Classmates from Earlier Years

At least 150 people were with us in the same grade at some point between grades 1 and 12 but did not graduate from ELHS in 1964. Some were only in East Longmeadow for one or two years, some moved away after a longer stay, some remained in EL but completed their high school years at other schools such as Cathedral, Trade, or Mt. Hermon, and some graduated from ELHS in 1965.

This list includes the information that has been available so far about the fate and activities of some of these people, and the research process is ongoing to find others. If you have information about any of these former classmates, please contact the website.

ABBOTT (BANCROFT), CHERYL--in EL schools grades 1 through 8, as of 2014, in the Orlando, FL area.

ALBRO, DONNA--in EL schools through grade 6 (lived on Ridge Rd.);  in Essex, NH as of 2014; cousin of classmate Skip Griffin; brother Gary would have been in Class of '63

ALLAN, GLENN--in EL schools grades 3 through 8; no further information.

ANDERSON, DUDLEY--attended ELHS first half of 11th grade only, teaming with 2 classmates and Sarah Brooks '63 to win As Schools Match Wits Championship winter 1963. Moved to Darien, CT when father was transferred. Got MBA from UConn, started company in Enfield, then 14 years in Springfield before moving to an oil refinery in New Orleans. Spent 30 years as financial officer of a company in Houston before retiring. As of 2015, living in Springs, TX, a Houston suburb. See also Dudley's Profile.

ANDREWS, JOHN--attended Pleasant View in grade 2, then moved away. (See his portrait in Images from the Past); possibly deceased 2008.

ASHLEY, JAMES--attended EL schools through 9th grade, graduating fom Junior High with us in 1961; graduated from Commerce High School 1964, resided in East Longmeadow, deceased 2008.

BABCOCK, ROBERT--attended EL schools grades 2 through 8; deceased1965.

BAIRD, WILLIAM (BILLY)--attended EL schools grades 1 through 8, then moved to Springfield. Passed away December 2018.

BALL, PEGGY--attended ELHS 12th grade only, did not graduate.

BARDEN, PAUL--entered EL schools in 2d grade, repeated one year, graduated ELHS class of '65; living in Wilbraham as of 2015.

BARRETT, RICHARD--attended ELHS 11th grade only; no further information.

BARRY, WILLIAM--began school in EL sometime after 3d grade, repeated 8th grade, graduated ELHS class of '65; living in Woonsocket, RI as of 2015.

BASILE, ROBERT--in 8th grade rolls only; deceased 2004.

BATES, ALAN--attended EL schools only in 9th grade, graduating from Birchland Park in 1960; deceased 1984.

BEANY, THERESA--attended Pleasant View for 3d grade only (Miss Campion's class); deceased about 1998; never married.

BENDTSON, DAVID--attended 10th grade only; as of 2015, living in Englewood, FL.

BONNETTE, PATRICIA--entered ELHS from Greenfield, January 1961, with us through 10th grade; no further information.

BOSWORTH, RICHARD--with our class from grades 1 through 6, living in EL as of 2015; brother Jeffrey, ELHS '65, living in EL as of 2015.

BOUCHIE, JOSETTE--with our class grades 1-8, graduated from Cathedral HS 1964, graduated from UMass 1968; career as teacher, as of 2016 retired and living in Springfield.

BOUVIER, ARTHUR (SKIP)--with our class through 5th grade, completed high school in Florida; as of 2015, retired in Jupiter, FL.

BOWMAN, BRUCE--moved to EL in middle of 2d grade year, moved to CT for his father's job after 5th. Graduated from Mount Hermon (roommate of JD Sloan) 1964. Graduated from Stetson University 1968. Career as teacher and middle school principal, Orlando FL area, retired 2006; living in Orlando area as of 2015. (See also Bruce's Profile.)

BRADLEY (HUMPHRIES), GAIL--with our class through 10th grade. Lived in EL thereafter, deceased 2002.

BRENTON, TOM--entered EL schools in 2d grade, left at an unknown time before 8th. As of 2015, living in the Seattle area.

