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Do you spend part of the year at another address?
Abramovich, Karen L. Not Answered
Albert, Penelope J.(Penny) two months in Palm Harbor Florida
Aldridge, Joan Not Answered
Alkins, Sharon Not Answered
Allen, Susan E. Not Answered
Allie, Sharon L. Not Answered
Ananiewich, Nancy M. Not Answered
Anderson, Carol A. Not Answered
Androff, Chris Not Answered
Angevine, Robert M. Not Answered
Arcuragi, Paul J. Not Answered
Armour, Mary Lou We spend February and March in Bradington, Florida.
Arndt, Alan Not Answered
Arnst aka Harrison, Alwyn C. Yes, Yellowstone National Park is part in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. 2.2 million acres of beauty. Besides working, I have a boat and canoe and I do some fishing, hiking and a lot of exploring.
Arthurs, Jim Not Answered
Aucutt, James N. No
Baldwin, David M. We have a condo in East Lansing, MI and normally spend 1 month (Feb or Mar) in Hilton Head Island, SC.
Barna [Jan 59], Ken Not Answered
Barnes [Jan 59], Sandra Not Answered
Barr [Do Not Contact], Robert L. Not Answered
Bartimocci, Diane Not Answered
Bartleman, Dennis Not Answered
Bartlett, Mary E. Not Answered
Barzler, Bonnie E. no
Baughman, June A. Not Answered
Beamer, Mary K. --Molly Not Answered
Beatty, Barbara J. No not yet, anyway. My e mail address is BarMoebs@aol.com
Behmer, Kenneth R We spend summers in a little harbor town on lake Huron, Harrisville Michigan
Benstead, Mahlon "Benny" Not Answered
Bentley, Sandra Not Answered
Bergman, Bette A. Not Answered
Berquist, Joann E. No
Bezesky, John Michael Florida,Alabama, and Arizona
Bielski, Patricia Not Answered
Bieneman, James N. Yes, Bonita Springs, Fla
Bier [Jan 59], Gary Lanar No.
Biggins, Joyce K. Not Answered
Blogg, Lionel H. NO
Bodine, Jacqueline (Jackie) Not Answered
Boehle, Robert R. Not Answered
Bolt, Ronald No - we like the cold weather!
Bonnett, James A. Amelia Island, Fla and Hutchinson Island near Stuart, Fla. Send all mail to e-mail address or home address.
Borgert, Janice Three months in Florida in winter.
Bosanko, Polly Not Answered
Boucher, Patricia Not Answered
Bowen, Judy Not Answered
Braasch, Peter Not Answered
Briggs, Nancy Not Answered
Brown, Ronald Not Answered
Browning, Sandra K. Not Answered
Bruce, Janet Not Answered
Brummel, Wayne Not Answered
Bryce, Dennis Not Answered
Budd, Ronald Dennis Not Answered
Butz, Paul (Bill) Not Answered
Byrgesen, Heino Not Answered
Cameron, Kathleen Not Answered
Campbell, Bruce Used to split 6 months in Michigan and 6 months in the Keys. We still own property in Michigan but we have just moved permanently to St Augustine, Fl----if ANYTHING in my life is ever permament!
Campbell, Jerry J. Not Answered
Campbell, Nancy L. Nope!!! Been here for 14 years - longest I've lived anywhere - I'm staying put!!!!
Carlson, Judith Not Answered
Carpenter, Mack Not Answered
Carr, Harry Not Answered
Carson, Peggy Not Answered
Carter [RHS 60], Jeff No but we go north as much as possible.
Casey [Jan 59], William Not Answered
Cassidy, Cathleen (Cathy) Harbor Springs, Mi. in August
Caul, Martha Not Answered
Chalmers, Lois Margaret No
Chapman, Bonnie We spent some time in Florida last winter.
Childress, Ethelyn R. (Lyn) We winter in The Villages Florida and I'm wondering if anyone else lives here? I have heard about two grads.
Christensen [Jan 59], Susan Carol Not Answered
Clow, David Not Answered
Cobb, Charles Not Answered
Cole, Martha Ellen We spend summers on Burt Lake at 1484 Indian Point Rd., Brutus, MI 49716
Collman, Joyce Not Answered
Colyer, Robert Not Answered
Cope, Roger Middleton Not Answered
Cottrell, Diane L. Not Answered
Cranston, Arthur Westland is my residence. We spend much of the summer and fall (occasionally winter) at our Summer home on the Ausable River (Cooke Pond) near Oscoda.
