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The Plaid Blazer ~ Our Class of 1959 Yearbook

If you want to see a larger version, so you can read it,

click on the yearbook image and it will open in a browser.

When you do, you can go to page 180 for the index of names.

NOTE: the pages are one off, (ex. page 180 online is actually page 181 in the Blazer,

so if the index shows page 88, it will be page 87 online).

If you watch it here, the page will turn every 6 seconds or you can go forward and back with the arrows on the right and left edges.




Thanks goes to our class Prez, Skip Wells and the Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) (Skip serves on their board, he made this happen).

The YEA, a non-profit organization, has five currently active YEA teen businesses. We worked with one of them, ScanWorks from the Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Allston, MA.

ScanWorks gives deaf teens the chance to work and learn how to run a company, an opportunity generally unavailable to this special population. For many Horace Mann students, this is the first time they have held a job, and the sense of self-confidence and personal possibility unleashed by the experience has been transformative.

The YEA website is http://www.yeaworks.org