BURDON, BILL--attended EL schools for grades 1-4 before moving to CT. See also Bill's Profile.

CAULEY, PHIL--with our class from grades 3 through 8; graduated from Springfield Trade HS, 1964. Had a career in the lumber and paint business, in which he still was semi-active as of 2015. Living in Thorndike, MA, as of 2017.

CHAPDELAIN, ROLAND (CHIP)--with our class for several years through 8th grade; graduated from Cathedral HS, 1964. After a long career in academic administration, retired from Los Angeles Trade Technical College, 2012.

CLARIN, JOY--with our class only in 2d grade (Center School), no further information.

CLARKHAM, KENNETH--with our class only in 2d grade (Center School), no further information

CLARKIN, BRUCE--with our class through part of 10th grade, graduated from Lenox School 1964, then Brandeis University. Married and divorced from Martha Mulcahy ELHS '64. Married Katherine Paige, sister of early classmate Susan Paige Morrison. As of 2015,  practicing law in Springfield, living in Jamaica, VT,

CLAY, DONALD--with our class in 1st through 3d grade (Center School), later grades unknown; as of 2015 living in Louisiana. sister Susan and cousin Judith also with our class in early years; father Leonard drove school buses in early years.

CLAY, JUDITH--with our class in 3d grade (Center School); cousin of classmates Donald and Susan Clay.

CLAY, SUSAN--with our class in 2d and 3d grade, later grades unknown; sister of Donald Clay and cousin of Judith Clay; as of 2015, living in Southern California

COAN, JEFFREY--with our class in grades 1 through 3, later grades unknown. As of 2017, has a pottery and woodworking business in East Canaan, CT.

COLLINS, COREY--with our class only in 9th grade; no other information

CONNOR, CLAIRE--2d grade (Pleasant View) only, no other information

CORMIER (MEAUX), LEONIE--with our class grades 1 through 9 except for a couple of years in Springfield; graduated from Cathedral HS 1964. Attended UMass, as of 2015 retired in Atlanta. See also Leonie's Profile.

CORWIN (MILLER), NANCY--with our class grades 1 through 6, moved to MacDuffie School for Girls (now MacDuffie School), graduated from a boarding school 1964 and from Barnard College 1968. Has had a career as an artist, living in Manhattan as of 2015; see also Nancy's Profile.

COTE, RAYMA--entered Birchland Park in 8th grade, one grade ahead of us, was with us 12th grade only, after repeating a grade, but did not graduate in '64 or '65.

CRANSON, KEN--entered EL schools after 3d grade, was with us through 8th grade; graduated from Springfield Trade HS, 1964. Worked for Northeast Utilities. As of 2017, living in Pittsfield, MA.

CUNNINGHAM, DAVID--with our class in grades 2 through 5, then transferred to a Catholic school. Served four active years and 2 reserve years in the Army. Career in city and building maintenance, now retired. In 2016 living in Coos Bay, OR with wife Sherry, after living in NV and FL.` They have 2 children, one grand-child.

DALRYMPLE, CARL--with our class in grade 1 (Pleasant View); moved with his family to Florida after that year. As of 2017, living in Jacksonville, FL.

DiAUGUSTINO, FRANCIS--with our class in grade 3 (Center School); no further information

DIDAS, GERALD--with our class 1st-3d grade (Center School), then because of father's job to CA, then back to Spfld., graduated from Tech HS, 1964 and Western New England College, then a 40-year career with Springfield Republican, retired 2009, living in Holyoke as of 2015; unmarried

DONOVAN, TOM--with our class through 9th grade, graduated ELHS '65. As of 2015, living in Orlando, FL.

DUCHARME, HENRY--with our class in 3d grade only (Pleasant View); as of 2015, living in Biddeford, ME.

DUFFY, ROBERT--with our class in 10th grade only; no further information.

EDWARDS, PATRICK--with our class from 2d through 7th grade; graduated ELHS '65. As of 2015, living in Monson.