Crawford, Jill Not Answered
Crawford, Robert Not Answered
Cristelli, Andrea back and forth from ipperwash ont canada and northville mich and travel to fld for part of winter 19170 smock northville mi 48167
Crossman, Douglas Not Answered
Cruse, Anne We spend the winter in Texas.
Daher, George D. We reside all year in Greensboro, NC and travel around the US and overseas - Europe and the Middle East.
Daily, Janice Not Answered
Daily, Joyce You can often find me in Charlevoix, MI during the summer.
Dawley (Jan 59), David no
Dean, Michael No, but we have a log cabin on the shores of Lake Michigan in the U.P.
Dear, Raemond Not Answered
DeMarsh, Edwidge Edie Not Answered
Dent, Martha Our family has a house in New Hampshire and I am there for part of the summer. No need to send me mail.
Devine Jr, Warren D. Not Answered
Dickerson, Patricia Yes from November to May in Deerfield Beach, Fl address: 333 N Ocean Blvd, Deerfield Beach, Fl 33441
Dietrich, J. Stephen Only if my bathroom counts as a separate address.
Dietz, Karen Not Answered
Dombey [Jan 59], Don Not Answered
Doyle, Rosemary Not Answered
Dritsas, Catherine 637 Lake Street, #4 Tawas City, MI 48763 989-984-0207 Throughout the year, most of summer
Drury, John H. Not Answered
Dunckley, George L. Not Answered
Dunn, Myra F. We spend all year every year here in Michigan.
Duve, Sharon Alva Not Answered
Elsila, Karen 6 months in Florida: 1222 SW 50th St., Cape Coral, FL 33914. 239-540-5650. Oct. 30 until May 15.
Emery, Linda J. Yes, in Florida but our mail is forwarded.
Engle, Kathleen A. Not Answered
Engster, E. Arnold No
Fatland, V. Dale Not Answered
Featherston, James C. Not Answered
Felthouse, Donna C. Not Answered
Ferrell (Dawley) (Jan 59), Sharon Not Answered
Fetner, Richard G. 6 months of summer in Michigan May to Oct. 6 months of winter in Ocala, Fl. Oct - May
Fischer, Genevieve E No. We have a cottage at Walloon Lake in northern Michigan.
Fitzpatrick, Tom Not Answered
Fletcher, John No, but would really like more sunshine!
Forsman, Amy L. Not Answered
Foulke, David M. Not Answered
Gandolfi, John E. Not Answered
Garpow, William R. Not Answered
Geis, Stanley B. Not Answered
Geverink, Judith F Not Answered
Ginger [Jan 59], George Not Answered
Giovannini, Pamela E. Not Answered
Gire [Jan 59}, Don Mexico time shares (month a year) West Coast time shares
Girk, Sandra J. Yes we enjoy Cape Coral ,Florida where we have a place and visit with long time friends and play Golf. We meet up each year with Tom & Martha Ahern, and Jim & Gwynne Cherfoli. (All Redford Grad's) We walk Ft. Myer's Beach. and try to find some time to fish. We especially enjoy that there is no snow in Florida. But the real fact is we love Michigan and it will always be home.
Golding, Gwynn Lee Not Answered
Goodman [Jan 59], Diane Not Answered
Gorak [Jan 59], Yvonne Not Answered
Gossett, Laurie Yes,Indianapolis, IN, but do not receive mail there.
Graham, Patricia A. Not Answered
Gray, John Richard Not Answered
Green, Nancy M. I spend January, Februray, and part of March in Ft. Myers, Florida with my Mother, sister and brother-in-law. Jeff flies back and forth every 10 days. In March, we spend a couple of weeks in Palm Desert for Jeff's tennis tournaments and then we return to Florida in April to fly home with my Mother. We are home in Michigan the rest of the year and for the holidays.
Griffith, Georgia M. Not Answered
Grigowski, Marilyn Not Answered
Gulick, Sharron L. Not Answered
Hackney, Ronald Not Answered
Hammer, Richard Not Answered
Haney, John Not Answered
Hannah, Paula J. Not Answered
Hanson, Susann W. Not Answered
Harrick, Richard Not Answered
Hart, Sandra G. Not Answered
Hart, Theodore R. No
Hatch, Joan I'm currently back working in Texas but still have ties in Elk Rapids and Traverse City, MI. Just have to figure out a way to be in TX during the winter and MI during the summer!
