 2014--189 classmates and guests attended!

Nobody wanted it to end. The food was amazing, the libations kept flowing, we laughed until we cried--and cried until we laughed. The years pealed away as we saw inside each other the little kid whom we had grown up with so many years ago. It was magic! Lee Gagnon Whipple's daughter attended and texted her friend that "for folks their age, they are really loud!" Even the spouses had a blast! They discovered that we have a very special class! See pics on the 50th Reunion Photos page. Post your own photos at the bottom of that page.

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