ELMER, BRUCE--with our class from 2d through 7th grade. Graduated from UMass 1968; deceased 1978. Younger siblings Karen and Peter, one or two children.

ENSIGN (BENNETT), KATHLEEN--with our class through 8th grade, graduated from Cathedral HS 1964; received BA and MA in education from UMass, with postgraduate work at Boston University; taught at Longmeadow HS, moved to University of Tennessee Knoxville 2000, retired from its innovative technical center 2006. Divorced, one daughter.

ERICKSON, ELLEN (PELES)--with our class through 4th grade, held back in 5th because of illness, graduated ELHS '65 with sister Elizabeth. In 2010, moved from Agawam to Alabama. See also Ellen's profile.

ERICKSON, PATRICIA--no relation to Ellen Erickson; at Pleasand View grades 2 and 3, no further information.

FREDERICKS, NANCY--with us in 10th grade only; no further information.

GAGNON, CYNTHIA--with us grades 1 through 3; no further information; not related to Tom Gagnon, ELHS '63.

GARDNER, STEVEN--with us grades 2 and 3, left EL before grade 8; as of 2015, living in Hampden, MA.

GAUTHIER, NANCY--with us for 7th grade only; no further information

GERBER, KURT--with us for grades 1 and 2 only; no further information

GOODWIN, CAROL--with us for grade 2 only (Pleasant View); no further information

GOVONI, AL--with us for grade 10 only; possibly transferred to Springfield Trade; as of 2015, living in Woodstock, CT

GRAVES, DOUGLAS--with us grades 1-3, left EL before grade 8; MBA from University of Hartford, worked in investment industry in CA, as of 2015 retired in Lunenburg, MA.

GREGORY (TABB, SUMMERFIELD), MARGO-- with us grade 5; as Margo Tabb, owned a graphic design business in Hyannis, MA; as of 2016, spending 7 months per year near Charleston, SC and 5 months on Cape Cod.

GUILMETTE, RICHARD--with us grades 1-8; graduated from Cathedral HS 1964; with Coast Guard in Vietnam, suffered agent orange exposure and PTSD; career as police officer in MA, then as private security executive; in 1990, co-founded International Security Management Group; as of 2015, semi-retired with a few consultant jobs, golfing in Tucson; 3 children, 2 grandchildren.

HALES, DENNIS--with us grades 1-2 (Center School), repeated 2 grades, graduated ELHS '66; deceased late 1960s.

HAUNTON (SHARROW), SUSAN--with us grades 3-8; graduated from Springfield Trade 1964; husband died early, leaving her with 3 children who still live with her in Enfield as of 2015.

HAYLES, JONATHON--with us in 2d grade only (Pleasant View); no further information.

HEISHMANN, GAYLYN-- with us in grade 2 (Pleasant View), not in grade 3; as of 2013, living in Westfield, may have moved late 2013; no further information.

HENDRICKS, RICHARD--with us grades 3-8; no further information.

HOBBS (DORUNDA), KAREN--with us only in 2d grade; as of 2013, teaching middle school in Easthampton.

HUBBARD, BRUCE--with us in 9th grade, held back twice, graduated ELHS '65. Lived in EL until about 2010. As of 2017, traveling in AZ in a camper.

HUMBERSTON, KENNETH--with us 1st grade (Pleasant View) only; as of 2013, living in Pueblo, CO, working for Southern Colorado Emergency Medical Associates.

JAGODA, PETER--.with us 1st grade only (Center School); as of 2013, likely has a pottery business in Yuma, AZ.

JONES, BENJAMIN-- with us grades 1-8, graduated from Springfield Trade 1964, specializing in electrical engineering. Three years of Army service, including one in Vietnam. Spent most of his career with his father's company in East Hartford, then retired. Married, 3 children, six grandchildren. As of 2015, living in Springfield.

JONES, CAROLYN--with us beginning in grade 2-3, left EL by grade 8; no further information

JONES, SUSAN--with us in 8th grade only; no further information

KAPLINGER, JOHN--with us in 2d grade only; no further information, last known residence Mt. Pleasant, SC.