Hawkins, Russell Live in The oldest town in Texas all year, Nacogdoches,Texas
Hawley, Carol Not Answered
Hays, Sally Since 2004, we purchased a mobile home in S. Venice Florida. We spend 3 or 4 of the winter months there. It is a wonderful option to get out of the cold Michigan winters. We're still experimenting with the time frame. This year is our third try at a date. We left January 2. We've also tried November and December dates thus far. It's difficult to leave friend and family for the holidays has been our experience.
Heaney, Natalie H. No...but I just purchased a condo on the inter-coastal waterway in St. Augustine and am interested in renting it out.
Hendry, Lee Ann We always loved vacationing in Norther Michigan. Twenty-five years ago, my sister and her husband retired and built a home in Charlevoix. We stayed with them often. Eventually, we decided that we wanted our own place there. We bought a home around the corner from them eight years ago. We have made such wonderful memories in our favorite little harbor town. It's been great family time summer and winter. The kids started skiing when they were 2 at the city ski hill a block from our home. Lori Ann and the kids spend most of the summer with me. There's lots of beach time, bike riding, and boating. Several of our long-time friends also built in the area. We go to town everyday and feel like a solid part of the community. We love that small town living!
Henrickson [Jan 59], Peter Not Answered
Henry, Nancy I do have a cabin in north Georgia where we try to get away once in a while.
Henry, Robert Arizona all year, except for family visits to Washington
Herrold, John During much of the winter the address is: 1321 West Desert Dew Place Oro Valley, AZ 85737-9293
Hester, Drusilla Not Answered
Hickcox, Robert Not Answered
Hicks [Jan 59], Sharon Not Answered
Hindley, Louise no - I visit friends and family during time off from work and that is fine for now. Going to Cape Cod this June to visit Ukrainian friends who have immigrated to Boston. When I retire will think about how to spend my time, but for now I am enjoying my life and career too much.
Hipple [Jan59], Gail No - Although I like to travel, I must live in Michigan year round. Would miss the beautiful change of seasons. Would never want to live anywhere else. Would love to live "Up North". Almost built a home in Empire, MI, but sold the property recently.
Hittie, Nancy Jean Not Answered
Honess, Gloria Not Answered
Hood, Robert Lee Not Answered
Hooyberg, Dorothy Not Answered
Hopper, Marilyn Not Answered
Horner, Daniel H. Not Answered
Hotchkiss, Joan E. Not Answered
Houghton, Frank A. No, I play golf.
Howie, Cameron B. After spending 38 yrs. worth of March and April in Traverse City...the warmer Southland is looming in my future. FLASH !! Leaving for Fish/Golf camp near Fort Morgan,AL on Jan 13th until mid-April 2010 The Boat and Clubs are just getting so giddy about leaving snowclogged N. Mich.If you are in the area of Gulf Shores..call me 231-642-6667
Hughes, Janice Not Answered
Hughes, Linda Not Answered
Hunter, Brent Not Answered
Hurd [Jan 59], Lionel Not Answered
Ioset [Do Not Contact], Shirley Kay Not Answered
Islam, S. James Own a condo in St Augustine, Fl. Spend a lot of weekends there. Marilyn's mother has a place on the water in Vancouver, so we get to be on the water on both coasts.
Jackson, Patricia E. Not Answered
Jacobs [Jan 59], Ken Not Answered
Janis, Patricia A. Not Answered
Jarvi, Charles E. No, we have a vacation cabin in the mountains near Quincy, California, but now rarely have time to go there
Jewett [Jan 59], John No
Johnson, Bette A. Not Answered
Johnson, Christine A. Not Answered
Jones, Susan Linda Not Answered
Kaiser, Diane We spend alot of our winter time for the last 10 yrs in Kingsland Texas
Karfonta [Do Not Contact], Cecelia K. Not Answered
Kay, Sandra J. Not Answered
Keebaugh, Charlotte Not Answered
Keller, Yvette Not Answered
Kelsey, Ken We travel 6 or 7 weeks a year. One week in January to Las Vegas for our annual trade show. One week to Atlantic City in June for another show. One week in the spring for our annual sales meeting, Savannah last year, San Antonio this year in April. We have timeshares (2 at Hilton Head Island and one in Orlando) which gives us time in them or trading for another location around the world. We have used them for Paris and London both twice, Aruba and many places in the US.
