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Patricia McKee (Wharton)

Patricia McKee (Wharton)Patricia Jean McKee Redmond Wharton (divorced and remarried)
Deceased - 5/15/1995, Rockingham,County NH - Rochester, NH

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01/12/09 10:32 PM #1    

Georgia M. Griffith (Roed)

Pat was a delightful, bright person and I admired her. Very often, we were in the same general area. She went to Burt Elementary as I did, then on to Redford and then to U of M. We were not real close friends but we would get together once in a while to see how we were each doing. At U of M, I would run into her going to and from from classes, both of us usually trudging through slush or hurrying to get in out of the mist. I remember one day I was at her house the summer before we started at U of M and I was so scared to go there to school, but Pat wasn't scared at all. She had a bubbly confidence that made me feel confident too.

01/15/09 07:37 PM #2    

Cameron B. Howie

Wow... it seems as though Burt School has a lion's share of early or untimely deaths.Pat is no exception... we used to walk and talk to Burt together since 2nd Grade. She was like the girl next door and would'nt you know it.. I really am partial to redheads.

Her family and mine remained close for years,but after graduation I lost track and well... we know how that goes.
She fought,I'm sure with tenacity, the Pancreatic bout and lost,but not before becoming a Judge,a Wife ,and Mother of one Son. Here's to you McKee and let the winds forever blow softly over your shoulders.

PS Her Mother, Stella,a wonderful and stately Carolina lady is 102 yrs old and residing in Milwaukee.

03/28/09 01:46 PM #3    

Gail Hipple (Artinian )

Thanks Cameron for the update. I remember her beautiful red hair, her sunny and friendly personality, and her very warm and welcoming family back then. I lived on Chapel and she on Bentler so we sometimes walked to Burt School together also. So sorry to hear of her passing.

04/11/09 01:45 PM #4    

Linda Stultz (Tucker)

Pat was my worthy opponent in the race for Class Secretary.
She had the deep chocolate brown eyes I'd always wanted; mine are much lighter.
My Mother, a natural redhead, looked at her five babies as they arrived over the years, searching for a redhead. None of us obliged her. Now at age 91, she's still looking for that redhead, into her great-grandchildren. Sorry, Mom, still none in sight! My point is, there was Pat with that beautiful red hair I would have loved, for my Mother's sake.
Pat and I were close in height and grades, but as far as I was concerned she could surpass me in anything she so desired. Therefore winning the election was an absolute thrill for me; a memory I've held dear all these 50 years.
I've never forgotten the fun times shared with Pat, long before the election, as well as afterwards.
Learning of her early death brought me to tears, and I'm sure many other classmates would say the same.
I thank God for a healthy memory allowing me to enjoy the 1950's again and again. I loved being a student at both Warren G. Harding and Redford High School...much to the credit of classmates like Pat. I'll never forget her.

04/11/09 02:13 PM #5    

John Herrold

Linda, thank you for reminding us of this. I probably did vote for Pat & know you will understand. Such fond memories of her from Burt School. She was a wonderful girl who everyone liked. Two great choices for secretary.

05/07/09 09:44 PM #6    

Carol Hawley (Hale)

I remember Pat, and her sister, as I used play in their garage,her sister made chocolate chip cookies. I also remember being a girl ascout with her, I was jealous of her red hair in braids,with all those freckles, and big brown eyes, later I remember her as a cheerleader,she was adorable-----I too am sorry to hear about her cancer,along with Susie Appledorn's, I will always have them in my memory and heart Carol Hawley Hale

05/20/09 02:00 PM #7    

Barbara Joan Merckel (Coapman)

Like Sue Appeldoorn, Pat was a Burt classmate and in Girl Scouts. She was very striking with that red hair and freckles. I used to be envious of those red braids. I recall Pat's home, across from Sue's, with the large backyard and the huge garage where we played. I am comforted by the fact that she had a successful professional and personal life. Pat was fun, smart and tenacious; she and Sue will always be in our hearts and memories.

07/11/09 02:46 PM #8    

Lois Margaret Chalmers (English)

I remember what a great cheerleader she was. She was always so bubbley and a beautiful smile.It's sad she died so young. Lois English

10/03/09 09:34 AM #9    

Laurie Gossett (Randall)

Pat and I met in high school, became best friends and freshman year roomates at U of M. She greeted everyone with a smile, and was easily spotted for her red hair and freckles. We had many silly, laughing adventures together in high school, The last one was when I visited her in New Hampshire and we canoed on a lake leading to a pond filled with lilly pads that had no exit. We dragged the canoe on shore, carried her dog to the road and hitchhiked--2 redheads in distress quickly got a ride-- with a truck that carried us back to our base. Her comments were that "the pond looked different in winter when she ice skated on it" and that "she never had adventures like this anymore, except with me, and that since she was a judge and lawyer, she hoped she wouldn't be found out, breaking the law." She had a combination of daring, fun and seriousness.

When she married John, she had completed law school. They moved to NH and she took the bar,the first woman in her county in NH to do so. They owned a sailboat and when hugely pregnant, she climbed the mast to paint it. Their son lives in Colorado and is marrying this month, guess what? to a redhead.

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