KASMER, ROGER--with us through grade 8, graduated from Cathedral HS 1964; currently living in Minnetonka, MN; see also Roger's profile.

KEARNS, RICHARD--with us 9th and 10th grade only; no further information; possibly deceased 2011.

KELLY (TAGGART), KAREN (Muffy)--with us grades 1-2 (Pleasant View) and 3 (Center) before moving to Grafton, then West Boylston, MA; friend of Martha Mulcahy; graduated from Mt. Holyoke, where she knew Alison Rudkin; as of 2013, living in Needham, MA

KESSLER, CHERYL--with us grades 2 (Center) and 3 (Pleasant View), no longer with us in grade 8; no further information.

KOWALCYK, PETER--with us grades 2-9; as of 2015,  living in NJ

KURALT, ROGER--with us grade 3 (Pleasant View), no longer with us in grade 8; graduated from West Springfield HS; served in Marines in Vietnam;  deceased 2003; no known relation to journalist Charles Kuralt.

LABROAD, WAYNE--with us grades 2-7, repeated one grade, graduated ELHS '65; as of 2015, living in Springfield.

LAFFERTY (ROSS), PAMELA--with us grades 1-7, repeated one grade, graduated ELHS '65; as of 2015, living in Springfield.

LAMBERT, PAULA--with us grades 7-8, no further information.

LANDRY, JAMES--with us grades 6-8, possibly 4 and 5; no further information.

LARO (ZEILER), LINDA--with us grades 1-2; graduated ELHS '66; married to classmate Robert Zeiler, as of 2015 living in Monson.

LAWRENCE, DAVID MICHAEL--known as Mike, with us grades 1-9; no further information.

LEBLANC, ROBERT--with us grades 2-8; graduated Springfield Trade '64; as of 2015, a long-distance trucker based in Denver; sister Janet, ELHS '63, married Tom Gagnon, ELHS '63.

LAWSON, SUSAN--with us grades 9-10; no further information.

LIGHTCAP, JACK--with us grades 2-8, repeated grade 8 and graduated ELHS '65; as of 2019, living in Milford,  CT.

LINDBERG, EUGENE--with us in 1st grade only (Pleasant View); as of 2015, living in Lake Panasoffkee, FL.

MACHLEIT, JEFFREY--with us 2d grade only (Center School); belonged to family who ran Machleit's Pharmacy in EL; no further information.

MACKINTIRE, ROGER--with us in 3d grade (Center School), gone before 8th; as of 2015, living in Virginia Beach, VA

MALINSKY (GLADU), PATRICIA--with us through 8th grade, graduated from Cathedral HS '64 and UMass '68; as of 2015, living in Amherst, MA

MARKHAM, KENNETH--with us grades 3-8, left school and went to work at age 16; as of 2015, living in Belchertown MA.

MARKS, MARJORIE--with us 2d grade only (Center School); no further information.

MARTELL, ROBERT--with us grades 2 through 8; no further information.

MASTROMATTEO, ALAN--wih us grades 1-8; graduated Norwich University 1968; lived in South Windsor, CT until 2002, moved to Williamsburg, VA; deceased November 2013.

MCCARTHY, MARSHA LEE--with us grades 2-3 (Pleasant View), gone before 8th; no further information.

MCINTIRE, ROBERT--with us grades 2-11, graduated Springfield Trade '66; career in electrical engineering, as of 2015 designing jewelry, living in Stuarts Draft, VA; see also Robert's profile.

MCCLENAGHAN, JOHN--with us grades 1-7, moved to Ohio when his father was transferred; retired from his printing business, living in Dublin, OH. Was grammar-school friend of classmate Bobbie Desmond Bennett.

MCQUILLAN, ROBERT--with us grades 1-11, did not graduate from ELHS; as of 2015, living in Belchertown.

MERRIAM (BEAULIEU), LINDA--with us grades 2-3, gone before 8th; as of 2015, living in Longmeadow.

MERTZ (ROBBINS), GLORIA--with us grade 2 only; as of 2015, living in Monson, MA.