Keys, Joanne B. Not Answered
Kidder, Shari Ann Not Answered
Kiedrowski [Do Not Contact], Edward D. Not Answered
King, Carolyn Jo Not Answered
Kleckner [Jan 59], Don No
Klump, Kirby N. Not Answered
Knack, Barbara Not Answered
Knebl, Diane Not Answered
Koepfgen, Stephanie Lynn Not Answered
Koughan, Stephen R. Alternate Address (Preferred): PO Box 212 French Camp, CA 95231
Krenrich, Carol B. I moved from Grand Rapids, MI to Scottsdale in June of 2007 after having spent two winters here. Life is good!
Kreutzkamp [Do Not Contact], Ruth Anne Not Answered
Kuster, Janice B. No.
Lantz, Katherine Not Answered
Laphew, Donna Not Answered
Larmon, Lucretia E. Not Answered
LaRue, Chris Not Answered
Leake, Warren A. Not Answered
Leavengood, Ann Winter Address: 147 Marina Del Rey Ct. Clearwater Beach, Florida 33767
Ledford, William James Not Answered
Leffler [Jan 59], Georgeanne Not Answered
Legowsky, Norene Not Answered
Lenox, Hank Not Answered
Leone, Patricia A. Not Answered
Liddle, Ned Grandezza CC 20045 Saraceno Estero, Fl 33928
Lidgey, S. Gerald Am now a snow bird in Rotonda West Fl.
Liesemer, Richard 'Dick' Not Answered
Lindner, Ronald David Not Answered
Long, Carol Anne Not Answered
Lovett, Sandra Arlene 14900 Leffew Rd. Bear Lake, MI, from June-Oct 231-362-2117
Ludington, David M Lacey, Washington (near Olympia)
Malony, Susan C. No
Mannisto, Marilyn C. For a few years, I spent summers in Hancock and Eagle River, Michigan in the upper peninsula where I now have a tiny old cabin and large 150 year old barn on Lake Superior...but economics prevents the luxury of travel these days. Eagle River is a beautiful spot, population 30 people, fresh air, good value...any buyers?
Markham [Jan 59], Douglas Not Answered
Mather, Bettiann Not Answered
Matrosic, Charles Alfsen Not Answered
Mattson [Jan 59], Charles 7-8 months a year in Florida.Estreo Golf And River Club in Estero Fl.
Maus, Michael No, but we travel a lot.
Maxon, Brent Half year in mid-Michigan in the woods, on 140 acre family farm property, other half in Puget Sound area of Washington State playing in the water.
McBane, Bonnie M. Not Answered
McBurney, Joan Not Answered
McFarland, Bonnie Dee 6 months in michigan & 6 months in florida 24678 olde orchard st. novi, mi. 48375 248-756-1771 summer @ xmas holidays 4 forest hills ln. boca raton fl. 33431 248-756-1771 sept. to dec. & jan. to may
McGee, Jean David Not Answered
McGee, Patricia Not Answered
McIntyre, Raymond Not Answered
McKeown, Marcia Not Answered
McLean [Jan 59], Robert Not Answered
McNally, Robert Not Answered
Melling, George Not Answered
Mercier, Jerry Not Answered
Merckel, Barbara Joan Not Answered
Merryweather, Joyce San Carlos RV park & Islands, Ft Myers Beach, Fl. Cell Phone 330-635-4460
Mesrobian, Sandra Sue Not Answered
Mettetal [Jan 59], Judy Anne Not Answered
Minhinnick, Gordon Michael Not Answered
Minkes, Sue Not Answered
Mitchell, Karen Not Answered
Mitzel, John Not Answered
Mohr, Judy Don't I wish.
Molner, Fred Not Answered
Montney [Jan 59], Eleanor Not Answered
Moorhead, Thomas Not Answered
Morgan [Do Not Contact], Patricia Not Answered
Morrison, Ralph Not Answered
Morse, Judy no
Motus, Cecile Not yet. By next year, I plan to retire and will live half a year in the Philippines and half a year in California.
Mueller, Billy As mentioned in States/Countries above, I have my Michigan home where I spend a little over five months during the summer. I fish when I have time and love to have company stop by. While I'm in Michigan I volunteer at the US Coast Guard Station in St. Ignace a few days a week and/or when needed. I'm a qualified watchstander and also qualified as a small aids to navigation repairman. The rest of my work there is spent writing and processing orders for other Auxiliarists and maintaining fuel usage reports.
Mueller [Jan 59], Robert G. Summers usually find us at our cottage in Charlevoix when we are not cruising.
