Birthdays, 1946






Diane Keaton, actor

                January 5, Los Angeles
Naomi Judd, singer
                January 11, Ashland, KY
Dolly Parton, singer
                January 19, Sevierville, TN
David Lynch, film director
                January 20, Missoula, MT
Boris Berezovsky, Russian billionaire
                January 23, Moscow
James Webb, U.S. senator
                February 9, St. Joseph, MO
Brenda Blethyn, actor
                February 20, Ramsgate, UK
Sandy Duncan, actor
                February 20, Henderson, TX
Anthony Daniels, Star Wars 'droid
                February 21, Salisbury, UK
Tricia Nixon, presidential daughter
                February 21, Whittier, CA
Liza Minnelli, actor/singer
                March 12, Los Angeles
Al Green, singer
                April 13, Forest City, AZ
Strobe Talbott, presidential adviser
                April 25, Dayton, OH
Carl XVI Gustaf, king of Sweden
                April 30, Solna, Sweden
David Suchet, actor (Hercule Poirot)
                May 2, London
Gary Bauer, presidential candidate
                May 4, Covington, KY
Candice Bergen, actor
                May 9, Beverly Hills, CA
Donovan, singer/songwriter
                 May 10, Glasgow, Scotland
Dave Mason, composer/singer
                  May 10, England
Robert Jarvik,  Jarvik heart inventor
                May 11, Midland, MI
Reggie Jackson, baseball player
                May 18, Wyncote, PA
Brian Cox, actor (the original Hannibal Lecter)
                June 1, Dundee, Scotland
Donald Trump, tycoon
                June 14, Queens, NY
Andre Watts, pianist
                June 20, Nuremberg, Germany
Robert Reich, economist
                June 24, Scranton, PA
George W. Bush, U.S. president
                July 6, New Haven, CT
Sylvester Stallone, actor
                July 6, New York City
Cheech Marin, comedian
                July 13, Los Angeles
Linda Ronstadt, singer
                July 15, Tucson, AZ
Ilie Nastase, tennis player
                July 19, Bucharest
Danny Glover, actor
                July 22, San Francisco
Rade Serbedzija, actor
                 July 27, Bunic, Croatia
Jimmy Webb, songwriter
                August 15, Elk City, OK
Bill Clinton, U.S. president
                August 19, Hope, AR
Rollie Fingers, baseball player
                August 25, Steubenville, OH
Barry Gibb, singer (the BeeGees)
                September 1, Isle of Man
Tommie Lee Jones, actor
                September 15, San Saba, TX
Oliver Stone, film director
                September 15, New York City
Mean Joe Greene, football player
                September 22, Elgin, TX
Christine Todd Whitman, government official
                September 26, New York City
Chuck Hagel, secretary of defense
                October 4, North Platte, NE
Mike Mullen, chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
                October 4, Los Angeles
Susan Sarandon, actor
                October 4, Queens, NY
Dennis Kucinich, presidential candidate
                October 8, Cleveland, OH
Charles Dance, actor
                October 16, San Bruno, CA
Pat Sajak, game show host
                October 26, Chicago
Carrie Snodgrass, actor
                October 27, Park Ridge, IL
Laura Bush, first lady
                November 4, Midland, TX
Sally Field, actor
                November 6, Pasadena, CA
David Stockman, economist
                November 10, Ft. Hood, TX
Judy Woodruff, TV journalist
                November 20, Tulsa, OK
Deepak Chopra, author
                November 22, New Delhi
Suzy Chaffee, Olympic skier
                November 29, Rutland, VT
Jose Carreras, tenor
                December 5, Barcelona
Emerson Fittipaldi, racecar driver
                December 12, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Jane Birkin, singer/actor
                December 14, London
Stan Smith, tennis player
                December 14, Pasadena, CA
Steven Spielberg, film director
                December 18, Cincinnati
Susan Lucci, TV actor
                December 23, Westchester, NY
Larry Csonka, football player
                December 25, Stow, OH
Marianne Faithfull, singer/songwriter
                December 29, London
Diane von Furstenberg, fashion designer
                December 31, Brussels