MEYER, ROY--with us in 3d grade, no longer in 8th; as of 2015, living in Enfield, CT.

MOLINARI, JUANITA--with us in grades 1-2, moved to special needs classes for remainder of school attendance; as of 2015, in care at Village Green in EL; cousin of Rosemarie Molinari Myers, ELHS '65.

MORAN, THEODORE--with us grades 1-8; no further information.

MOTE, DOROTHY--sister of Jim Mote, who attended EL schools grades 1-8 then graduated Deerfield Academy '63; with us grades 1-2 only; no further information.

MUSCOLO, JO ANN--with us 9th grade only, graduated from Birchland Park with us; no further information.

NOEL, EDWARD--with us grades 2-8, repeated one grade, graduated ELHS '65; as of 2015, living in EL. See also Ed's profile.

OSTRANDER, KEN--with us grades 3-9, graduated Springfield Trade '64; spent 30 years in insulation business in Ludlow, rising to company vice-president. As of 2015, retired in Rouses Point, NY; brother Ray graduated ELHS '65, deceased 2011.

PAIGE (MORRISON), SUSAN--with us grades 1-6; graduated from MacDuffie School 1964 and Wellesley College 1968. Career as a state planner in Providence, RI. Retired in North Falmouth, MA, as of 2015, active in administration and teaching of English as a second language. One son, living in Falmouth. Sister Katherine married early classmate Bruce Clarkin. See also Susan's profile.

PELIZZONI, JOSEPH--with us at least for grades 1-4; graduated from North Plainfield HS (NJ), Temple University, and Seton Hall Law School. Worked as a lawyer 35 years for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey. Deceased July 2013.

PEPPER, EDDIE--with us grades 2-8; as of 2014, living in Southwick, MA; graduated from Springfield Trade 1964, specializing in cabinetmaking, which became his lifelong trade;  working reduced hours in Southwick as a contractor as of 2014.

PLUMADORE, MARK--with us grades 1-8, graduated Springfield Trade '64; 1 year in Vietnam; 40-year career in heavy equipment (learned in the Army) in Ludlow and Belchertown; retired in Fair Play, SC;  brother John, ELHS '63

PRICE, CHARLES--with us grades 2-8; no further information

QUESNEL, WILFRED ROGER--with us grade 2 only (Center School); went to St. Joseph School in Vernon, CT, graduated Springfield Trade 1964. Moved to Corpus Cristi, TX 1976; a cabinetmaking contractor, semi-retired when he passed away December 2008.

QUINN, BARRY--with us grades 3-8; graduated Williston Academy '64. son of school physician Dr. John Quinn; passed away in March 2019 after living in Hampden for many years.

RAIMONDI (LIQUORI), PATRICIA--with us grades 1-8; graduated from Cathedral HS 1964. As of 2015,  retired from career as a librarian in Yorktown, VA. Husband is retired naval officer.

RAYMOND, ROBERT--with us 2d grade only; deceased 2008; no further information.

REALL, JANE--with us grades 1-8; worked at Goodwill Industries in Springfield; did not marry; deceased 1996.

REDIN, NANCY (LOKE)--with us starting after grade 3, through grade 8; as of 2015, living in Sarasota, FL.

RIENDEAU (FANION), MARJORIE--with us grades 1-2 only; as of 2015, living in Westfield, MA.

ROSE, DIANE--with us grades 2-3 (Center School), no longer with us grade 8; no further information.

ROSE, WILLIAM--with us grades 4-9; graduated Springfield Trade 1964 and Springfield Technical College..

SCAVOTTO, RAY--with us grade 6 only, which he repeated twice; as of 2017, living in Springfield; no further information.

SCHARMER (ZALEWA), MARGARET--with us grades 2-7; repeated a grade, left ELHS November '64; married, moved to Stafford Springs, CT, where she was living as of 2015; brother Andrew graduated ELHS '62. See also Peggy's profile.