Murphy, Richard Dennis Not Answered
Neiswander, Sandra Las Vegas
Nelson, Bette L. Not Answered
Nettie, Norman Not Answered
Nicholson, Michael Not Answered
Norbom, Donna Have lived in lots of towns, all in Michigan
Nordstrom [Jan 59], Glen Not Answered
Nott, Doug Not Answered
Olmsted [Jan 59], Brian "Bud" Not Answered
Olson [Jan 59], Ken we go to hobe sound fla a lot i own a condo big sky mt we try to stay up there when we can.i love to bird hunt and have two golden retrievers ginger and ruby, so i travel all over mt and and and washington to hunt birds.also we have gone all over the west to ski. i was a ski racer and tight skiing i raced in 5 sr national championships. i also played tennis and traveled playing in tournaments played in mens 55 national .
O'Neill, Karen Not Answered
Paelke, Norman Not Answered
Palk, Cynthia Ann Not Answered
Papciak, Michael Ralph Not Answered
Parris, Earl Not Answered
Peck, Judy Not Answered
Penzel, Larry A. Not Answered
Permaloff, Frank Not Answered
Peterson, Patricia Not Answered
Phillips, M. Jane Not Answered
Pierson, Beverly Anne Not Answered
Pinnick [Do Not Contact], Ronald Not Answered
Pittway [Jan 59], Don Not Answered
Ponkey, Gerald Not Answered
Pontello, Constance L. Not Answered
Pooley (June 58), Jane Not Answered
Porter, George Not Answered
Powers, Michael Not Answered
Procter, Robert Not Answered
Prolisco, Walter Not Answered
Pronik, William C. Not Answered
Prusi, Julianne Not Answered
Putty, Richard Not Answered
Pyles [Jan 59], Marilyn Not Answered
Quigley, Frank Not Answered
Radford, Nancy NO
Raeburn, Deana Spend lots of time in Michigan with family and friends.
Rautio, Dennis Not Answered
Rea, Pamela Kay Not Answered
Reid, Jack Not Answered
Reissing, Michael G. no
Rhodes, Jim Not Answered
Rice, Joyce Not Answered
Richardson, James ( Mac) St Pete Beach, FL -January through April 3200 Gulf Blvd #303 St Pete Beach, FL33706 727-360-6402
Rickard, Rodney Not Answered
Riehl, Constance Not Answered
Robertson, Wayne A Not Answered
Robinson, Carol Not Answered
Rogers, Dwight Three months in Bokeelia on Pine Island Florida.
Rood, Sharron A. Not Answered
Ross, Carolyn Sue Not Answered
Ross, Patricia Not Answered
Rutkowski, Sylvia E. yes
Sanom, Geraldine Not Answered
Sargent, Barbara K. Not Answered
Schaupner, Phyllis Not Answered
Schinski, Vernon David We have a summer home in Manns Choice PA
Schram, Linda L. Not Answered
Schram, Ronald F. Not Answered
Schultz, Weston L. Yes!!! I have a cottage on Lake Huron in Port Sanilac 30 miles North of Port Huron. Ingrid and I spend some weekends at Port Sanilac. My family uses it often. Ingrid has a cottage (beautiful home) on Hubbard Lake (South-West of Alpena). We spend the summers at Hubbard Lake and it is wonderful!!!
Schunk, Marilynn E. Not Answered
Segel, Sheldon Not any more. I used to have a log cabin in the North Georgia Mountains near Blairsville, Ga.
Severance, Sharon M. Not Answered
Sexauer, Charles The Villages, Florida
Sharpe, Barbara We have a family condo on the beautiful white beaches of Perdido Key, FL. In 2004 Ivan did his thing. Who would have guessed you would need flood insurance on the 6th. floor. Anyway the building was gutted to the cement floors and ceiling and completly rebuilt. Three and a half years later we are finally in. We usually go for 2 weeks in Oct. and the end of Feb. and March. Thankfully it is up and running. Check it out seasprayonthekey.com unit 603
Sharrow, Gregory Not Answered
Shaw, James Not Answered
Sheibels [Jan 59], Sandra 20 years at present address, have a home in The Villages, Florida where we spend some time.
Shenk, Michael Not Answered
Shiller, John W. Not Answered
Shiovitz, Carol Not Answered
Shook, Sharron Sue 19880 Breckenridge Dr.#408 Estero, FL 239 218 0628 (cell) mid Jan-Apr
Simon, Darrell Not Answered
Simpson, Lydia Not Answered
Smalt, Linda Ann Not Answered
Smith, Jack N. Not Answered
Smith, Richard E Not Answered
Smith, Sandra G. Not Answered
Sommerville, William R. 206 Montya Dr The Villages, Fl 352 350 6769 Winter
Soorus/Torzynski, Sonja We live in California!
