Faculty and Staff

This page features high school personnel who occupied positions of service at some time during our four years. Many of these people served the school for all four years and became familiar faces—whether in the cafeteria, on the playing field, or in the classroom. If you are in contact with any of our teachers or coaches, please let us know so we can tell them about the site and offer them an opportunity to join as Guest Members.


The People Who Served Us
School Board
Emily Badger
Donald Bremner
Richard Foster
Gordon Grady
Beverly Hazen (Bulkley)
Ray Jones
Gerald Osterman
James Punderson
James Towle
Robert Jarvis
Elwyn Doubleday, Principal
Ralph Shindler, Principal
Manley Hart, Assistant Principal
Cafeteria Supervisor
Emily Mumford
Supervisor of Grounds and Buildings
Ralph Herrick, Jr.
School Physician
John Quinn, M.D.
School Nurse
Helen Hayward
Doris Cruikshank
Agnes Livingstone
Ruth Swanson
Marion Zimmer
Head Custodian
Clinton Joslyn
Attendance Supervisor
Alfred Desmond
Guidance Counselors
Robert Camp, Jr.
Donald Emerson
Armand Fusco
Arthur Hottin
Adeline Wilk
Lois Lopes
Karl Owen
Ralph Cooley
Armand Fusco
Eugene Gauthier
Marjorie Gibb
Marjorie Haley
Manley Hart
Marina Herschuk
Allen Kronick
Joseph St. Germain
Driver Education
Marvin Bryan
Barbara Bragiel
Joyce Champion
Virginia Corwin
Gail Franzen
Robert Goff
James Grocott
Mary Kennedy
Judith Sessler
Valerie Smith
Nancy Stewart (Kipperman)
Marjorie York
Foreign Languages
Gladys Adams
Leo Darsigny
Marian Giannette
Mary Kennedy
Norma Levin
David Nevin
Alexander Nickett
Judith Sessler
Home Economics
Virginia Corwin
Audrey White
Industrial Arts
Charles Campbell
Joseph Daniele
Eugene Gauthier
Karl Owen
Leo Darsigny
Francis Dutille
Kenneth Lyford
M. Thomas Mann
Phyllis McTaggart
Arlene Tashlick
Adeline Wilk
Eileen Worthing
Joseph Charron
Margaret Corliss
Physical Education/Coaches
Robert Camp, Jr.
Charles Campbell
John Coons
Angelo Correale, Jr.
Francis Dutille
Eugene Gauthier
John Katsoulis
Kirsti Kjeldsen
Alexander Nickett
Paul Tarsa
Robert Troutman
Jakie Upshaw
Robert Vespaziani
Robert Camp, Jr.
Lloyd Dale
June Johnson
John Katsoulis
Richard McCormick, Jr.
Joseph Novicki
Norman Wytas
Robert Troutman
Social Studies
Marvin Bryan
Robert Gosende
Cynthia Henderson
Theresa Kozloski
John Roan
Theresa Vedany