SHEREMETA, WALTER ("WICKY")--with us grades 2-8, moved to Springfield after 8th grade, graduated Smith Academy 1964; drafted, served in Navy twice in Vietnam, also in Korea; since the 60s, living in FL; as of 2015, in Safety Harbor, FL.

SLOAN, JOHN (J.D.)--with us grades 2-8; graduated Mt. Hermon School '64 and Western Reserve University '68; career as professional photographer, last in Milton, MA; retired 2012 in Newbury, VT.

SMITH, JOANNE--with us grades 8-9, graduated from Birchland Park '61; no further information

SODERHOLM, NANCY--with us grades 7-9, graduated from Birchland Park '61; no further information.

SQUAZZO, DONALD--with us 2d grade only (Pleasant View); no further information.

STOTE, BARRY--with us 2d and 3d grade only (Center School); moved with family from EL and lived in several different places, graduating in '64 from Shaw High School, Cleveland. Born in the UK, returned there and graduated from Bath University, remaining in the UK. As of 2015, living in Somerset, working with a consulting firm in Bristol.

STUART, DEBORAH--with us grades 2-3 (Pleasant View), gone before 8th; no further information.

SUGDEN, CONSTANCE--with twin brother Wallace (Wally), attended 1st and 2d grades (Pleasant View), then moved away. As of 2013, living in Florida. Cousin of Joyce Gale.

SUGDEN, WALLACE--with twin sister Connie, attended 1st and 2d grades (Pleasant View), then moved away. As of 2013, Wallace living in Bethel, CT. Cousin of Joyce Gale

SUMMERS (SUMMERS-KALISH), MARILYN--with us grades 2-3 (Pleasant View); gone before 8th; as of 2011 living in Great Barrington, MA.

TATRO, GEORGE--with us grades 1-3 (Pleasant View), gone before 8th; no further information.

THOMAS, LINDA--with us grades 2-3 (Pleasant View) and 4-7, moved to Camden, ME; no further information.

TOBIN, ALAN--with us grade 3 (Center School), gone before 8th; as of 2012, working in New Haven, then left that job; no further information.

VANDERLICK, ALBERT--with us grades 2-3 (Center School); withdrawn from public school beginning 4th grade because of medical condition; deceased at very young age. Friend of Bruce Nichols '64.

VAN SYCKLE, DEREK--with us grade 10 only, enrolled for 20 days, of which he attended school 3, according to school records.

WARREN, ROBERT--with us grade 2 only; as of 2015, living in Wilbraham.

WEBB, JEROME--with us grade 2 only; no further information.

WELCH, FRED--with us 2d through 8th grade (Center School, Mapleshade and Birchland Park). Family moved from EL to Newark, NY, 1959. Graduated from Newark High School 1964 and State University of NY at Geneseo, 1968. Joined Air Force and retired as lieutenant colonel in 1993. Worked for Northrop Grumman in Northern VA/ Washington DC and retired in 2010. As of 2019, building a house in Texas, closer to the kids. Formerly lived in the Pocono Mountains of PA, with a winter house in Myrtle Beach, SC. See also Fred's profile.

WHITCOMB (LYCANS), LOIS--with us grades 3-5; moved away when her father transferred, then back for part of 7th grade before moving again to Columbus, OH region. Married a pharmacist, celebrating 50th anniversary 2014; until 2004, ran a Hallmark shop in Globe City, OH. Brother John, one year older, also spent 3+ years in EL schools.

WILLIAMS, CHARLES--with us grades 2-8; repeated grade 8, graduated ELHS '65. Deceased 2006.

WILLIAMS, JOHN--with us grades 1-11; repeated grade 11; no further information.

WORTHINGTON, ROBERT--with us grade 8 only; deceased 2008; brother of Richard Worthington '64; served in Vietnam; career as policeman in Wilbraham and Oregon.

ZITO, RUTH--with us grade 2 only; married October 1989 in Palm Springs, FL, to spouse unidentified in records..

ZUCCO, RICHARD--with us grades 1-3, gone before grade 8; as of 2015, living in Springfield.