Sorvari, Doris Not Answered
Spencer, Rex T. Summer at Rushford Lake, Caneadea, NY
Stafford, James J. Not Answered
Stalker, Carol Ann Not Answered
Stanhope, Loring Not Answered
Stanley, Sandra Elaine Not Answered
Steed, James J. Not Answered
Stefanac, Martin J. Not Answered
Stenborg, Peter A. Not Answered
Stephan, Ann D. We spend a month in Miami in the winter. Our youngest daughter lives there Happily our youngest daughter and her husband moved to Ann Arbor in November 2009. She is a surgical PA at U of M Hosp and our other daughter is a lawyer with the Univ. We are very happy to have all of our family in the same town. Now we can plan to go somewhere else in the winter.
Stephenson, Nellie M. no
Stevens, Dawn M. We usually spend the month of March in Hilton Head, SC. We have a condo in East Lansing, MI.
Stewart, Andrew 4000 royal marco way Hideaway beach marco island florida
Stewart [Jan 59], Tom Not Answered
Stockmeyer, Steven No, but considering renting or buying a northern Michigan place to spend a few summer months -- it's just too darn hot in Florida then. Any ideas?
Stong, Carolyn Not Answered
Stotsky, Alan Not Answered
Stultz, Linda Ruth Not Answered
Sundberg [Jan59], Dave Not Answered
Sussex, Linda Not Answered
Taillefer [Do Not Contact], Larry Not Answered
Tanke, Robert Not Answered
Taylor, Elizabeth C. YES. DURING PART OF HURRICANE SEASON i retreat to beautiful traverse city michigan. 3763 vale dr. traverse city, mi summer only Love the great lakes, and that city has fun festivals. places lived, ARKANSAS, OKLAHOMA,. det. , wyandotte, ann arbor, east lansing ,harbor springs, petoskey, charlevoix, naples fla.,PETOSKEY-CHARLEVOIX. AND TRAVERSE CITY MI. 2ND HOME OF THE DETROIT REDWINGS,
Tedrick, Alan Lee We lived in Redford Township 1960-1967. We moved to Farmington Hills in 1967 and still live in Farmington Hills,
Telford [Jan 59], Larry Not Answered
Thomas, Lawrence R. Not Answered
Thompson, Donald Not Answered
Thompson, Donna Not Answered
Thompson [Jan 59], Barbara Not Answered
Thoresen, Janet Not Answered
Thornley, Garry W. Not Answered
Titcomb, Thomas winter address: 1890 8th Street S, Naples, FL 34102 Mail to my Mich. address
Tracey, Bruce Not Answered
Tuttle [Jan 59], George Not Answered
Twigg, Doris Not Answered
Underwood, Pamela Not Answered
Utterback, Robert Not any signifigant amount of time at any one place
Vichcales, Dorn Not Answered
Vitali, Gail Not Answered
Vogan, Ralph no
Vollmer [Jan 59], Steve Not Answered
Waddington, Bette Jo We spend January and February in Ft. Myers, FL.
Walker, Richard Not Answered
Wallace, Kathleen A few weeks in Florida. Citrus Park 25501 Trost Blvd. lot 7-41 Bonita Springs, FL 34135 239-498-5142 same e-mail
Wallace, Marjorie Have lived here in North Branch, MI. for the last 32 yrs. Before that Southfield, MI., Westland, and Redford,Detroit.
Wallman, Virginia I. NO
Waltman, Ken Not Answered
Watson, Thomas Not Answered
Wellman, Bonnie Lou Not Answered
Wells, Carol Ann Not Answered
Wells, Harry 'Skip' Not Answered
Wendt, Patricia Not Answered
Weyl, Janet Not Answered
Whitledge, Jim We have a cottage in Lexington, MI. Most summer weekends are spent there.
Whitworth [Jan 59], Lucy Not Answered
Wilson, Gary Not Answered
Wilson, Jackie Not Answered
Wilson, Sandra We recently sold our summer place in Michigan and returned to Florida to become full-time residents.
Windt, John Not Answered
Wood, Michael Not Answered
Woodcox, Lawrence Not Answered
Wright, Robert J. Not Answered
Yale, Barbara Not Answered
Yost [Jan 59], Jon T. Not Answered
Young, Janet (Jan) Yes, usually spend April and October in Maui plus the past two years we have divided our time between Richland and Bellingham WA because of our new grandson there and the opportunity to babysit with him.